Women’s Shoe Trends For Spring Season

LOAFERS -From Formal To Fashionable
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This spring season, upgrade your shoe wardrobe. Here are all kinds of women’s footwear for every new you and every new attire, Perfect For Your Spring Collection.

Spring is around the corner, and preparing for your spring shoes and sandals is as necessary as spring outfits. Your outfit is said to be complete only when you put on your footwear. Among various varieties available, according to the different choices. And if you’re looking to expand your collection, we scoured both the runways and our Instagram feed to get a list of the most popular and best of spring footwear trends of 2022 fashion altogether in this article. Check it out below.

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Take A Walk This Spring In These Shoe Trends

SANDALS for the Free-Spirited

Women's Shoe Trends For Spring Season SANDALS For The Free Spirited
Image source: Truffle Collection India

Sandals can never go out of fashion. Talking about them, they’ve always been the top choice when it comes to spring fashion. There is a lot of variety available in the market. If you’re planning what to wear for your college/office functions, and want it to look chic but not loud, then this one is for you! These sandals look absolutely classy and pretty. They won’t change your look but they’ll blend with your outfit complementing the same!

LOW SNEAKERS for any Fit

Women's Shoe Trends For Spring Season LOW SNEAKERS For Any Fit
Image source: Steve Madden

Most of us are fanatics of sneakers. They look super adorable and are very comfy. They make you look even more attractive and pleasing. Talking about low white sneakers, they’re no different! They will go with all your attires and hairstyle. Be it western or ethnic, the trend of wearing sneakers with Indian/ethnic wear is super attractive. If you’re looking for everyday wear to look stylish and want to be comfortable, this is the one. Don’t forget to wear your socks!

LOAFERS -from Formal to Fashionable

Women's Shoe Trends For Spring Season LOAFERS -From Formal To Fashionable
Image source: Dune London India

Loafers look superior and elegant. They’re absolute for your meetings and formal greetings. They make you look exclusive and exceptional. They are becoming a preferable choice for wearing at parties and other functions other than formals as they make you look high-level and elegant, they’re models’ top choice. If you like to look classy and advanced, this one is absolutely for you!

Round it Up with SQUARE HEELS

Women's Shoe Trends For Spring Season Round It Up With SQUARE HEELS
Image source: Dune London India

Heels have always been the most wannabe thing in the footwear sphere. Square heels are worn everywhere, from runways to events, from college to family get-togethers, you name it, and heels complement it. Square heels have emerged as the easiest to wear yet stylish to look at. Square has taken over the round ones and is here to stay, so you better get your hands on it.


Flip flops are the most purchased footwear of all. If you want to add some spice to your regular flip-flops, then keep reading this. Heeled flip-flops will serve you. You can wear them anytime and anywhere. Be it going out grocery shopping, to college, or attending a party. They look dapper and graceful. Watch the video.

PUMPS for the Party

Women's Shoe Trends For Spring Season PUMPS For the Party
Image source: Steve Madden

Pumps are the queen of the High heel kingdom. If you’re deciding what to wear for a party then this will solve your problem. For loud and luxurious footwear to compliment your outfit, pumps are your go-to. They will make you look impressive. With polished heels, they look sophisticated and exquisite. So, flaunt your fit with these stunning heels and advance your style.

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Women's Shoe Trends For Spring Season TRANSPERANT STRAPS This Spring
Image source: Steve Madden

The Spring season equals vacay season! So, if you haven’t decided on your footwear for your vacation, then a transparent strap wedge is a must. They will blend perfectly with your outfit in a subtle and relaxing way and are perfect for your outing as well, being light and breezy. By the way, Transparent straps are a hot trend this year because of their quality of matching with almost all outfits, which will result in carrying less footwear for your vacation too.

POINTED MULES are Summer Staples

Women's Shoe Trends For Spring Season POINTED MULES Are Summer Staples
Image source: Street Style Stalk Fashion

If you’re looking for everyday office wear this summer, then pointed mules are essential to your list already. They look formal, sophisticated, and elegant. They blend with all of your formal wear and make you look gorgeous, graceful, and feel comfortable. Just slide in your foot, and you’re ready to head out in style.

ONE TOE FLAT is a Necessity

ONE TOE FLAT Is A Necessity
Image source: Street Style Stalk Fashion

Flats are absolute to complete your footwear list. Open-toe flats are gaining popularity due to their dignified look. They’re perfect for your get-togethers. Style them either with a kurta and jeans or a western outfit, and they will not disappoint you. They will always blend with your look to give you an appealing look. 

Buckle up with BUCKLE FLATS

Buckle up with BUCKLE FLATS
Image source: Street Style Stalk Fashion

For all the girls next door, buckle flats are the staples of your wardrobe. If you’re in love with effortless looks, this one is absolutely for you. You can wear them every day, everywhere. They will look great and make you look even more charming and sober.


Image source: Steve Madden India

We all always look for comfy, stylish footwear at home but, tend to ignore suitable footwear for our homely needs. Make your mind to buy these super comfortable and appealing slips for your home wear. They are soft, durable, and comfortable, and what else do you we ask for? So, build up your mind about grabbing them as soon as possible.

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SLIP ON’S for Your Outings

Image source: Steve Madden India

Looking for elegant footwear for your outings that looks effortless and minimal? Then this one is for you! With a subtle design, this will rob your heart. Keeping it simple, this looks aesthetic and pleasant. The slip-on with embellishments is suitable for functions and your minimal self. Slip-on radiate spring energy at their finest.


Image source: Steve Madden India

Are you looking for footwear that doesn’t look too loud, but crafty and sober? These espadrilles will save you! This will not only make you look moderate but also will make your appearance look in trend. These chic espadrilles will make you look more uplifted and confident. Style them with summer dresses for the best summertime girl vibe.

GLADIATORS for the Win

Image source: Steve Madden India

Get out of the box look with Gladiators. Don’t have any simple shoes in the rack, looking for buying one which can go with all of your outfits? This is the one. They make your feet look more attractive. You can wear these up to your knee as well as to your calf. Style them with summer dresses for the best summertime girl vibe. So, grab a pair for you!

Who doesn’t Love NUDES?

Who Doesn't Love NUDES?
Image source: Steve Madden India

Nudes are irresistible. Most of our choices bend towards nudes and black as they elegantly blend with our clothes. Nudes and their various shades are apt summer/spring colors. Nude heels are wannabe footwear and are adorned by millions. So, if you’re a fanatic of nudes as well as heels this is made for you!

Stay on Cloud 9 with PLATFORMS

Stay on Cloud 9 with PLATFORMS
Image source: Windsor Smith Women’s Shoes

Are you a follower of trendy footwear? Then this one is all set to impress you with its exquisite charm. A lover of aesthetics like you has to try platform shoes. Platform heels and sneakers are a part of high-fashion and vogue people’s lives. Also, you look taller without having to trouble your ankles! Win-win.

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Image source: Skechers India

If your vibe is wearing funky, comfortable, and fashionable footwear then, slip-on sneakers are designed for you! With doodles covering graciously throughout, these comfortable and lightweight sneakers are all set to rob your heart. With cute prints all over, this is what everybody wants. They are super comfortable and smooth.

PILLOW Sandles and Slides

Image source: Yeezy Mafia

Pillow slides look adorable and are comfy. If you’re in search of home wear, you’re surely going to add this to your cart right now! With a comfortable shape and design, this looks cute and sophisticated. A soothing look to glare on. Go for walks and enjoy wearing this pillow slide without even realizing you have it on, which means this is light in weight.

BRAIDED Heels and Flats, HOP ON!

Image source: Truffle Collection India

A beautiful way to show your love for fashion is getting yourself a lovely pair of Braided sandals. For all the angels out there, these sandals will make you look bold, confident, and sharp with gorgeous braids on them. The fab summer design is available on flats and heels and is calling you to explore!

Choose from the best spring staples and elevate your look. All the spring heels, shoes, sandals are waiting for you to get picked. The listed items are all you need for a perfect walk this season.

Which style of shoe do you love the most? Which one are you going to try next! Happy Spring!

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