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Eyes are the most beautiful features of face; a pair of eyes is composed of many factors. Not only it provides the vision but are the door to the emotion, reaction or smallest feeling. Whenever we interact with people not only talking matters, a great eye contact matter too. That connection made of person to person is all because of eyes, people as mentioned above is the pathway to emotional connect and bond with people. It is popularly said that eyes can exhibit truth and innocence. There are many poetris here which are only dedicated to eyes.

So, when there were poetry written about some people noticed an important part outside the eyes that is eyelashes. They dedicated poetries that were written about eyelashes. Now, when we know that eyelashes hold a really important place in literature, let us know the real use of it too.

Eyelashes in real scientific way has a real work that is to prevent our sensitive eyes from the dust particles, allergens and sometimes it prevents our eyes from insects too. As they are very sensitive and closes down when they sense something near our eyes. It is said that like cats have whiskers the same way we have eyelashes. It is said that we have eighty five to one hundred ten eyelashes that is hairs on the upper lid and lower lid of eyes. And nearly seventy lashes on each side. Now if fun facts are over let us discuss what are perfect eyelashes and how can we get them?

Perfect eyelashes: Eyelashes which fall into these categories are considered perfect eyelashes: First and foremost, the eyelashes should long, a considerable length is important but not more than that. Then secondly, it should be thick but thickness should be only that much that they do not tangle themselves or do not come in the way of eyes to prick it. Third that is very important that it should be curled, a beautiful curve is required for our eyelashes to look perfect. Few ways by which we can work on make eyelashes perfect.

Tips to Get Perfect Eyelashes

1. Caring for eyelashes

There are few ways naturally by using them, we can make our eyelashes strong, healthy and ready to be perfect. So, here we will address few ways by which we do not break our eyelashes that ways are:

  • Do not rub eyelashes or area near eyes as it can break eyelashes. It is said that regularly each day one to two eyelashes breaks and few comes into notice.
  • Keeping your eyelashes clean is a really important deal, clean your eyes time to time for that wash it regularly on time breaks and do not give stress on eyelashes by touching it time again.
  • Do not let your eyelashes and eyes face any problem, sometimes due to allergy there is a collection of debris around eyes take in care that you clean it with care, use cotton dipped in lukewarm water.
  • Conditioning your eyelashes is an important concern. You can clean it with care using the regular condition or what you can do is try natural ways too. Naturally you can apply egg white by dabbing cotton swab dipped in its mixture keep it for some time and clean it. Use rose water too for clean up if you want. Applying oil is also important for eyelashes, apply different of oil like olive oil is considered best for it.
  • Prevent applying high eye drama makeup, as it is important for eyes to rest too.
  • Use a curler or a wand or stick for curling up lashes for time to time. You can use mascara wand or mascara stick to do this. But, take in care that you do not apply mascara on your eyes. As mentioned earlier, application of makeup all time on eyes can lead lashes to stress.
  • You can apply Vaseline on your eyelashes to give them a full moisturized environment near eyelashes.

2. Buying a mascara

While buying a mascara keep in mind that the mascara should be from a good company or brand, because you can not compromise with your eyes for the sake of makeup. Your mascara should also match the color of your eyelashes color. There are few pointers that you can check while you buy a mascara, see whether the brush of mascara has soft bristles on it, is that wand thick or thin, while it able to work for fine makeup. Before buying check in about it being part of waterproof makeup. Check the ratings of the mascara online too.

3. Applying mascara

There are several conditions to be taken in care while you are applying makeup especially while working with eyes. So, here are few guidelines how to apply mascara carefully and make our eyelashes look perfect.

  • 15 minutes before applying mascara on your eyes take in care that the face is all clean or the makeup will look dull. So, clean your face especially eyes carefully before working on them.
  • Then take out moisturizer people and stylist prefer Vaseline, dab a bit on eyelashes, apply it lightly on eyelashes. It is a small towards moisturizing and providing nutrition to eyelashes so that it does not fall of and become straight.
  • Take out soft curler as mentioned above first curl the lashes before applying mascara, this has to be done for fifteen seconds on one side of eye, that means total for thirty seconds on both sides.
  • Apply primer, work of primer is that it helps primer to stay longer, and it remains to its place. It can condition the dry lashes. Wait fifteen to twenty-one minutes for primer to dry.
  • Dipping and taking mascara in thin amount take this in less amount when you don’t know how much will it take. Use it to apply on eyelashes. This can be defined as the base coat. Apply it properly from roots properly.
  • Apply another round of mascara on eyelashes, wiggle it a bit, you can take a little light shade for another round after mascara applied for the base one. Application of mascara can be done depending upon the thickness or volume needed by the person getting makeup done.

4. Duties with mascara

Do not forget to change (replace) your mascara once in two to three weeks. As mascara dries up and can affect your eyes.

At last, while applying mascara you should take care that you do not harm anybody’s eyes. As makeup is not as much as eyes are. But perfect eyelashes are not a myth if you follow this and give it a proper care.

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