Women over 60 Haircuts and Hairstyles

High up messy bun for a sweetie
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There’s no age limit to carry the style and elegance with you. You have the right to look beautiful and elegant at any age of yours. No matter. You are at which stage of your life. We all want to carry ourselves stylishly. The way we look majorly depends on the hairstyle we carry with us. As we always know that with our attire, our hairstyles are important. Similarly, the haircut we have also depend on how we look. We come across numerous articles over the internet which talk about so many different haircuts for all. For round faces, diamond-shaped faces, heart-shaped faces, there are so many haircuts.

This article will talk about the different hairstyles for women who are above 60. The most decent haircuts you can have over your 60s are the important things to read about. Keep on reading this blog to know about the same.

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Women Over 60 Haircuts and Hairstyles

1. The Bob cut with Side-Swept Bangs

Women over 60 haircuts and hairstyles The bob cut with side-swept bangs
Image Source: afanasiev studio

The bob cut is the new trend now. All the women over 60s can give it a try for sure. Since with this haircut, you don’t need to be more cautious about the hair as well. This is a good option. You don’t need to take extra care of the hair and yet your hair will look elegant.

The bob cut will have layers as well. The section that galls on your face will have slightly swept bangs and short as compared to the back.

2. Bob cut with Short Front Bangs

Women over 60 haircuts and hairstyles Bob cut with short front bangs
Image Source: Taylor Vanaerne

This short bob haircut is best for people who have slightly diamond-shaped faces. This haircut will have short front bangs which will give the face an angular look. The bob cut will also have short layers. The length of the bob will be till your neck. It’s a great haircut for women over 60s as it is easy to take care of and will also give an elegant look to whoever tries this.

3. Straight Equalized Medium Length, Bob

Women over 60 haircuts and hairstyles Straight equalised medium length bob
Image Source: Priscilla Corner

This is medium length bob haircut. This haircut will have a straight bob. The hair will be of equal length from all sides. It has no layers or steps. This can also be combined with some front straight bangs if one wants to.

This will be a great haircut for 60s women who have straight hair. This straight equal-length bob haircut. The hair is cut in a straight level hence it is named so.

4. Long U Haircut with Long Layers

Women over 60 haircuts and hairstyles Long U haircut with long layers
Image Source: Angela Paul

For women who love to keep their hair long, this is for them. Most of the women don’t wish to chop their hair very short. The same goes when they reach their 60s. So for them, they can go for long hair and them shaping it as U. You can also go for U long layers as shown in the figure.

This long-layer haircut will not have any short bangs. They will end up altogether just differing by 1 inch all of them.

5. Round Puff Hairstyle for a Beautiful Look

Women over 60 haircuts and hairstyles Round puff hairstyle for a beautiful look
Image Source: Caroline Labouchere

Round puff hairstyle is the most decent hairstyle women over the 60s can try. This looks very beautiful at the same time. You just need to clip all the hairs of the front ahead of the hair to accumulate at a pint and pin them up. You can also roll them up and then push them a bit forward in case you want to puff to rise a little higher.

Women over their 60s can easily pair up this hairstyle with beautiful ethnic wear as shown in the picture.

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6. Puff with a High Ponytail for Elegance

Women over 60 haircuts and hairstyles Puff with a high ponytail for elegance
Image Source: Daphne Selfe

High ponytails are always the most popular hairstyle. Women over 60 can go for a high puff followed by a ponytail. You can also curl the ponytail to give the ponytail a more voluminous look.

This a good hairstyle to go wi



th high neck attire and you can accessorize this hairstyle with large hoops.

7. Partitioned Hair with a Simple Tie-up

Women over 60 haircuts and hairstyles Partitioned hair with a simple tie-up
Image Source: Pino montesdeoca

This is the most effortless hairstyle one can try. For women who don’t want to put in much effort yet carry an elegant hairstyle can go for this. It’s an easy-going and beautiful hairstyle in case you want to wear it with western dresses.

You can go for the middle partition or side partition and then tie up all your hair and then tie it up using a rubber band. You can also go for scrunchies that are currently in trend.

8. Simple High Ponytail

Women over 60 haircuts and hairstyles Simple high up ponytail
Image Source: Jenny Stoute Olympian

The simple high-up ponytail is something that will never go of style. This is a simple hairstyle that can be easily preferred by women over the 60s age group. This is an amazing hairstyle. This tends to give a formal as well a subtle look to anyone who carries it.

It is a perfect hairstyle for a casual day out or even your office meetings.

9. High Up Bun for a Bold Look

High up bun for a bold look
Image Source: Manous Nelemans

Bun hairstyles are easy to do hairstyles. Not just they are easy to do, they are easy to carry as well. If you have frizzy hairs it may be a hectic job to keep them brushing all over again and again. This can be the boldest and easy look for women over the 60s.

In this, one just needs to hold all the hairs and tie them into a bun. If you have a haircut of front short bangs, this is something you can try. This is easy to go trendy hairstyle one should always give a try.

10. High Up Messy Bun for a Sweetie

High up messy bun for a sweetie
Image Source: Dolores Couceiro

This is a high-up messy bun. A messy hairstyle is always a stylish hairstyle. These are something all of us want to give a try. So can women over 60 can. As being a formal look, this can be worn over by any age group. Elegant yet easy hairstyle.

This hairstyle can be paired up with any outfit. Either sweatshirts or t-shirts. These are very nice for casual looks.

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11. Front Long Bangs for the Classy Look

Front long bangs for the classy look
Image Source: Over50 style

Doesn’t matter whatever hairstyle you carry, the front long bangs will always form a face-framing style. When one style with front long bangs, they get to look very different and elegant. You may end up tieing your hair in a bun or high ponytail. But when there are long bangs, they set to give it a finishing look. The bangs make your hairstyle look completely infused with style.

12. Medium Length Bangs and Tied Up Hair

Medium length bangs and tied up hair
Image Source: Harrah Brown

Medium-length bangs are a haircut one can go for. This is the most stylish haircut one can choose. These bangs don’t come in front of the face neither they are too long to be managed. This is the best for the one who doesn’t love very short to long bangs.

You can take out these medium-cut bangs with any wear that you carry. These bangs paired with attire look completely stylish and trendy.

13. Side Partition Hair Bun with Accessories

Side partition hair bun with accessories
Image Source: Barbara Lutz

Side partitioned hair always gives you a formal look. So tie up your in a bun with some good hair accessory. The hair accessory is used over where is white. You may also go with some subtle colors of your height.

The bun should neither be too high nor too low. It should be medium in height.

14. Middle Partition with a Fishtail Braid

Middle partition with a fishtail braid
Image Source: Gillean McLeod

Fishtail is undoubtedly the most attractive hairstyle. Be it to wear with ethnic or gowns or casuals, fishtail braids are always a yes. One can also opt for short bangs for the fishtail braid.

This braided hairstyle is the elegant hairstyle one can have. You can best pair them up with heavy ethnic. Women over 60s who don’t want to go for high buns or ponytails can easily opt for this. This is also best for frizzy hair.

15. Middle Partition and Two Braids

Middle partition and two braids
Image Source: mouchettebell

We all remember this hairstyle as we used to do it in our childhood. We all have tried this at least once in our childhood. And if we remember old age is second childhood. So why don’t vibe to that old hairstyle of yours! This is the cutest hairstyle to pair up with your shirts or sweatshirts. This hairstyle will also look good with straight-fit jeans. In short, it is a good hairstyle for casuals.

16. Smart Formal Look with Twist Bun

Smart formal look with twist bun
Image Source: Barbara Lutz

This is the smartest look for women over the 60s. If glamour word would have some illustration in the picture this would have been this hairstyle. This is a side partition hairstyle. The bun then twists towards your head. After vertically twisting the hair, you can clip it up and that’s how you get a formal look.

So there is a variety of hairstyles available for when over 60s. One just needs to make up their mind whether they want to look form or beautiful. If you were still stuck with which to try, I hope this article would have helped you. This article is the best one you can refer to even when you have to dress differently every time. Style is not a prisoner of age. Doesn’t matter what your age is you always have the right to style elegantly. Keep trying the hairstyle and keep rocking in your 60s.

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