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Face is a really important part of body as we know. This important part is comprised of forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and chins. As we know a good dish is composed of all the ingredients, when utilized in a perfect amount. The same story is with face, according to people all features should be there but according to the face structure.

Nowadays, there is a thing called ideal face structure where they have classified ideal eye shape, ideal nose structure, lip should be plump and many more ideas are there. One of the things that are famous is that people should have a small forehead.

If your forehead is small and not that big makes you feel happy and contented then be the same. Feel the same way, because what matters here is confidence, nothing else. If to boost up the confidence we can try these steps and make it work. Few ways by which we can make our forehead look small.

How to Make Forehead Look Smaller

1. Makeup

A big, forehead can be made to look small through three ways and one of that way is by hiding it. When we talk about hiding forehead, we can only do it by covering it up by makeup. We have used few techniques here that can be great means hiding of big forehead, makeup is done to hide the portions where we think we have flaws. There are different makeup techniques that can fake the existence of smaller forehead. This can be done easily that will be explained down:

  • Foundation magic: You can apply a five shade darker than your skin foundation near your hairlines, that creates an illusion for people who looks at it. That looks like few traces of hair present on forehead and the forehead looks small.
  • Highlighter: You can use highlighter near your hairline area along with bronzer. highlighter will be applied near your forehead in the center, that will make your forehead look small. Whereas bronzer is applied around hairlines, this makeup trick will work on to show that bone work is beautiful near forehead portion.

2. Hairstyle helps

When we talk about second technique of getting a smaller forehead, here we mean we can do it by covering it up by hair. We can cover this big forehead by making and getting a hairstyle that has a style and that can hide front forehead that is too big. Types of hair styles recommended by famous hairstylist to deal with its big forehead are:

  • Bangs: This hairstyle is a fashion where small strands or locks falls on the front of the head. It falls all over the scalp front and can cover forehead beautifully. Some people make their stylist cut them straight, some gets an arc shape made. Different hairstyles you can try with bangs are bob cut, layered haircut, deep side bangs
  • You can get your hair cut and the front hairs can be used for tucking them side ways this will help you in making your forehead look small.
  • Hair full of volume: Blow dry your hairs, give them a great volume that can help it make that style look messy and hair can come in front to cover up the forehead.

3. Accessorize

Second way that means covering it up, this can be done by adding phase two to it. You can cover your forehead too. Accessorizing your hair that is your forehead is a great deal too. For this the suggestion is that you can use hat or cap that cover your head.

  • Caps and hats have an outcoming piece of cloth that covers up (hides) the front portion of forehead. You can use this technique when you are out and sun rays hits the ground.

4. Work on other features

Here we will introduce you to another technique that will work if the two mentioned above won’t work. This technique is called as diverting, simple when we can not hide all of our forehead, then what we can do it is work on other features of or face that will take all the attention of people and this way you won’t feel awkward. When we talk about confidence it will up high too.

Works on eyes: If you work great on eyes there are very great chances that nobody actually pays attention to your forehead. So, few tricks for eyes are:

  1. Give drama to your eyes: Adding more drama to your eyes is the best way you can diver people from your forehead. You can apply heavy eyeshadow on the eyes that will create a great impact but that should be matching with attire you carry. For this too apply kajal too that must be dark as well so that it creates more impact on makeup. Eyeliner should be complementary to all that makeup you have done. It should be dark and bold, but design is your own choice.
  2. Work on eyebrows: Apply concealer to your eyes and make your brows broad and big that makes forehead small itself. This can work great and become a bold makeup technique to be used in future.
  3. Cheeks to shine: Apply good amount of makeup on cheeks make it shine more. Apply blush there, make it look sleeker and thinner. the way sleeker and thinner they look, the more attention they grab, that makes one look fit. You can apply blush that makes cheeks red and blush makes one look cute and highlighting your blush work using the highlighter can help more. This way diversion works.
  4. Lip work: You can apply bold matte color if you want your makeup to look bold, but take care that you should be confident enough to use that makeup and carry it to different places. You can make lipstick outline with a great color and apply light color but that should not be different color, it should be of same shade but lighter.
  5. Wear something heavy: You can accessorize your ears and neck. That can be the other way to distract too. You can wear heavy neck piece tat are in fashion nowadays that matches with your apparel. Sparkling, traditional or cool any kind of ear ring can work as it will steal all the spotlights from forehead.

We have suggested the ways to you but a thing to take care is big forehead is not a great problem. We have to be just confident with it and tackle it the way we can there are many people who flaunt their forehead. Few people call themselves big brains, some people make hairstyle that is open. So, its just confidence. Wear a smile and confidence and no matter what looks you have you will kill it.