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How To Explain The Hairdresser Your Hair Goals?

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Do you also feel that hairdressers speak a special language and do not always understand your language? How else can you explain the difficulties of mutual understanding? Want to know how to explain to your hairstylist what you want your haircut and color to look like?

In order not to leave the salon in tears, master a few simple rules, and then a gorgeous haircut is arranged for you. We’ll show you how to communicate, listen and act with your mentor.
Below you’ll find some helpful tips to make sure your stylist knows what your hair goals are.

Tell Your Hairstylist What You Really Want

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Photos To Help

Save some pictures of the haircut you want, and not just one! A single view is not very informative, believe me. So arm yourself with a bunch of photos, even if it shocks your master. As Martin Duff, creative director of Sassoon, says, photography is a perfect starting point for dialogue. Images of hairstyles, hairstyles, shapes, and textures that inspire the customer can tell you a lot about their wishes.

When choosing your desired hairstyle, focus on hair that looks like yours, in type, density, texture, length, and even color! If you have thick curly hair, and you bring a picture of smooth hair beauty, it is strange to expect a good result.

It’s important – If you’ve found a favorite among the many stars and are guided by her image, do not limit yourself to the pictures from the Red carpet, because the whole team of stylists worked over the head of the celebrity! Better turn into a real detective and see how this haircut looks in everyday life when the star does not think about styling.

How To Explain To The Hairdresser: Draw!

Whatever you do to get what you want! Take all the chances and in addition to the photos, draw the haircut shape you expect. The hairdresser will find it much easier to understand what you want.

Demonstrate Properly

Not literally, of course, but demonstrate how long you want your hair. This is a very important point that many people overlook. Asking a hairdresser to cut off “a couple of centimeters”, we often lose a good part of our hair. Yes, everyone has a different eye, and your master may have a completely different concept about this notorious “pair of centimeters”.

Important! Don’t forget to note which way you usually curl your hair, especially if you want a V-shaped haircut.

Be On The Same Page

And don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions. The more details you get to know, the fewer surprises await you afterward. The main thing is to come to a common denominator with your master.

How To Explain To The Hairdresser: Be Eloquent!

Describe the result you need in detail! The more adjectives you come up with, the clearer the picture in the head of the master. Speak, speak and speak again! A good stylist will not shut the fountain of your eloquence, and if he tries – run away from this salon!

Show Flexibility

We’re not calling on you to show us the bridge or to sit on a twine! If your stylist understands that the haircut you want will not decorate you, listen to his advice. After the discussion, you will be able to come to a compromise and you will both enjoy the result!

Be Stylish

Don’t come to the barbershop with a dirty head in your ponytail. Wash your head and do the usual styling. The master should see how you like to style your hair; find out what product you usually use; and draw some conclusions from what you see.

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Remember, a good haircut is the result of creativity together! Don’t be afraid to make corrections right during the process! Who among us did not blame himself for not stopping the hairdresser’s hand at a time when he encroached on unnecessary things?

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