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One of the most pride-filled and beautiful moments in a woman’s life is when she brings a new life into this world in the form of her child. The birth of a child brings utmost joy along with responsibilities for the parents. It’s like stepping into a new chapter of your life.

Now being a  newbie parent may seem hard in the start where you can find yourself trying to juggle between multiple tasks at once. However, this task can equally get fun too. You get to buy new baby clothes, tiny shoes, bathe your little one gently, hold his/her little hands, and also do their hair.

Now we do not wish to get partial here, but if your little one is a girl and you’re already obsessed with her growing hair and are looking for hairstyle inspirations then you’re most certainly at the right place!

Here in this article, we have listed down a few of our personal favorite long hairstyles for kids.

Easy Hairstyles For Kids With Long Hair

The Long Wavy Hairstyle

The Long Wavy Hairstyle for Kids

Image Source: Tavia Belnap

This hairstyle’s perfect if your kid has medium-length hair. The locks are each drawn into curls which give out a wavy look to the hair. You can also accessorize the hair with a bow at the middle which makes the hairstyle extra cute.

The Side Bow

The Side Bow hairstyles for Kids With Long hair

Image Source: Ania

This is a rather simple hairstyle where the hair is just left open with wavy locks towards the side and a bow has been put on top of the same side. A perfect way to show off your child’s naturally wavy long hair.

The Front Braid

The Front Braid hairstyles for kids

Image Source: Lizzie

Now if you wish to ditch the simple open hair and wish to try out some different styles then this one could be an option. The hair has been pleated into a side braid from the front and the rest of the hair has been left open. You could tie the end of the braid with a bow as shown in the picture below.

Hat On My Hair

Hat On My Hair hairstyles for kids With Long hair

Image Source: Alyssa

Here’s yet another simple wavy look where you just let your curly hair loose. However, the twist or add-on here is the cute little bucket hair that is to be worn on top of your head. Bucket hats are quite in the trend these days and they could go with any summer fit as the perfect hair accessory!

Pin The Bows

Pin The Bows hairstyles for kids

Image Source: Alyssa

Here in this hairstyle, we’ve made a puff from the front and pinned it with the bow. Then, we’ve taken another portion of hair and pinned it with another bow. The rest of the hair has been let loose.

The Cornrows

The Cornrows hairstyles for kids With Long Hair

Image Source: Kendall Annalise

For those who aren’t aware, cornrows or cane rows are basically a type of hairstyle which are commonly seen made by Africans where the braids are made really close to the scalp, in an upwards direction. Braiding in Africa was and still is a social art. A very chic and trendy hairstyle for your girl to try out!

Straight Long Hair

Straight Long Hair hairstyles for kids

Image Source: Pea-Parent Managed

Well, there’s nothing much to explain about this look as it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is let your child’s hair loose and free. Comb it well for a very neat and sleek look.

The High Bun

The High Bun hairstyles for kids With Long Hair

Image Source: Ilana

Now, if you’re bored of open hair looks or you feel like it’s hard for your kid to manage long open hair then just tie the hair in a high bun as shown in the picture. It’s a very easy-to-do and cute hairstyle.

The High Pony

The High Pony hairstyles for kids With Long Hair

Image Source: Pea-Parent Managed

Now if you want to tie up your kid’s hair,  but also want to let it loose, then the high pony’s the best option for you. It’s one hairstyle that can never go out of trend. The high pony’s here to slay forever!

The Funky Ponytail

The Funky Poytail hairstyles for kids With Long Hair

Image Source: Wonderka

This might look like just another basic ponytail, but what adds to the funkiness here is the colored fake braids that have been merged with the natural hair. An overall funky and cool look.

The Classic French Braid

Image Source: Ideikos

Everybody’s aware of the all-time classic hairstyle – the French Braid! It is a three-strand gathered plait that includes three sections of hair that are all joined together from the tip to the end of the hair.

The Fishtail Braid

Here’s yet another classic hairstyle that is quite common out there and never goes out of trend- the Fishtail Braid. It is similar to the French braid except that you take thinner strands of hair and you might also need a rubber band to tie up your hair in sections first. A Youtube video tutorial could probably help.

Headband Braid

Headband Braid

Image Source: Joey

In this hairstyle, you draw in small braids from the front of your hair at both sides in such a way that they form a crown. The rest of the hair is let loose into waves and looks very pretty overall. Works best if your child has shoulder-length hair.

The Mermaid Braid

The Mermaid Braid

Image Source: Inthelifeoftayt

This hairstyle might seem a bit tough to do, but once you get a hang of it – it’s going to look so very pretty on your child.

Pull Through Braid

Pull Through Braid

Image Source: Inthelifeoftayt

The pull-through braid is one hairstyle that has soared the internet lately with its Pinterest search going up by 155%. It is also called the bubble braid. Here you make a braid by weaving in two sections of your hair. Here in this hairstyle, the bubble braid has been merged in with a messy braid. Looks so cool right?

The Puff And Braid

The Puff And Braid

Image Source: Strong Irma Model

A  yet another simple long hairstyle where you simply make a puff on the front and then make an alone braid. Who’s getting all the Rapunzel vibes here?

The One-Sided Pony

The One Sided Pony

Image Source: Lizzie

Another classic and simple hairstyle where you just pull through a side pony along with some thin front braids. You can use bows and colorful rubber bands as an accessory here and your child’s good to go!

Three Tailed Cornrows

Three Tailed Cornrows

Image Source: Joey

In this hairstyle, you pull up three cornrows from the side and let loose the rest of the hair. You could curl them up too if your child’s hair is not naturally curly. A very easy-to-do and breezy look.

Side French Braid

Side French Braid

Image Source: Mariya

This is yet again the classic French braid except that you make it from the side instead of the usual middle. You then lock it up into a low-lying ponytail.

Two Side Braids

Two Side Braids

Image Source: Ilana

This hairstyle’s the most simplest and classic of all. All you need to do is divide your child’s long hair into two sections and then plait them into simple braids and you’re good to go!

So that’s a wrap on today’s article. We hope you could find the perfect hairstyle for your kid and that way she’s always going to stay trendy and stylish!

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