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Khafif Mehndi Designs for Back Hands

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When women hear the term ‘mehndi’ then it instantly brings a smile to their face irrespective of their age. The thing that unites them and makes the strangers even the best of friends. Mehndi has been popular since ancient times and has been an integral part of our tradition which strongly binds us to our roots.

Be it weddings or any other festivities, a mehndi ceremony is a must which cannot be omitted from the itinerary. It can take minutes or even hours to do, all it takes is a bit of your patience which yields fruitful or rather beautiful and stunning results in this case. From standardized and monotonous designs like flowers and vines to intricate detailing, the mehndi culture has come a long way and one such design is the Khafif mehndi design.

Khafif is an Arabic word which translates to ‘intricate’ and as the name suggests it involves precisely detailed and finer strokes. With skilled hands and enormous amount of patience both by the artist and the women who adorn it, great efforts are put into it because the results are worth turning your heads for. So, the next time you think of applying mehndi, here are some khafif mehndi designs for back hands from naq.shaa which will surely be a dark beauty on your hands.

Back Hand Khafif Mehndi Designs

1.Thick Floral Design

Thick Floral Design mehndi designs for back hands

If you observe this mehndi design ,you will see the minimal approach to the hands which account for elegance with a touch of subtle. With three petal flowers, connected by leaves this design is spread throughout the hands keeping most part of it bare. The fingers have jewelry designs like rings which consist of thick strokes and flowers. These thick strokes if taken proper care of will leave a dark impression afterwards.

2.The Tear drop motifs

Tear drop motifs mehndi designs for back hands

The modern generation women prefer to swear by the term minimalist and apply it everywhere. This khafif design stretches from the fingers to the wrist with teardrop motifs connected by leafy vines. The fingers have circular strokes with fine lines which are aesthetically and visually appealing. The choice to go with a simple design makes the back hand even more graceful and unique.

3. Swirls and Spiral Design

Swirls and Spiral mehndi designs for back hands

If you wish to be the favorite on social media then this design will definitely elevate you socially. This design has a modern and unique take on flowers and leaves. A combination of fine detailing with simple thick strokes arranged spirally with enough space on hands, their intersection as a floral pattern gives it a chic and urbane look.

4. Thick shaded Leaves design

Thick shaded Leaves mehndi designs for back hands

The major point of attraction of this design is the thick shades which are significantly appealing. With a semi-circular peacock motif, it has teardrops arranges around it with full shaded leaves. The teardrops have small dots inside them which accounts for small details. The fingers also have different motifs in the form of thick shades. If you wish to opt for a matching henna pattern then choose this.

5.Floral and Curves Design

Floral and Curves mehndi designs for back hands

If you don’t have the time or patience to sit through hours of rigorous detailing in the mehndi design, then you can opt this design which involves simple designs like flowers and leaves in a curved manner but in a modish way. With two circular patterns, the flowers are inscribed within them. They are then surrounded by leaves and teardrops and involve some fine lines inside them.The fingers have ring shaped designs with thick strokes mainly. All in all with simple efforts you get stunning hands.

6. A Rosy Affair

Rosy Affair mehndi designs for back hands

If you are obsessed with flowers and want to adorn your hands with them partially by not making them look clustered then this khafif mehndi design is for you. With simple shaded roses as the focal point on the left hand and ordinary flowers on the right hand they give rise to a patterned leaves and dots made of fine lines. If you love symmetry then you can apply this on both hands and get a symmetrical half and half pattern.

7. The Rosy Delight Design

Rosy Delight mehndi designs for back hands

Roses are usually difficult to represent on your hands but this khafif mehndi design elevates it in a simple yet chic manner. A dark blend of rose and leaves is the main part from which various sub designs like small leaves, swirls and dots are drawn. Each finger has a different design with leaves and fine details. This design is distinct and ornate.

8. Full yet Light hand Design

Full yet Light hand mehndi designs for back hands

Pretty floral beauties like roses adjoined together just through curves makes for a stunning mehndi design that you don’t want to miss. An elaborately designed with an eye for details this mehndi design is an epitome of auspiciousness and sophistication decked up on your hands which yields fruitful results.

9. Thick Trail of Sublimity

Thick Trail of Sublimity mehndi designs for back hands

Usually mehndi designs involve thin strokes and covering them with full hands to imply the term’ the more the merrier’. However, times have changed and so has the mehndi designs. Here thick strokes and bold designs have been used to cover the space in a hassle free and effortless manner. The detailing on each finger of different design is worth complimenting and truly is a trail of sublimity.

10. The Petite Details

Petite Details mehndi designs for back hands

In this khafif mehndi design definitely the focal points are the three petal flowers but the show stealer are the petite details that surround them which consist of chakras, dots and small shaded flowers. Here also we have different design for each finger which has unique elements. It grips your attention and does not cease to amaze you with the partial beauty with its trailing design.

11. Vines and Mesh

Vines and Mesh mehndi designs for back hands

Different types of mesh patterns on the fingers are highlighted in this design while the vines and leaves are decorated with distinct and small dots all around it. The thick shaded leaves enhance the beauty of this design while the mesh pattern brings out a different element and prettifies this khafif mehndi design.

12. Playing with Shades

Playing with Shades mehndi designs for back hands

Sometimes adding the effect of shading to the mehndi design increases the attractiveness by ten folds if used properly and in a creative manner. In this jewelry mehndi design which looks kind of like haathphool, the artist has created prominent floral motifs with just the right amount of shading. Ordinary flowers accompanied by leaves while the thin edges are achieved by dragging the mehndi cones. An easy technique but used carefully can create this ornate beauty.

13. Dark and Flowy Patterns

Dark and Flowy Patterns mehndi designs for back hands

This design looks like a heaven of bunch of floral beauties. A never ending design which can be used in different manners has yet another beautiful representation with trailing and pyramid shaped dots along with curves and leaves. The dark highlights lends  definitive edge which you cannot ignore along with the intricacy of this design which makes it a suitable option for a bride.

14. Fuller and Darker

Fuller and Darker mehndi designs for back hands

When you look at this design, it gives you a magnificent vibe. It looks like a gorgeous haathphool but it has not gone overboard with the designs. With the extensive use of floral designs, it adds an enchanting vibe and creates a fusion of tradition with modernization. Flaunt it on social media or among your friend groups for this out of the box creativity.

15. Playing with Spaces

Playing with Spaces mehndi designs for back hands

We love how this design has an optimum utilization of space with an eye for details. Despite being minimal, it gives out the illusion of fuller and brighter. It may look but involves eccentric patterns of leaves and curves. Its all about the beautiful presentation of standardized designs and elevating them to a top notch.

16. Swirling it around

Swirling it around mehndi designs for back hands

The khafif mehndi design is popular for the fine details and its intricacy. This design plays with swirls patterns in a different manner which are connected with leaves, vines and flowers. The key lies in the delicacy and detailing which has been well portrayed by the artist. Be it for wedding shenanigans or parties, this design is a sure shot hit among the social media frenzy masses.

17. Chic and Urbane

Chic and Urbane mehndi designs for back hands

This design has two clusters of floral motifs which are connected from the hands to the fingers in a spiral manner with curves. The rest of the hands are kept empty to highlight the pattern starting from the wrist to the back. When you have such prettiness in front of you, you hardly need any jewelry on your hands which will just take the limelight away from this beauty.

18. Heavy and Detailed

Heavy and Detailed mehndi designs for back hands

If you are a bride whose palms are already full with mehndi and want to opt something low key for your back hands , then this khafif mehndi design is the perfect fit for you. With thick strokes of petals , these flowers have shades inside them which brings out a different effect altogether. With the same combination of swirls, leaves and dots arranged in a different manner every time , try out this design to get a splendid result.

19.Tulips and Leafy Shades

Tulips and Leafy Shades mehndi designs for back hands

This design has a pretty hand pattern as well as finger pattern. The forefinger has a floral pattern which does not look crowded or dramatic. The focal point is the thick shaded leaves which end on the wrist with swirls and dots. On the left hand there are tulip patterned flowers with dots and swirls. A combination of intricacy and simplicity this works well for all the events.

20.Paisleys with Dots

Paisleys with Dots mehndi designs for back hands

The curvy paisley designs are like a traditional beauty that can never go wrong when you use it as an element on your hands. Here the flowers are surrounded by dots which are accompanied by paisleys with paisleys in thick and thin strokes. Their combination gives us a pleasing visual output with distinctive style which is worth the time and effort with a little touch of patience.

21. Distinct Dots Pattern

Having fine delicate strokes covering your hands partially with flowers and dots as the major point of attraction is distinct and an ornate fit for women of all age. Its neither crowded or shabby and  has dainty strokes all along which will be a major hit if you want to flaunt on the social media and slay it like you own it.

22.Diagonal Floral Trail

Diagonal Floral Trail mehndi designs for back hands

The jewelry inspired khafif mehndi designs are trending and blooming. This design is intricate and heavy but etched with ample amount of space oozes charm and beauty when you look at it. A simple and regular diagonal trail of flowers with shaded petals and bold leaves is placed admirably and with poise.

23. Symmetrical and Contemporary

Symmetrical and Contemporary mehndi designs for back hands

If you want something simple and not flashy, yet want to cover your hands in an effective manner then you can choose this mehndi design which looks like mirror image on both hands. Decked up with flower power in different styles and ways this floral design starts from mid arms and continues till fingers without taking much space.

24. The Floral Finesse

The Floral Finesse mehndi designs for back hands

A classic case of a mehendi design which is absolutely minimalist and simple to create. Amidst your busy schedule if you want a quick mehendi design then here is one for you. Just flowers with paisleys and leaves along with swirls when combined together does not fail to create a basic and classic beauty just like this one.

25. Dots and Diamonds Design

Dots and Diamonds mehndi designs for back hands

This khafif mehndi design is mesmerizing and gives us artistic vibes. On the right hand the focal point is the teardrops which have diamond shaped motifs around them while on the fingers you have swirls and small paisleys are arranged around them. The same floral patterns are there on the left had but in a different manner. For all the minimalists, this was made for you.

26. Thin Paisley strokes

Thin Paisley strokes mehndi designs for back hands

The main focal point in this design is the curved lines which have paisleys arranged inside them in thin strokes. On the left hand you can make small flowers while on the right hand you can go for thick shaded flowers with curves having dots around them arranged finely. The beauty of this design lies in the application. You don’t need an expertise to beautify your hands.

27. Trendy shaded Designs

Trendy shaded mehndi designs for back hands

If you thought that being trendy with mehndi is a far fetched dream then here is an example to prove you wrong. It can be considered as a jewelry design for your back hand in the shape of rings. With thin strokes of fine chakras, it has some beautiful swirls with spirally arranged  vines. A combination of heavy hand designs mixed with fine lines, this will surely pay off as a dark and delicate result.

28. Elaborate Floral Design

Elaborate Floral mehndi designs for back hands

This design neither looks too crowded nor goes with too much simplicity. It has rich shaded flowers arranged distinctly with spaces which makes it more pleasing and appealing. With simple shaded flowers, they have small and large dots arranged around them in fine lines makes it non- cluttery. The flowers pop up in this design as the main focal point as both the hands have different designs.

Khafif mehndi designs can prove to be difficult when used practically when you take inspiration from the pictorial representation. It is advised to use thinly cut cones which can effectively be used to apply the thin and thick strokes according to the demand of the design. The next time you are in a dilemma to choose mehndi for any occasion make sure to bookmark these designs so that it can add as a source of inspiration which will be a treat to your eyes and paint your canvas with the bold strokes and designs. Do not forget to wait for a few hours after applying mehndi and using the lemon and sugar mixture to get beautiful impressions.

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