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Wearing a watch has been an important part of life since we were kids. When we talk about wristwatches, we all must have many memories to associate with them, such as a gift from family, the presence of a watch when we got our first job. The clock has always been known as the great symbol of simplicity; It is said that simple living high thinking people wear watches on their wrists. But now after the arrival of mobile, people say that the price of watches has come down. But according to me wearing a watch is a symbol of grandeur, it shows that people do not leave behind something once they get used to it.

Wearing a watch shows that you are not dependent on your mobile all the time and you can pay attention to other things as well. A watch is the most beautiful accessory that a person can carry. Women keep watches because it not only helps but watches actually work as a nice accessory.

So, when we know the importance of watches in the lives of women, let us discuss some of the brands whose watches are a huge hit. Famous watch brands for women are:

Watch Brands For Women: Keep Up With The Times 

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One of the largest selling brands of all time. It has been a famous brand since the late 2000s. It has been a brand that has all the people’s trust. It is known to have all the bold designs a woman needs, along with this they are contemporary which maintains whole balance. That is the beauty of this company that it keeps all so cool.

Watches from this company are available at the nearby watch store. But if you are interested in buying it from an online store that is official then, is. You can check out watches at amazon, myntra Flipkart, and Paytm mall too.


This is a company that has made a strong impact and has held its clientele really well. If you are looking to buy a watch for yourself, then this is a trusted and trusted brand. These can introduce you to all the new trendy designs available in the market, not only that you can actually buy them at a good price. Since this brand has a huge set of belts.

You can order watches online from the official brand store that is a You can compare and buy from amazon and myntra. But if you like wearing and buying watches then it’s time you go to official shops or nearby watch stores to buy them.


When you are ready to buy a product that has all the quality, and when you do not want to compromise on its durability, then this brand is made for you. It is a youth-oriented brand of watch, focused on keeping it cool and stylish for the youth. They have bands and dials which look trendy and cool and match perfectly with the mood of college-going people.

You can get it from World of titan which is the official store from titan but you can get it in nearby watch stores too. You can buy it from online official stores that You can buy it from shoppers stop, amazon, myntra, and Flipkart.


A really great watch brand that is quite inexpensive to buy. If you are interested in buying a trendy and cool watch but at a less amount then count on this brand. They make their watches from alloys of different kinds of metals. They are really known for the functionality and style they provide. They are good with dials and cool bands to add it up all.

You can buy it online from Or from online stores that are Amazon, Flipkart, and myntra. It is available in nearby shops too.


A brand that has really intrigued everybody in India. It is one of the most interesting brands Indian customers look up to. It has been the most affordable luxurious watch brand to time. The watches from this company have been reliable always. They have superior quality dials and elegant designs for buying their watches.

You can buy watches from them, through the official online store Buy it from the exclusive offline shop if you want to try and then buy. You can buy them from, amazon, myntra, and too.


This is a brand that looks all cool. It was a great trendsetter earlier. But now it is popular for being the first brand that launched the first waterproof watch collection. They have a really nice set for dials, they are a reliable brand for Indian customers. They never compromise with the quality and you can really enjoy the feature of that watch being waterproof.

But if you are interested in buying it from an official online store, You can check out watches at amazon, myntra, Snapdeal and Flipkart too.

Calvin Klein

A famous company that has been famous to produce a great line of clothes for which there are no replacements. They collaborated with another company to introduce themselves to this branch too. Now, here they are being popular for giving fashion a lot of respect by producing a great set of watches. They have beautiful colors and elegant-looking dials.

You can buy it online through the sites that are,, and You can buy watches from shopper stop offline stores too.


Another brand that fascinates people here is Fossil. The watches from Fossil have a great range when it comes to money. They are known for the uniqueness they have in their watch. They have a great variety of watch collections. They are stylish and comfortable, that says a lot about it. And can promise durability too.

You can buy it online from,,,, and too. You can buy it from Shopper stop stores too.


This is a brand new watch, which has all the qualities to look for and that is ‘Fitbit’. This generation needs a watch like this. This watch is backed with all that needed technology. Apart from this, there is also a heartbeat tracker, pulse rate tracker. It has advanced features like ‘telling how many calories burned’ etc. If you love technology then this watch is made for you.

Buy it offline from Croma stores. But if you are interested in buying it online then contact, Amazon, and Flipkart are great options.

MI Band

Xiaomi has designed a tech gadget that can help keep track of our sleep. It gives you the same features as Fitbit. They help you keep track of all your activities, and also provide notifications about incoming calls. You can buy it as it is economical too.

You can buy this band from official Xiaomi stores, but if you are interested in buying it online then contact You can cross-check and compare its rate and quality on amazon and Flipkart.

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