Bow Tie Hairstyle for Women

Braided bow tie hair style
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The typical styling of our hair is referred to as the hairstyle. It is also known as a hairdo. Hairstyles are generally done to make a fashion statement or personal grooming and the styles are influenced by culture, place, and environment.

The first known depiction of hairstyle came to be about 30,000 years. Then the practice was adopted by the Roman Empire to the Middle East. And during the 15th and 16th centuries, women kept their hairs long. And then in the 1800s, European women have kept up with different styles of hair. In the 1900s, the influence of the hairstyles that we see today came to be. And now we see so many various and beautiful styles that every ladies adopt.

The below hairstyles looks adorable made with bow ties from hair or tied ribbons which is perfect for occasions like schools, weddings, get-togethers, parties, churches, and communions. They look so cool, pretty and funny.

So we bring you here some of the unique styles made by bow tie theme and even you can try it out. Here we go:

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Bow Tie Hairstyle: Carry Your Own Style

Half ponytail bowtie hairstyle

Bow Tie Hairstyle for Women Half ponytail bowtie hair style
Image Source: Lik Bant

This one is a gorgeous one. A half ponytail is made with dirty blonde hair. And a black bow tie is attached making the complete look to be so simple yet classy at the same time. It also looks effortless so you might wanna give it a try if you want to make your short hair look beautiful.

Bow tie hairstyle on curly hair

Bow Tie Hairstyle for Women Bow tie hair style on curly hair
Image Source: Hair and Nails Inspiration

This is similar to the first one. The difference is that the bow tie is made on the half ponytail in the light brunette curly hair. The curls are made with five Bantu knots and are to be kept overnight. And the bow tie actually enhances the overlook more with a lovely vibe.

Bow tie hairstyle on pink and blonde hair

Bow Tie Hairstyle for Women Bow tie hair style on pink and blonde hair
Image Source: Argentea Lo

Here, in this image, the hair is colour with pink highlights at the bottom on the natural blonde colour. And then an amazing bow tie is made using some intricate and polite ways and it looks really sophisticated and beautiful. Wanna experiment with your hair? Try this.

Bow tie on the side hairstyle

Bow Tie Hairstyle for Women Bow tie on the side hair style
Image Source: Llona Hanni Hair Art

This looks like a wedding hairstyle. The hair is totally curled up and making it look so amazing. Then a complicated and intricate bow tie is styled on the side of the right side of the design. For any kind of special occasion, you should definitely try this hairstyle.

Bow tie on full ponytail hairstyle

Bow Tie Hairstyle for Women Bow tie on full ponytail hair style
Image Source: Elromeo

The dark brown and blonde shades of the hair look so elegant. And a beautiful floral-inspired complicated bow tie is attached to that ponytail. This can go for daily looks. So give it a try.

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Bow tie on braids hairstyle

Bow Tie Hairstyle for Women Bow tie on braids hair style
Image Source: Aurora Braids

Such a beautiful and lovely design to look at in this picture! Complex braids are made on two layers and then on the lower braid, a blue bow tie is attached to it. This style could go for any occasion whether be it a wedding or a simple get-together or anything you would like.

Another bow tie with braid hairstyle

Bow Tie Hairstyle for Women Another bow tie with braid hair style
Image Source: Braids by Frida

Want to try something cool for your simple long hair? You should give the below design a try. Hair is pulled and made like half ponytail but the bow tie is made and then braided to give the bow tie’s long style an end. The half-up-bow combinations look really lovely.

Double bow tie combo hairstyle

Double bow tie combo hair style
Image Source: Vi Kosto

Similar to the last picture, this below style is made using a half-up-bow and braided in the end. But the only difference is that double bow ties are made instead of one and replacing the simple braid is the double french braids. This is another wedding-style hairstyle perfect for long hair.

Donut like bun bow tie hairstyle

Donut like bun bow tie hair style
Image Source: Amy Rose Bridal

A beautiful and simple donut-like bun is made and a pink bow tie is attached to the bun. This is a simple yet classy look that would go for everyday looks with anything. Try this if you are bored with the same style on daily basis and want a change.

Bow tie bun hairstyle

Bow tie bun hair style
Image Source: Easy Weddings

The below image is another example of the everyday style of hair. A bun is made and an intricate bow tie is done making the bun really complete and cute.

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Blue shades bow tie hairstyle

Blue shades bow tie hair style
Image Source: Amber Navarro

If you want to look cool and funky then try these amazing hairstyles for teenage girls or youngsters. The hair dies with different shades of blue highlights such as violet, purple, and light blue. Taking up the hair and instead of making it a ponytail, they are tied up to make a bow tie.

Braided bow tie hairstyle

Braided bow tie hair style
Image Source: Suvi Huttunen

Three unique braids are made and then it is ended with a bow tie made to enhance the look. This looks complicated yet it is really beautiful. It is actually cornrowed hairstyle with dutch braids. If you love cornrows, then you should do this one.

Braided bun bow tie hairstyle

Braided bun bow tie hair style
Image Source: Anjuli Lucia

This is another classy hairstyle. A simple braid is made and then that is made into a braided bun. On top of that, a deep purple bow tie is attached to it. The bow tie is made from the thrift vintage men’s bow tie. And give out a 1600s vibe which is definitely best for any themed party.

Bow tie hairstyle on red hairs

Bow tie hair style on red hairs
Image Source: Ruzalis Otero

Red hairs are generally rare to find and then if you have them you are lucky. Now you might want different hairstyles for your beautiful hair? And if you are a fan of the bow tie hairstyle then try the one in the picture below. A bow tie is made using some complicated ways on the top and lets me say it looks beautiful.

Crochet hair bow tie hairstyle

Crochet hair bow tie hair style
Image Source: Bratbraidz

The crochet hair looks so awesome in the below picture. The crochet locks are made in complicated ways and then a bow tie is done really gives a plus point to the overall look. So ladies with crochet hair definitely try this style.

Trying new accessories for your hair and making it a hairstyle is what today’s fashion looks for. Whether it be simple to look at or something complicated that would amaze the world and you would be the one accentuating it. So the bow tie hairstyle or bows that are made from hair is what the images say. It adds a cute look to the whole outlook. And also make trendy overall. So try experimenting with patterns, colors, various styles, and outlines and flaunt them to the world.

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