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Bridal Jutti Designs!

Footwear can reveal a lot about a person. A woman’s footwear is something which carries a lot of significance. Women tend to have special footwear for every special occasion. Talking of occasion how can we forget weddings. Weddings are the most auspicious occasion in a woman’s life and everything should be perfect. It is like a dream come true for every woman on this earth.

This day happens only once in a lifetime and so nothing can preferably go wrong. Everything should be on point and nothing can fall short of perfection. The wedding season is on and you will see both the families hustling and bustling to get everything right. While most of the women spend their time thinking about their outfit and makeup, many are their racking their brain over footwear. Naturally what good is the designer outfit for if you do not pair it right with the right footwear?

If you think no one is going to decode all the layers and no one is going to have a look under your heavy lehenga, you are wrong. Footwear plays a very integral role in the completion of any outfit. It can provide just the right amount of quirk required for your attire. You can either wear footwear matching to your attire or you can also make a statement of your own by choosing something bold and beautiful.

Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs

In this article, we are going to share with you some latest and trendy bridal jutti designs which is a must have for every bride. These juttis are customisable and you can customize it as per your liking. So without further ado, let’s explore bridal jutti designs from Talking Toe.

1. Name printed juttis:

Name printed juttis Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs with Personalised Touch

What can be more beautiful than embedding your names on your footwear? One customised jutti for every bride. This will prove your love for your husband. Every man loves to be the identity of their woman and during weddings, it is even more special. So make your husband happy by showering him with love and making him your identity. The bride here is holding a dark pink embellished jutti with both of their names printed on it. A cute token of love which every bride must own.

2. Letter printed juttis:

Letter printed juttis Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs with Personalised Touch

Another gorgeous jutti with the groom’s name printed on it. The bride here is holding a green jutti which is perfectly matching with her green outfit. Everything about this look is so blended and synced in but what is the best part about the entire look is her classic juttis. If you have a theme planned for your wedding it’s perfect, but if you have not then just go with the groom’s name printed on your juttis. Simple and stylish is what can be said for this design.

3. Designer Pink Bow Chappal:

Designer Pink Bow Chappal Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs with Personalised Touch

If you do not want a name printed jutti then go for a chappal. Juttis might feel uncomfortable in this hot scorching summer. Chappals, on the other hand, are really light and airy and super comfortable to stay in for the whole day. Here our bride is holding a pretty tan colour chappal with a pink bow made on it. The bow says Nautanki bride which is a pretty fun thing to wear. Perfect kolhapuri for every Nautanki bride.

4. Kolhapuri chappal:

Kolhapuri chappal Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs with Personalised Touch

This is another fun kolhapuri chappal for the fun-loving brides. There are two varieties of the chappals as we see in the image. The first one has a black bow and the other one has a red bow with some embellishments on the finger holder. The chappal says Nakhre wali. So for all those brides who have a little amount of Nakhra and want to give prior warning to their grooms, this is perfect. Wear it and flaunt it with pride.

5. Embellished juttis:

Embellished juttis Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs with Personalised Touch

Here is another name printed juttis. But this time it is the bride’s name. It is your wedding, why should you put anyone else’s name but yours. It is very important to love oneself before loving others and our bride her is doing just that. Flaunting her own initials on her wedding day is a perfect showcase of self-love. The jutti is of a beautiful fuschia pink colour which slight embellishments and some bell detailing around the edges.

6. Teal blue juttis:

Teal blue juttis Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs with Personalised Touch

Another pretty jutti with the groom’s name on it. The jutti here is a beautiful greenish-blue colour with a patchwork design of the groom’s name. This jutti also has slight embellishments with bell detailing. A perfect way to beautify those mehendi painted feet. If you want to do something new and unique on your wedding day, definitely go for these name printed footwear.

7. Pink embellished juttis:

 Pink embellished juttis Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs with Personalised Touch

A pretty pair of pink juttis has made it to our list. How can you ignore and avoid pink on your wedding day? A wedding is all about love and the colour pink symbolises just that. A lovely pair of pink juttis with Pataka Dulhan printed on it. If you think you suit this phrase then grab this jutti right now. The jutti further has embellishments and bell detailing. Wear this and flaunt your inner pataka.

8. Pataka kudi chappals:

Pataka kudi chappals Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs with Personalised Touch
What is a wedding without a little bling? This kolhapuri chappal can really jazz up your outfit. Just the right amount of shine and shimmer needed. Nothing over the top and nothing that will grab the attention of your audience for all the wrong reasons. The chappal says Pataka Kudi which is stuck on a pink colour bow. The combination of gold and pink is perfect for this occasion. So wear this blingy Pataka Kudi if you think you are one.

9. Denim chappals:

Denim chappals Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs with Personalised Touch

Denim is everywhere this season. You will see a lot of denim this year starting from jackets to dresses to even bags. Then why should footwear stay away from it? Here is just the perfect option for you to incorporate denim in your footwear. A denim kolhapuri chappal which says nautanki dulha is perfect for a wedding. The chappal has a frayed hem which is another trend to go for. A perfect blend of style and trend with just a little bit of fun which makes this pair so wearable. So try this out if you think your groom is Nautanki.

10. Peach-toned juttis:

Peach-toned juttis Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs with Personalised Touch

Another Pataka Dulhan flaunting her pair on her mehendi ceremony. This is a beautiful peachy pink colour perfect for the summers. So if you are planning for a summer wedding definitely go for this pair. The colour is nice and soothing to the eyes as compared to those bold and loud colours. The juttis has subtle embellishments and bell design around the edges. Flaunt your mehendi laden feet with this beautiful juttis.

11. Red embellished chappals:

Red embellished chappals Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs with Personalised Touch

My favourite out of the entire list. This kolhapuri us something to die for. Everything from the colour to the design is wedding appropriate. We Indians have some many functions before the actual wedding day. So this chappal is perfect for the mehendi or sangeet occasion. The red colour is perfect for any wedding occasion. And for those who are obsessed with red this is just for you. Flaunt this pair with your own customisation and rock it.

12. Hot pink embellished juttis:

Hot pink embellished juttis Trendy Bridal Jutti Designs with Personalised Touch

Another glamorous pair to style your wedding outfit. Apart from the ethnic touch of these pairs, they can also give you an Indo-western look if you pair it with jeans or trousers. Our bride has paired this gorgeous hot pink juttis with ankle length jeans. The jeans also have an asymmetrical hemline which is just perfect to showcase the juttis. This also says Pataka Dulhan and she does look pataka we must admit.

Talking Toe is an Instagram store founded by two sisters Nazish & Insha. All of these shoes are from their store. So if you also want to cater your shoe obsessions grab this juttis right now.

They are so much in demand nowadays that you might get too late for personalised bridal jutti designs. So have it while you still got the chance and for more latest updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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