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You must have seen in serials or shows that depicts India women are wearing a cloth draped on them in a very beautiful way. The thing that those women wore is called Saree, that is known to be wrapped around waist and one side ending on midriff and another at shoulder or hands.

Saree has always been an important and integral part of Indian culture. When we talk about India and its traditions people start only with food and attires. One of the most popular attire which every Indian woman has worn it once in her life is Saree. It is known for its ethnic designs; it is said that saree takes out a new beautiful and elegant female out of every girl who try’s it.

Everyone likes to try saree and, in some places, it has been made into office dress but the problem which recently females face are they do not want sarees with old works. They want some new trendy but elegant looking saree in other words we call it designer sarees. So, wearing elegant and trendy is the new fashion call. So, we have penned down some famous designer saree brands for you.

Top Brands For Designer Sarees

1. Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar is a famous for saree shopping in Delhi, it is a brand based on Karol Bagh. It is a famous and trustable brand for sarees that are of great designs and have a great cloth type too. They were one’s famous for great bridal dresses, now they have a great market approach for people who are here to buy sarees.

They have offline shops all over India if you are really interested in shopping, touching cloth but if you are interested in buying from online shops. It is available on platform like Amazon.in, flipkart.com and they have a specific website that is meena bazaar.com

Range: The saree ranges starts from four thousand five hundred rupees only. Free shipping all over India

2. FabIndia

As the name suggests, fabindia refers to fabulous Indian culture of making beautiful sarees. This company or a branch is a venture of TATA company. This company majorly focuses on Ethnic designs, handprint works but now they have started making western pattern sarees too.

They have online and offline store available whenever you want to buy a saree, they have at least three hundred stores all over India so you can to store to check their dress material, if you like looking at silk designs and designs of sarees. But if you want it to buy online you can contact at their official website.

Ranges: The sarees they offer starts from a range of three thousand rupees only.

3. Ritu Kumar Sarees

She is a very famous saree designer who has hooked mind of people, she has work that exhibits simplicity. Her company is famous for being simple and really ethnic their saree work is elegant and beautiful. It has great designs.

It has few offline stores to buy their product from the shops, if you want to buy them online, just tell that it has no other online selling portal that is ritukumar.com.

Range : Their cloth linen starts at the rate of seven thousand seven hundred rupees to a great variety of numbers.

4. Kalanjali Saree

It has been a very old brand sarees at a very affordable price too. They are said to have a great grip on varieties and colour they provide. They really make elegant designer sarees that you can wear at small functions too.

Sarees from this brand can be bought at a very affordable cost from shopes near you. You can order them online through kalanjali.com, if not then the stores like amazon, flipkart and ajio can help us buy the saree.

Range: Such beautiful sarees at a very affordable rate of one thousand rupees only, is a really special gift.

5. Satya Paul Saree

A really famous designer, when it comes to sarees. He is really famous for printed saree designs. There are printed designs on any kind of cloth you can find for sarees. He designs sarees that are really gorgeous looking, easy to carry anywhere you want and lightweight then that’s the brand you are coming for.

They have an online shop for selling their sarees that is satyapaul.com, it is available on ajio.com, amazon.in, myntra.com and flipkart.com too. The sarees designed by him are available in his retail stores for dresses.

Range: The range from where his designed saree starts is three thousand only.

6. Gaurang Sarees

This name Gaurang Saree has been taken from a very own designer whose name is Gaurang Shah. He is really famous for making sarees that has hand woven works, traditional arts, crafts work and ethnic designs with a small cool touch. It is really affordable for the people who are interested in waering one.

They have a few stores that sell their own product, but few of saree walas sell it. You can buy it online from their website that is gaurang.co and it is available on amazon too.

Range; It is really available at an affordable price that is one thousand rupees is just the start.

7. Manish Malhotra Sarees

This is a really famous designer, who is known for making cool trendy designer dresses. He designs really beautiful desi style but trendy and feisty but is really expensive when it comes to shop. You can buy designs inspired from him. But if really want to but stuff from the designer than it will cost a fortune.

They have their shop but, in few stores, they sell their products but if you want to buy it online then contact manishmalhotra.in to buy sarees.

Range: The lowest cost where their saree ranges starts from is thirty thousand rupees.

8. Manyavar

Manyavar brand is really famous not only because a beautiful couple endorses them but they really produce dress that is unique, looks elegant and moreover you shine in their products. They are really great producers of designer sarees. They make sarees that make statement in the whole program.

They have showrooms of their brand or mohey (new franchise) nearly in every city, if you like trying sarees but if you like online shopping then you can buy from their online store that is manyavar.com, you can check the designs at amazon.com too.

Range: The clothes they produce start from a range of four thousand five hundred rupees.

So, as we mentioned above that saree plays a really important role. so, at the end I will say that it has an emotional value connected with it. Buy you can wear them more often, they would have their culture coming back in few days, if interest continues to increase this way. It is beautiful in some way.

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