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Loose and Complex Hairdos Ideas from Celebs

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Do you think it’s necessary to build a complex hairstyle on your head before you go out into the world? We decided to prove the opposite to you, because simply loose hair is often the best decoration for a girl, when a complex style can turn you into a real “aunt” of the age!

Alicia Keys

Alisha’s hairstyle made her look more respectable, but sadly, she was older.

Vanessa Hudgens

Even a young girl’s complicated hair can be ruined by turning her from a fresh rose to a middle-aged lady.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen’s simple hairstyle is much more advantageous than sophisticated styling, albeit with a scarlet flower.

Jenna Jameson

High hairstyles are at the peak of popularity, but not always the best option, sometimes even the worst.

Jennifer Morrison

Jenny’s pretty face has become the governess’s stern face… With her hair loose, much better!

Eva Green

The unusual beauty of the actress is worthy of a better frame!

Eva Longoria

What’s better? Are you still asking? The choice is obvious!

Kaya Jones

With Kaya’s complicated hair, he looks five years older.

Kate Bosworth

Having gathered her hair into an unassuming bundle, Kate became more like a trainee at a pedagogical institute trying to impress her future employer. With her hair loose, the actress looks much more spectacular!

Kate Hudson

After a perm and a lot of time, Kate looks more like her mother.

Katy Perry

How did Katie, a hooligan, dare to do such a difficult and strict styling, one god knows! But you have to admit, it’s much better with loose hair!

Lauren Conrad

It’s not a bad image in itself, but still, the loose hair makes Lauren more adorable.

Marcia Gay Harden

Apparently, the famous film villain wanted to create an image of a respectable sailor, which, in principle, she did. But how generous and attractive is her face with loose hair!

Megan Fox

Burning beauty does not need to do the hair and build a high hairstyle on his head to conquer the male hearts. Megan, don’t waste time!

Natalie Portman

By making a shell, Natalie added herself respectability and… since she was ten.

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole’s complicated hairstyles are forbidden! The luxury of her hair only emphasizes Nicole’s exotic beauty.

Nina Dobrev

In the photo on the left, you can hardly recognize the conqueror of the hearts of the two most charming vampires of the century.

Penelope Cruz

Black beauty with a complicated style has lost her appeal a little bit.

Sandra Bullock

After spreading her hair, the actress softened her face, leaving a good ten years.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Comments are redundant.

Olsen sisters

Identical to the face, but how different they look! It’s all about the hairstyles!

Scarlett Johansson

Obviously, the loose hair goes to the famous charming girl much more retouched in the intricate hairstyle.

Hayden Penettieri

Despite the shining smile, Hayden looks older with a complicated style. Vote for loose hair!

Amy Adams

A bright example of how to jump from 25 to 40 out of 25, Amy, come to your senses!

Admire how good hair can be! Really, should they be removed in a complex installation?

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