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If you are having a bad day or are stressed out with your regular monotonous life, the first thing that pops into our mind is treating ourselves with something good like a day in the salon with a cute nail makeover. Nails are our most prized possession and women know how hard it is to maintain your tiny little beauties. Manicure and pedicure can instantly cheer us up and make us forget everything about our bad mood. This is the power of nails in a woman’s life.

Nail art has gained immense popularity over the years, across the globe, amidst the varying age difference of women. From just applying simple nail paints to experimenting with colors, we can hardly stay away from the sparkle and splash of colors on our nails. Another nail art that you should try your hands at is rhinestone nail art designs. Luxurious and super chic, these will add to your beauty and create that sparkle that you have wished for. So, here we are with the beautiful rhinestone nail art designs which you need to bookmark and show it to your stylist the next time you do you nails.

Rhinestone Nail Art Design Ideas

1.Matte Gradients

Matte Gradients Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Claudia Nails

With the blooming changes in the fashion industry, matte nails has managed to top it off because of its smooth and classic finish. It has been a trendsetter ever since it entered the nail blogosphere. This baby pink matte is a soft touch to your nails and those sparkling rhinestones on your ring fingers is definitely eye catching. When in doubt finish it off with matte and sparkles.

2. Glitter Gel

Glitter Gel Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Jassies Nails

Sometimes the best nail paint that you can apply on your nails is by choosing to keep it bare. The less it is, the better it will look. With shiny gel, glitter gel will work its wonders on your nails and give you that glam look. With glitter gradients in the form of diamonds in the middle surrounded by small beads on the cuticles, this looks equally stunning and gorgeous.

3. Classic French Manicure for short nails

Classic French Manicure Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Claudia Nails

No matter how old it gets, women will never shy away from a classic french manicure that is smooth and shiny. Crisp white tip and blushing nail bed is a combination that is hard to beat with the fads that come and go. However, a little twist to that french manicure is ornamentation by adding small silver rhinestones on the cuticles of your ring finger which stands out. This style will definitely soothe your inner self.

4.Cute Cherries

Cute Cherries Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: culturamanicura

When women love to paint their nails in different colors with different patterns, there are some who wish to keep it bare and plain. Nothing can beat natural beauty. Well how about using the rhinestones in a different manner like cute little cherries. You can use the rhinestones in a customized shape and create the look you wish to adorn.

5. Gradient Rhinestone Art

Gradient Art Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Claudia Nails

A bright and vibrant shade when experimented with proper precision and care can create long lasting and beautiful result that will surely create an impression on others. This shade of hot pink is loud and aggressively feminine and is a bold color. To add a new dimension to it, you can go for decorating your ring fingers completely with rhinestones and create a partial two line design on the middle fingers. These nails are loud and proud.

6.Colorful Rhinestones

Colorful Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Nessas Nails

Your nails are your tiny little canvas and its time to channelize your energy and let your imaginations go wild at the moment. This nail art design is fun and lovely. You have to be patient and careful to create those fine designs and adorn the colorful rhinestones which is like a cherry on top of the pie. If you are fun loving and adventurous this nail art design will perfectly complement you.

7. Discreet Design

Discreet Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Claudia Nails

A color combination when used in proper proportions add the oomph factor to your nails the way you want it. This combination of beige pastel color and gel nail paint looks rich and enriches the whole manicure. The rhinestones on just the middle and ring finger looks discreet and effective.

8. Less is More

Less is More Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Notorious Nails

These cute medium nails will surely win the hearts of everyone with its simplicity. With just the gel nail paint and then ornamenting it with silver beads on the cuticles of the fingers is elegant and pretty. With a simple and sober design, this nail art is a mixture of modernity combined with a classic touch.

9. The Bold Red

The Bold Red Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Claudia Nails

An emotionally intense color which is considered as a symbol of love, passion and energy can create a positive aura around you through your nails. You can represent yourself through your nails with the choice of color you wish to adore. A simple line of silver beds on the ring finger is nice and gently done.

10. Swarovski rhinestones

SwarovskiImage Source: <a href="https://www.instagram.com/_claudianails__/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Claudia Nails</a>

Image Source: Notorious Nails

The Swarovski rhinestones made of the Swarovski crystals are very popular. It creates a beautiful shine in different colors which comes from the breaking of light in Swarovski crystals. With glitter gel paint and ornamentation with these rhinestones, it gives you a sophisticated yet subtle look worth turning heads for.

11. Water-drop Shaped Rhinestones

Water-drop Shaped Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Claudia Nails

Just like we said, the French manicure is a forever classic and a timeless trend which can never cease to amaze you. Complement it with the beautiful silver  rhinestones arranged in the shape of water drops which adds a dazzling charm to your nails.

12. Flowers with Rhinestones

Flowers Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Nails By Carolina

If you thought that you just have to arrange your rhinestones in regular old shapes on simple matte and pastel colors, then you need to expand the horizon. Partial nail paint and acrylic flowers on one finger is simple and hassle-free. With rhinestones arranged in a symmetric manner on the ring finger will surely make you fall in love with this design.

13. Pretty Blings

Pretty Blings Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Claudia Nails

All you need is just a proper manicure to achieve this design. It looks difficult and crowded but what’s art without experiments. These green sparkly rhinestones may not be common but that does not make them any less pretty. Decorate your little finger with green rhinestones completely and just keep the cuticles of your middle finger simple. To top it off ,add the silver sparkles on your ring finger and finish it off with style.

14. Leopard Print Nail Art

Leopard Print Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Notorious Nails

When a woman wears leopard print, she is personified as savage and wild. So, why just limit it to your clothes when you can try it out on your nails. With french manicure and white tips, divide your nails and partially decorate it with leopard prints with glitter. Step it up with the golden sparkly rhinestones which will give you the wild and bold look.

15. Shades of Pink

Shades of Pink Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Claudia Nails

Here the nails are done for in two different shades of pink that is baby pink  and fuchsia. Since time immemorial there have been long held notions regarding the slight inclination of women towards pink which is actually true. You can use glitter nail paints and keep one finger bare for ornamentation with the silver rhinestones which will reflect the light beautifully which falls upon it.

16. Rosy Blings

Rosy Blings Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Star Ling

Gentle tones of rose color can never cease to amaze us with their subtle beauty. The use of rose pink on these long and square shaped nails gives it a glossy finish and creates a beautiful sparkle. With crystals arranged symmetrically on the ring finger and completely on the little finger, this nail art design looks rich and cultivated.

17.Nude Beauty

Nude Beauty Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Nail Tamina

Medium nails suits anyone and everyone and taking care of those nails is not much of a task. The use of nude shade on this nail art design gives it a fresh look with alternate designs of glitter nails and adorning rhinestones in diamond shape. This design visually narrows and elongates the nails.


18.Chic and Gentle

Chic and Gentle Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Priscilla Ray Nails

The rhinestones are highlighted properly when used on nude or white shades. These long and polished pointed nails are quite a task to manage but its definitely worth the risk. The arrangement of rhinestones on the border of the nails is what makes it special as the combination of gentle and chic.

19. Sharp and Sexy

Sharp and Sexy Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Claudia Nails

Glossy nails are an absolute favorite which gives your nails a light sparkle quality in the sunlight. You can choose the black glossy finish which makes your nails sharp and sexy. To create a metallic effect on your nails, decorate your ring finger completely with rhinestones. Be brave and bold with this design.

20. Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Kiara Sky Nails

Ombre is the whimsical gradient of tones which creates a shadow effect of light. It has been wildly popular for over a decade now. You can choose light shades like blue, yellow and peach which combined properly create a great tone. Style it up with nail art stickers and use small rhinestones as beads. Achieve this glossy feminine look with minimum efforts.

21. Speckle of Silver in Blue

Speckle of Silver in Blue Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Claudia Nails

A subtle and cool tone of colors on your nails can create a calming effect on your mind. Pastel blue combined with silver nails is an excellent choice and can create a good vibe. Finish it off by arranging the rhinestones like polka dots on the ring finger along with spiral arrangement on the middle finger. Little things like this contribute to the overall impression.

22. The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: The Nail Vibes

If you are blessed with the patience to deal with long nails, then the world is at your feet. You can choose any design and end up with something pretty always. Just like this nail art, you can paint your nails in glossy baby pink. The major point of attraction is the butterfly that has been created with the silver rhinestones by the combination of ring finger and middle finger. This rhinestone art elevates the whole design to another level.

23.Acrylic Flowers

Acrylic Flowers Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Pretty Things Em

Everything you need is just a click away in this era. Instead of giving up a lot of time and efforts, you can go for ready-made decoration items just like these acrylic flowers and rhinestones. A mixture of nude shades and ombre, it has been ornamented with the flowers and rhinestones in the form of beads at the cuticles. What stands out here is the complete decoration of the little finger which makes it special.

24. Queen it like this

Queen it like this Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: Nessas Nails

Almond shapes of nails has been a hit among the younger generation. With just a simple coat of baby pink this nail art design has been created with rhinestones which looks glamorous. You can create a design like this with glitters and different colors and shapes which gives you a royal vibe to slay it like a queen.

25. Pretty in Yellow

Pretty in Yellow Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Image Source: nailtam2na

The perfect end to the sparkles and dazzles which you need to add to the look book collection is this rhinestone nail art design. A sharp manicure with crisp yellow tips and smooth nail bed. Top it off with these rhinestones arranged in the form of a flower and leaves along with different shapes and colors.

Nail art can be considered as a mini representation of who we are and reflects our tastes. It has a lasting appeal on our mind and our hearts where overdoing it can make it look crowded or being too minimalist can make it look dull and boring. Rhinestones on the nails creates a huge visual impact and elevates the beauty of our tiny canvas. If you are tired of seeing those models proudly flaunt their nails all over social media, then don’t worry we have got you all covered. Flaunt your identity through different colors, shapes and size to create an influence. The painstaking business of decorating your nails with different designs and colors with minute details and precision may test your patience but the result that it yields carries away all your woes and lifts up your mood with your creativity. Go ahead with these designs an become a fashion savvy in this social media generation.