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Keeping your hair in place is so difficult. Sometimes we don’t want to keep our hair open so we either braid them or we make ponytails. The usual ponytail hairstyles get boring so we have come up with this blog to discuss the various kinds of ponytails that can save you from your bad hair day. Soon summers will come and keeping your hair open will be the biggest blunders, so to save you from that misery here we are.

K4 Fashion has shortlisted certain ponytail hairstyles for you to try which can work on all kinds of hair- short, long or medium-sized hair as well. These hairstyles can be used for a casual day outing or the formal dinners, your workplace or a simple day at home. These ponytail hairstyles for girls are very easy to make. So let’s get started.

Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls

Sleek High ponytail

Sleek High ponytail Ponytail Hairstyles

Shraddha Kapoor is looking gorgeous in this outfit. Just look at her hairstyle which is so easy and simple to make. You can also make a sleek high ponytail for yourself. Just comb them nice and tight. These hair are going to and can work for almost all kinds of outfits. You can wear this hairstyle for your work, or at college, in school and even for a formal gathering, a function. That is the quality of this hairstyle, it can work on anything and can work for any occasion.

Mid parted low rise ponytail

Mid parted low rise ponytail Ponytail Hairstyles

Deepika Padukone hairstyle looks so gorgeous and a go-to hairstyle for women with long hair. This mid pared low rise ponytail looks good on her. She is wearing it with traditional outfits, but you can wear it casually as well. Accessorise it with some hair accessories of it is a family function. You can wear it to your college also since you are bored with the bun that you make everything to avoid the summer heat and sweat.

 High ponytail with a weave

High ponytail with a weave

If you have short hair and want a look like what Katrina Kaif is wearing then high ponytail with a weave is your thing. You can wear this hairstyle majorly for a party. This will give an instant bounce to your hair and also your overall look. Katrina Kaif is looking gorgeous, even you can pull this hairstyle well. Just some hair gel, bobby pins and a hair weave, these are the only things required for your short hair to look like this long in a ponytail.

Ponytail with hair rings

Ponytail with hair rings Ponytail Hairstyles

Jacqueline Fernandez looks so edgy and smoking hot in this gorgeous and bold ponytail. It is mid parted with hair rings used as an accessory over the parted area. This looks so bold and stunning, you can wear this hairstyle for the concert, or to the night club. Don’t try to wear these hair rings to your school girls, your principal is not going to like it. This hairstyle is only for party purpose.

Braided ponytail

Braided ponytail

Sonam Kapoor is one of the most famous actress and also known for her style is wearing this braided hair ponytail which looks so attractive on her. The tight braids over the side area of her hair tucked in to get a ponytail look with the loose braiding till the ned gives it a volume and drama as well. Girls who like their hair tucked in but wants to go for something edgy yet sophisticated, then this Ponytail hairstyles for girls is your best friend.

Texture ponytail



It is a low rise ponytail with so much texture in the hair and those hair rings are the cherry on the top. Ananya Panday is wearing this hairstyle and she is looking so cool and stunning in it. You can wear this hairstyle for your college if you have that much time to make this hairstyle or you can wear it on some wedding ceremony as well. This will make a nice hairstyle. Worry not, this hair might look different but it is a good different.

Two braid pony

Two braid pony Ponytail Hairstyles

If you are a sportswoman or going to the gym, this hairstyle will be so good for you. Not even one strand of hair can come out of the place. That is the beauty of this hairstyle, it can keep your hair in place and it won’t even give your hair a sleek look. This hairstyle with braids on both sides over the crown area gives an edge to the hair. You can curl your hair from the ends to give a bounce as well.

Three braids ponytail

Three braids ponytail

If you don’t like the mid eating of the hair, but want a braided look then you can also go for three braids ponytail. You can make three braids- one in the centre and two of them on either side of the head. Tie them up with a rubber band and you got yourself a three braids ponytail hairstyle. You can wear it for any occasion and every place. It just depends on how confidently you carry it.

Chignon Ponytail

Chignon Ponytail Ponytail Hairstyles

Chignon Ponytail is so easy to create that it does not involve a lot of effort. You just need to have a basic medium length of hair. It is just a knot of hair done on the backside of the hair. See it for yourself. Use rubber and fold your hair into half and you are ready with a ponytail which will not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Segmented Ponytail

Segmented Ponytail

Jacqueline Fernandez is sporting this segmented ponytail which will instantly jazz up your summers. This is the best ponytail hairstyle for girls. This hairstyle works best for girls with long hair and doesn’t want to go for that simple ponytail which gives almost no volume and also it is boring.

Fishtail Pony

Fishtail Pony Ponytail Hairstyles

During the promotions of her film, Kriti Sanon was wearing this fishtail pony which seems little difficult to make but it is very easy. Giving her hair a little puff on the crown area this hairstyle is looking beautiful with mid parted bangs as well. This Ponytail Hairstyles for girls can be a new addition and a great experiment as well.

Messy puff ponytail

Messy puff ponytail

This hairstyle has been given a messy look. With a puff and a messy ponytail, Alia Bhatt’s hair has been given a lot of volume which makes this hairstyle looks so sexy on her. Keeping her makeup to the minimum so that instant attention can be grabbed by the hairstyle, this ponytail looks great.

Wavy Ponytail

Wavy Ponytail

Normal low rise ponytail is a go-to Ponytail hairstyle for girls which can be made very easy. Deepika has given a wavy look to her locks so that her hair doesn’t look flat, with the wavy look there is so much more volume to the hair. This is a very simple hairstyle which will look good on girls with long hair.

Ruffled Ponytail

Ruffled Ponytail Ponytail Hairstyles

Giving her hair a ruffled look in the pony and leaving some hair strands open from the front section giving it a texture looks great. This ponytail hairstyle for girls can be made for your office and also for your college or school. It will look good on almost every kind go outfit. Dresses, pantsuits, skirts, you name it and you will see that it will look good on that outfit.

Sleek black long ponytail

Sleek black long ponytail

No hair strand left, keeping it sleek and straight this hairstyle looks good and easy as well. It is just like the normal ponytail but they have kept the hair straight from the backside, so if you don’t have straight hair use a straightener and get started with this hairstyle.

Half hair ponytail

Half hair ponytail

This is a very retro kind of ponytail. Giving your hair wavy curls and then making a ponytail of Hal fair and tying it up high looks so cool. You can wear them on casual wear and you will look Uber cool. You should try this hairstyle. It is not a time-consuming hairstyle plus it is fuss-free. Giving your hair a free look.

These ponytail hairstyles for girls are amazing and can be carried around with all kinds of hair If you have short hair then you can use hair extensions, if you have long hair you can always give them beauty waves and then tie them up if you have oily hair sleek ponytail is your best friend. We got all of it covered.

So now we will give you a few tips as well :

What can I do if I have oily hair? If you have oily hair and want to step out without making a bun, then you can choose to make a sleek ponytail for yourself. It is easy to make and will look good on you and you won’t even need to use hair gel to give it a sleek look.

What hairstyle can I make for my school? When we were in school there was no such thing called hairstyle, we would simply make normal braids, but now things have evolved since it is a school you can always make a puff ponytail and half hair ponytail if you have medium-sized hair.

What possible can I do for getting a good formal look for my hair? Try sleek ponytail or you can go for Ruffled ponytail as well. You can try a chignon ponytail as well.

K4 Fashion hopes that you will enjoy this article and will create one of these ponytails for your hair.

Adorable Ponytail Hairstyles To Try This Summer

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