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Indian Wedding Makeup!

Marriage is the most auspicious occasion in a woman’s life. It is like a dream come true. Every woman all around the world must have dream of this big day at some point in their lives. This day happens just one time in our lifetime and so, nothing can preferably go wrong.

We all want to look our best on our big day. Although the planning begins from months before the actual day, there is no room for mistakes. Perfection is the key.  For this reason we are here to cater your beauty needs for your special day. In this article we will share with you some simple Indian wedding makeup looks from Uvghai that will help you bring out the diva in you.

Indian Wedding Makeup Ideas

Over the past few years we have seen a lot of our Bollywood divas getting married. From Anushka Sharma to Sonam Kapoor and from Deepika Padukone to Priyanka Chopra. They all look stunning on their wedding day. We saw all types of looks from neutral to bold. If you also happen to wish to look like your favourite celeb on your big day, we are more than happy to help you.

1. Pretty in pink:

 Pretty in pink: Indian Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

Pink is woman’s favourite colour and we all know that now. The bride here has also opted for a pink based makeup look. She went for a dual toned eye look with pink and black shades. Pink blush and pink lips completed her look. We absolutely love her soft and subtle makeup. She wore a pink attire to compliment her makeup and finished it off with red based jewellery.

2. The glowy makeup look:

The glowy makeup look: Indian Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

It’s all about the glow on your wedding day and this bride has done just that. We love how her makeup sits on her face. She opted for a cream eyeshadow with a slight shimmer to it. Her perfectly carved face with peach pink blush and glossy red lips looks super pretty. What really does the trick is the highlighter. The highliter is used to highlight all the high points of her face and we must say she looks stunning. She wore a red dress to compliment her look and a contrasting emerald and gold jewellery.

3. Classic red lips:

Classic red lips: Indian Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

Nothing can ever go wrong with classic red lips. Red lips symbolise class, sophistication and confidence. When in doubt put on a red lipstick and you are all sorted. Talking about the overall makeup of the bride she wears a pink toned eyeshadow and natural blush. Highlighter is used at the high points of her face and the inner corners of her eyes, but what really stands out is her bold red lips. She paired it with off-white and gold attire to make her red look pop. She also complimented her look by wearing ruby and diamond jewellery and also red bangles.

4. The neutral glow:

The neutral glow: Indian Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

Nude or neutral makeup is highly trending nowadays. We all love the “no makeup” makeup look. Gone are the days of bold and loud makeup and it’s all about the neutrals now. The bride here has stepped out of the conventional makeup look of the brides and has opted for something more subtle. We love her bold eyes, nude lips and neutral blush. Her look perfectly compliments her attire. To add a hint of colour to her otherwise monotonous look she wears a ruby red jewellery blended with gold and diamonds.

5. Gold toned smoky eyes:

. Gold toned smoky eyes: Indian Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

For your eyes only! This seems to be so true for this bride. She opted for a purple shade as her transition shade. But what really does the talking is her gold smoky eyes. She has a finely creased cat eye with gold and black colour. And her lashes has got me under the spell. She has kept the rest of her makeup quite basic like matte red lips, pink blush and on point highlighter. The bride wears a red ensemble to match her look and has opted for a emerald and gold jewellery to break the monotony.

6. Pink and Peach magic:

ink and Peach magic Indian Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

This look is subtle and elegant. This bride has opted for a soft look rather than a bold look. Bride follows the rule of the lip and cheek colour coming from the same family. She wear a pink lip colour and a neutral peach blush & finishes off her look with bold smoky eyes. She wears a pink ensemble and green and gold jewellery to round off her look.

7. Stunner Burgundy:

Stunner Burgundy: Indian Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

You can never say no to burgundy. This rich colour from the red family has something about it. The bride here also looks stunning in her burgundy attire. She has gone for a purple and peach smoky eyes, slightly different from the usual black, gold and grey eyes. She also has a perfectly crafted winged liner. Her burgundy lips and pink cheeks has kept her makeup on point. She wears emerald jewellery to incorporate something different from her otherwise red family.

8. Subtle makeup look:

Subtle makeup look: Indian Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

This bride look gorgeously beautiful. Dont you think?? Everything about her makeup is on point. She has a warm natural glow to herself apart from her makeup. She has gone for a smoky eyes, pink cheeks and red lips. Her beautifully filled in brows is what makes her look more flawless. She has complimented her look with red attire and red jewellery. She has gone for red all the way.

9. Traditional bridal look:

Traditional bridal look: Indian Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

Who says we have lost our traditions?? Look at this bride, she looks so pretty and super traditional in her overall look. The bride here has gone for a complete solah-sringar for her wedding day. Her perfectly done eyes, red lips and orange toned blush compliments her red attire. Gold and pearl jewellery finishes off her look.

10. Dewy makeup look:

Dewy makeup look: Indian Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

The dewy makeup look is another look which is very on point. Perfect for dry skin girls this makeup gives you a very natural glow. The bride here has managed to keep her natural glow intact while carefully highlighting and contouring her face. What really grabs our attention is her shimmery smoky eyes and red lips. Her dramatic lashes though, does complete justice to her makeup look. She wears her look with red ensemble and green jewellery.

Wedding is all about experimenting. Never fear to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Every women is beautiful and makeup is just a way to enhance it. Focus on your best features and try out these bridal looks for this wedding season. Hope you enjoyed this article on Indian Wedding Makeup Ideas. For more updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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