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Bouffant Hairstyle: Is It Beauty Or The Beast?

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The 60s were all about big hair. The more volume, the more hairspray, and the thicker the hair, the better.
So, what is bouffant hair?

A bouffant style involves various techniques to make the hair on the top of your head appear larger. Most of the time the hair is long enough to cover your ears and can include bangs covering the eyes. So, volume is the word.
Most bouffant hairstyles are a thing of the past. They were popular in the 18th and 20th centuries and included teasing and using hair cosmetics. Nowadays, women are choosing other methods to increase the volume, but some of the older ones are still used.
Are you still in awe of the hair that was fashionable at the dawn of the last millennium? For nothing else! Wool is a new trend that has taken over the whole world! How to create a trendy style without turning into a tasteless person? We decided to take a closer look at it and delve into it!

Let’s Find Out Is Bouffant Hair Bad Taste, Or New Trend?

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Retro 60’s Hairstyles

The most important thing is to emphasize the beauty of hair and face. Therefore, it is very important not to turn your curls into a loofah, even if you decide to do your hair in African style. Forget about the standing hairstyles of the 80s (although they are now in the trend), even in this case, the hair should attract, not cause a desire to cut them off. Draw inspiration from past styles, but don’t repeat them exactly! Look at it yourself!

There are two main techniques of bouffant:

  •  The entire length of the strand is combed.
  • It is done only at the roots.

It is important to comb only on dry hair! This procedure is already traumatic enough for your hair, do not make it worse. Apply a small amount of mousse to the curls and then gently scratch them, then form a hairstyle. Be sure to smooth the top of your hair so that your manipulations are not visible to others.

Nachos: Determine The Shape Of Your Hair

Nowadays, both solid and tidy hair is in fashion, as well as careless as in the 80s. The beauty of the comb is that with its help you can easily adjust the shape of the face and even smooth out the drawbacks!

Actual hairstyles based on the hair, which you can use this year:

  • Haircuts (made on loose hair).
  • Careless styling.
  • Hair in the style of 40th.
  • Lush hairstyles in the style of the 60s (with a uniform volume).
  • High styling with smooth temples in the style of the 80s.
  • Corrugated stacks.

Choose a pile, based on the shape of the face:

  • For the round – hairstyles with a comb at the roots.
  • For the square one – hairstyles with a uniform hairstyle over the whole head.
  • For the triangular – hairstyle with a comb of hair tips.
  • For oval – any hairstyle with a comb.

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Hairstyle In The Style Of 80s

“New” trend in hair, which is so nice to remember and, moreover, to repeat! Just don’t overdo it, don’t forget that your hair should be beautiful in the first place!


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Fall Fashion Hairstyle

A great way to draw attention to your hair is to comb it all the way through! Just don’t get carried away with it too often to avoid damaging your hair.

Retro Hairstyle

If you’re more into exquisite hairstyles with smooth hair, these are options for you! Courageously copy!

Root Volume

Brigitte Bardot’s volumetric styling goes to everyone, regardless of face shape and hair length, so you can easily try it on yourself.

It’s All About The Tail

To turn an ordinary tail into an unusual one, you can use two methods: to do a high hairstyle with a comb or to comb the tail itself. Why not alternate these options?

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Wool: We Make A Gorgeous Mohawk

Do you think this styling is only for hooligans? Look how refined your hair can be! Take advantage of this idea to create a French shell.

Hairstyle “Malvinka”

Semi-disseminated hairstyles are so adorable for girls! Try to diversify this styling with the help of a comb, you have a lot of variations at your disposal.

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Usually, the bundle is not big enough, add it with a comb!

Corrugated Beauty

The combination of curling and combing allows you to create amazing styling. You just have to try it!

Nachos: Ideas

The hairstyles that need to be combed, the great multitude, be inspired by our ideas!

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