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This is the world where we need to keep ourselves all ready, maintained, elegant and look sober all the time. But why are we doing it all for only to live comfortably. Comfortable life has always been an important part of everybody’s life whether it is for wearing clothes or to carry footwear.

People earn today so that they can spend it tomorrow to live a happy and comfortable life. So, it is important for them to wear whatever they feel comfortable in that is what is most important priority for people.

People are suffering nowadays from shoe bites, corns, shin splints and ingrown nails. So, we should take proper care of what we use as footwears for us. So, let us discuss some great brands that have great footwear, they are:

Best Footwear Brands for Women Available in USA

1. Skechers

Always famous for being really great when it comes to customer satisfaction. They are really popular for having great soft sole. The footwear they have are said to have memory foam, that is sensitive to pressure and temperature. It has great styles, beautiful and vibrant colors to support them. They are said to be great makers of not only just shoes but also beautiful sandals too.

Availability: They will be available to every store near you but if you want to buy them online you have different websites let just say amazon.com or you can buy them officially from skecher.com.

2. Adidas

A company that competes with Nike when it comes to selling sports product and sports shoes. This company was ranked fourth by its customer, and has great record for durability. It is said to be reliable, comfortable and great designs too. They have started their own new line of slip on slippers, that are worth giving a try.

Availability: It is really available near the shops and mall stores but you can look for them online too that is on their website or you check designs on amazon and from official website too.


A great shoe brand that produce great stuffs for women who believes in quality of the products. It is popular for being attractive and trendy, while keeping up value for money. Now it is owned by Gucci too.

Availability: It will be available to retail stores, but online options like amazon and Walmart are available if you want to pick one. If you want to check more option then its available on us.puma.com

4. Nike

It is famous for being a company that promotes sports, the product from this popular when you are into something sporty. It is said that adidas owns 48% of the United States markets when it comes to sport wear. It has great technology that makes shoes light weighted.

Availability: It will be available to stores near you or the factory stores, but you can check on them online.

5. Crocs

They are famous unisex shoe and slippers brand. They are known for funky colors, trendy designs and are really durable that makes this brand popular for women. This brand came into light few years ago. This design became really interesting for people.

Availability: You can buy Crocs offline from the stores, but if you want to save time and see a variety of product you can check it online on crocs.com or you can see it in shopping sites like Amazon and Walmart.

6. Clarks

A famous leather shoe brand that entered competition with others when they started a series of beautiful looking sandals for women. They are selling beautiful leather footwear at a great price.

Availability: If you want to buy it in the stores you can check them out in retail stores but it has an online store to help you see all the options available and will help you save time. Website is clarksusa.com and you can check it on Amazon too.

7. Reef

When you want to buy sandals that are comfy and looks sober, then you are the right place. They provide beautiful flats sandals, cool looking flip flops to go out. They have all new set of beach footwear coming, they are good and are long lasting. People have said to use them for like a year or two.

Availability: It is available in stores, you can check for them online on their websites too that reefs.com, they offer great discounts too. It is available on macys.com too.

8. Steve Madden

It is a type of brand that comes in our mind firsts when we talk about luxury. It is a famous luxury shoes and sandal brand for females. It is really said to represent a great lifestyle. It is known for its moderate pricing too.

Availability: It is available at offline stores near you, but if you want to buy it online then you can buy it from stevemaddens.com, or you can check shopping sites like amazon.com or Walmart.com


The footwear that gives the total vibe of springs when you wear them. That’s is what you will feel when you wear them. They are comfy, they have great designs to look at. They have a great color choice when it comes to making footwear. Thyer have great variety coming up like sneakers, booties, platform heels and many more like that

Availability: You can find footwear from SODA, online at famousfootwear.com, tillys.com and if you want more options you can check them out on sodashoes.com. If you want to look at the footwear and check while buying, they are available at nearby stores in the mall.

10. Calvin Klein

It provides beautiful designs and is famous for making or designing heels. They are totally fashionable, great for office wearing, good for parties’ women find this brand really reliable for purchasing sandals for women. It has beautiful color choices,

Availability: You can purchase it online from the stores, shopping stores like amazon, Walmart or macys.com. If you want to buy it from the official online store it is clavinklien.us. If you want to check and buy footwears then the stores are all there near to you.

These companies will make you feel really great about your foot and will take care of them too.

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