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Wearing a little black dress to a party or jeans to meet your girlfriends, you’ve probably wondered if your hair fits the style of clothing? Then this article is for you.

We all suffer from bad haircuts. Most of us would look at a celebrity we admire and ask a stylist or barber to recreate the cut on our heads. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. Just because you love celebrity hair at a movie or function, doesn’t mean it will look good on you.

If you’ve ever wondered which hairstyle suits you and how you should cut your hair then read this article. We’ve put together a list of the best styles and make sure your hair and clothing styles work together.

Choose The Perfect Hairstyle To Look Fashionable

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How To Combine Style And Hairstyle To Look 100%

Hair, outfit, and accessories are the notes of the melody. If they aren’t united, you won’t get a beautiful sound. Therefore, the hairstyle should either contrast with the image or be united with it, only in this way you can get a harmonious result.

  • First, you need to decide whether you want to focus on your clothes or your hair. If you choose a hairstyle, it should be perfect. Hair should be well-groomed and dyed according to fashion trends, and the hairstyle should be combined with many styles.

  • If you follow fashion and try to match it, you know how to combine the incongruous (for example, the combination of a cell with a leopard print) is not wise with your hair. It is enough just to dissolve the hair and straighten it with an iron.
  • You do not chase after fashion and prefer the classics? In this case, focus on the hairstyle. Monochrome suits, dresses, and jumper suits are ideal for bright, but not shouting ombre with the transition from light to dark or vice versa.

Oversized sweaters and jumpers, clothing in the style of boho look great with braids, careless tails on the side, or a half bun hairstyle.

Dresses of similar colors and different styles require different hairstyles. If you chose a tight dress or pencil skirt with a blouse – to emphasize the thinness of the tail will help you with a straight parting. And the voluminous blouses are perfectly matched with the straps. color and texture.

  • Do you like the romantic style? Dresses with ruffles and floral prints? Then forget about the curls or you’ll look ridiculous. You can give your look of concentration with a stylish haircut that fits your face type or low tail.

High, complex hairstyles attract too much attention, so if you don’t want your image to look like a “rich vinaigrette”, always choose one thing: either a luxurious dress or a sophisticated hairstyle. Otherwise, you’ll just get lost in this tinsel.

It seems a little too much, what do you say?

Left: too many flowers. If the jacket on Kelly Osbourne had been in tune with the hair, it might have looked more harmonious. What would have been worth doing is to give up the stain.

Right: Yellow blouse (or dress, not visible in the photo) does not emphasize the yellowness of the hair colored in blondes. Curly hair and a complex neckline – another mistake in the image.

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  • Do you like tails and modest outfits? Then you can add your style as follows. Collect your hair in a low tail and scratch it. Above – you will get a classic smoothness and the bottom of the careless and slightly wild volume. In my opinion, this combination is just fine.

  • You have short hair, so do you think evening dresses don’t suit you? This opinion is wrong. A lot of Hollywood stars skillfully combine short hairstyling with evening dressing. Take an example from them and you will look great.
  • Are you fond of the effect of wet hair? Then know that such a hairstyle will look perfect with an evening dress, and with jeans. But there is one thing, “wet strands” go only to the owners of short haircuts because, on long and fine hair, such a creative reminds unwashed hair.
  • Short hairstyles perfectly combine sportswear, rock style, business suits, youth dresses, evening dresses in Chanel style, and, of course, casual. These same styles of clothing are also combined with a short carriage and a haircut of beans. Therefore, if you are the owner of a short hairstyle, you can be called a lucky girl. But there are some nuances of your own. Namely:

If you like business style (or in the office dress code), do not do too short a haircut, especially if you are skinny. Otherwise, you’ll look a little ridiculous or, worse, manly.

Use mousse or hair paste, if you already have time to cut your hair short, to give femininity or carelessness to your business suit. And don’t let the short hair on your head.

A short haircut focuses on your face – so it’s time to experiment with makeup! Red lipstick, bright eyeliner, beautiful eyebrows!

Large accessories – here are the helpers to create style. Long chains or massive jewelry – choose you.

Look how different the same haircut looks with different clothes.

What do you think of these images? Which one would you choose?

It seems to be a dress both there and there, but in one way something is clearly wrong.

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  • Direct care is not for everyone: it can play a cruel joke on your appearance and requires very close attention. Straight carre blends perfectly with clothes with a geometric pattern, translucent blouses, square necklines, T-shirts, and sleeveless. But it will turn even the youngest lady into a woman far beyond 40 if you wear it with “rich” dresses with rhinestones and long sleeves, too luxuriant furs, sportswear, and even a hooded down jacket. Well, you understood.

Heavy-duty carriage styling combined with a classic dress and a large necklace? It’s only worth dressing like that if you’re Jacqueline Kennedy. Better wear lush styling with casual outfits.

Sports style can be different too.

A sloppy braid on your side is a great summer hairstyle if you wear shorts, loose shirts, or loose dresses. And herewith magnificent skirts such hairstyle does not look harmonious and knocks out of the image.

Many people think that the bundle is a universal hairstyle that fits into any clothing. But it is not. Jeans, and short free-cut dresses are the best companions for such hairstyles, but dresses and skirts on the floor should be avoided.

  •  Pixie Haircut, which is ideal for both young girls and older women, will look good with sports, youth, business, and evening styles. It won’t fit under romantic dresses, but this “disorder” can be corrected by giving it a wet effect, light curls in this case will be inappropriate.
  • Graduated haircut on long hair will be concisely combined with classical, business, romantic, and evening styles. If you don’t want to turn into a sportswoman for a long time, just tie a low tail or make a high careless bundle, and all the problems with the style mismatch will be solved.
  • Straight long hair is best combined with business-style clothes. But if you dilute such hair with delicate hair accessories, it is suitable for a romantic or cocktail look.

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Even the strict office style can be beaten by feminine business hairstyle and feminine hairstyle-collage hairstyle and dress style.

  •  For a sporty and freestyle, straight hair can be picked up in the tail or weaved with a spike.
  •  You shouldn’t forget your hair, either. They have their own specifics. They look provocatively with sports, classical, and freestyle. And here with an evening toilet or a romantic dress will be in just time.
  • With accessories for hair and dresses also need to be careful not to look ridiculous. For example, rhinestone rims or sophisticated hairpins will look stupid in combination with office or sports style, but for evening hairstyles and cocktail dresses – this is the very thing.

Here are examples of when the harmony of the outfit and hairstyle is broken.

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