Nail Art Designs For Medium Nails

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Your body is a temple and you are the goddess. One such tiny yet important part of that temple is your nails which if not properly maintained give away the efforts you put in to take care of your body and creates a bad impression. With the blooming fashion industry, we deal with various styles which change day by day but something that has remained constant is the trend of nail art.

Today nail art has gained a sudden craze and unites women across the globe. They personify who you are and are a representation of your thoughts and inspirations but sometimes among the plethora of ideas you have you may get confused so here we are to help you in the organization of your creativity with these Nail art designs for medium nails where its time to turn your ordinary nails into something extra ordinary and turn your tiny canvas into something beautiful.

Nail Art Designs For Medium Nails

1. Two Toned French Manicure

Two Toned French Manicure Nail Art For Medium Nails
Image Source: NAILS OF LA

French manicure is a classic look which is what most women opt to go for as it is an easy option. You can create this look by using two contrasting colors  like nude in combination with  red which symbolizes passion and excitement. With this contrasting look you can capture anyone’s focus effortlessly.

2. Stripes And Hearts

Stripes And Hearts Nail Art For Medium Nails
Image Source: Nails By Natalie

There lies an artist in each of us and all it takes is a tiny moment to bring it out. The five fingers of our hands are different so why not give each one a different look. You can create this look where gel polish is the base coat and go for an extra ordinary nail art design with the combination of hearts and stripes which can never grow old.

3. Floral Manicure

Floral Manicure Nail Art For Medium Nails
Image Source: Image Source: By Shelley

Polka dots are a timeless classic in this world full of trends which will always be an inspiration for us women. However, what if combine this classic with the happy flower. Well this nail art design is just the perfect example of that. With nude and white as the base coat this design is hassle free yet fun in its own way which can cheer you up every time you look at your super elegant nails.

4. Fauna Enthusiast

Fauna Enthusiast Nail Art For Medium Nails
Image Source: Miss Deer Nails

Some people get excited by dresses and shoes and some by plants. Here’s your chance to express your love through this design. With light pink as the base coat in combination with splash of colors of warm hue you just need a little bit of precision to create this sweet and cute look.

5. Monochrome Beauty

Monochrome Beauty Nail Art For Medium Nails
Image Source: SoNailicious Boutique

The combination of black and white never ceases to amaze us. You can create this look by black as the base coat for three fingers and create the vertical stripes along with intricate detailing of flowers in this delightful spring season. Black symbolizes power and elegance while whit is a symbol of virtue and purity. When these are combined this nail art design creates a visual pop.

6. Sparkly Nails

Sparkly Nails Nail Art For Medium Nails
Image Source: Lulu Nails

Women and their love for pink can never grow old and we understand that pink is just not pink but comes in different shades which is an emotion in itself for us. This nail art design is a combination of sparkles, ombre and marble nails which are a beauty statement in itself. This look is chic and adds poise to your look effortlessly.

7. Splash Of Colors

Splash Of Colors Nail Art For Medium Nails
Image Source: Nails By Savannah

No matter how much you love or hate adulting, you always wish to reminisce those childhood memories where butterflies and rainbows were a gift from the nature. With nude gel polish as the base coat and using the splash of colors to create this nail art design which is rejuvenating and delightful , treat the inner child within you with unconditional love and care.

8. Delightful Strawberries

Delightful Strawberries Nail Art For Medium Nails
Image Source: Mizz Blac

Strawberries can capture anyone’s heart within a matter of seconds be it in your diet or on your art. With nude paint as your base coat and white tips on your oval nails with a tint of strawberries which is a symbol of righteousness this nail art design is what you need for the minimalist and elegant look.

9. Speckle Of Gold

Speckle Of Gold Nail Art For Medium Nails
Image Source: Sashanie Gray Nails

Simplicity is the key and this nail art design takes it up to a top notch. With white as the base coat and a speckle of gold on the tips this look brings out the inner goddess that lies within you which is waiting to come out. You can achieve this look easily which is hassle free and an effortless beauty.

10. Galaxy Art

Galaxy Art Nail Art For Medium Nails
Image Source: Nail Edit Beauty

Who says your interest in space and our solar system makes you a nerd. Well, its time to show your love for astrophysics with this dreamy look with planets and stars and rockets. With a black gel polish as base coat this might take a bit of your time to create this nail art design but as they say nothing beats your hard work so its worth making the effort.

11. Rainbow Snake

Rainbow Snake Nail Art For Medium Nails
Image Source: Nails By Natalie

Your love for one color may limit you to something but your love for colors has an unlimited boundary when it comes to channelizing that energy on your tiny canvas. If you love abstract art , then here’s your chance Bella to try out this super exotic look which will never fail to grab attention with just one word “wow”.

12. Colorful Blocks

Colorful Blocks Nail Art For Medium Nails
Image Source: Her Design Studio

Patterns in your life create a sense of harmony and balance. With this design represent your love for the balance in your life in the form of a nail art design. With baby pink as your base coat and shade of fuchsia on your tips you can create this unique pattern on your index and ring finger and be a trendsetter among your girls gang.

Be it intricate designs or a simple French manicure anything can do wonders when you care for them. Proper maintenance with simple yet helpful hacks will ensure a healthy life to your nails but remember to be gentle and deal with them patiently. The shape, texture and color of your nails indicate who you are and can be a huge turn off in some situations. These designs are personification of who you are and will pave your steps towards self love. May you have happy and healthy nails forever.

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