Segmented Ponytail Hairstyles (Step by Step Tutorials)

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Segmented Ponytail hairstyles!

Have you already gotten a new star trend? The segmented ponytail with Blake Lively and Kendall Jenner’s help is becoming more and more popular. Maybe it’s time for you to learn how to do this super easy style, too. We decided to find out what attracts stars so much about multi-level tail and how to make it.

Stars with a segmented ponytail hairstyles

Kendall Jenner, Blake Lively, Chanel Iman, Jennifer Morrison, Heidi Klum & Bella Thorne, celebrity, long hair, met gala, Tried Ponytail Multiple Bands

Segmented Ponytail: Start With A Simple

The lightest version of this styling will require a minimum of dexterity, a few rubber bands (depending on the length of the hair) and very little time. Just pull your hair with rubber bands along the entire length, trying to do it over the same distance.

The best Step By Step Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle tutorial , long hair, black dress

Let’s Hide The Rubber Band

To make this hairstyle more exquisite, it’s better to hide the rubber bands from your eyes. And your own hair will help you do it!

Princess Jasmine Inspired Bubble Braid Let's Hide The Rubber Band Hairstyle, long hair, backless dress

Let's Hide The Rubber Band Step By Step hairstyle for rainy day, striped top, long hair, Tutorial

Segmented Ponytail Hairstyle Without Rubber Bands

What do you do if you don’t have the rubber bands on hand? Do not despair, because you can do this hair without them! Tip: To make sure your tail is more reliable and doesn’t fall apart from the wind, use the invisibility that you put under your tail.

Segmented Ponytail Hairstyle Without Rubber Bands, White dress, Backless dress, Medium hair

Segmented Ponytail Hairstyle Without Rubber Bands, Red dress, Off shoulder dress, Long dress, Party

Segmented Ponytail With Knotty Bubbles

To make a guaranteed impression, decorate your tail with nodules! So you will definitely stand out from the crowd of fashionable women! ! It is very easy to do, and the effect will exceed all expectations. Look at our cheat sheet!

Segmented Ponytail With Nodules, medium hair, Kids hairstyle,party

Making A Smooth Tail

While the hairstyles are still popular, take the opportunity and combine two fashion trends! A great option, both for the interview and for the party! Use gel or foam to create a smooth look.

Making A Smooth Tail Hairstyle, long hair, black suit, party

Poofy Ponytail Hairstyle for Thick Hairs

Would you rather have lush styling? Then this variant of a multilevel tail for you! And here you can’t do without a comb, so remember all your skills and go ahead! Video to help you.

“Loose tail”, Or How To Add Volume Hairstyle, Long Hairs, white dress, wedding, loose hair

“Loose tail”, Or How To Add Volume Hairstyle, long hair, black dress, party

Segmented Ponytail With Weaving

This already unusual tail can be made even better! All sorts of weaving, plaits inside, outside.Choose any technique and fantasize! Even the multilevel tail can be diversified, most importantly, do not be afraid.

Use the “overlay method” to create this stack. So you will make your tail not only more reliable, but also more refined.

Tail-Garland With Weaving Hairstyle, long hair, braid, wedding, black dress, sleeveless

How To Bubble Braid Hairstyle, tutorial , long hair, wedding, party, black dress, easy, step by step

How To Bubble Braid Hairstyle, Step By Step tutorial, long hair, wedding, party, side braid

Make a tail in the style of boho, decorating your hair with easy weaving.

Make a tail in the style of Bubble Ponytail, Braid Wrapping Hairstyle, tutorial, long hair, wedding, party, black dress, easy

Decorate Your Hair With Easy Weaving, Bubble Hairstyle, tutorial , long hair, easy, step by step

And you can make a snag tail! This is a great “long-playing” option for a party.

Twist Me Pretty Hairstyle, tutorial , medium hair, wedding, party, easy, step by step, checked shirt

Segmented Ponytail: Ideas For Inspiration

Of course, that haircut is above all praise as it is. But even it can be annoying! So that it does not happen, master various variations of this style and do not be afraid to fantasize yourself. Believe me, a multilevel tail can be made at least every day and never be repeated!

Use bright accessories!

Use Bright Accessories To Decorate Your Hairstyle, tutorial , long hair, wedding, party, blue dress

Even ordinary yarn can be used!

Use Ordinary Yarn To Enhance Your Hairstyle, tutorial, long hair, wedding, party

Confess your love with this hairstyle!

Confess Your Love With This Hairstyle, tutorial , long hair, wedding, party

Make a funny high tail.

Make a funny high tail hairstyle, long hair, wedding, party, easy

Make two tails, do not skimp!

Make two tails, do not skimp hairstyle, long hair, wedding, party, both side braid, white top

In the end, admire these hairstyles, you will definitely find an option for yourself!

long hair, wedding, party, denim, bubble hairtsyle, easy, rubber band

Try these Alicia vikander hair braid hairstyle, celebrity, side braid, prom night, silver dress

Blake lively met gala classy hairstyle, blue gown, long hair, beautiful dress, prom

Ponytail with rubber bands Hairstyle, black dress, long hairs, easy, classy

Bubble ponytail Hairstyle, long hair, striped top, easy, daily, messy

Making a soft ponytail Hairstyle, black coat, long hair, classy, party

bubble pony tail, long hair, easy, messy, everyday, winter

Segmented Ponytail new hairstyle, black long hair, braid, rubber band, easy

Ponytails braid Hairstyles, long hair, classy, party, Vintage ponytail, Best Braided, Boho

Bubble braids Hairstyle, Haircut, Adorable Braided, long hair, wedding, classy

Bubble Braid,New Party hairstyle

Purple bubble braids

Bubble Ponytail with small braids Hairstyle

New messy bubble ponytail

bubble ponytail hairstyle, Bubble braids, Segmented Ponytail, workout hair, Easy Hairstyles for the Gym

Bubble ponytail hairstyle, Office hair, Blue blazer, Long hair, Easy

Bubble ponytail hairstyle, Easy 5 Minute , Cute Hairdos, Long, Fashion

Bubble ponytail hairstyle, Unseen Party , Winter, Ponytails modern, pretty pony

Bubble ponytail hairstyle, Long hair, Summer, Sunshine, everyday

Bubble ponytail hairstyle, high braid, Long hair, Blazer, Office, Easy, Everyday, Fashion, trendy, Cute

Bubble ponytail hairstyle, high ponytail with sections, Best Braided, Workout, Gym

Bubble ponytail hairstyle, Cute Braided, Long hair, Fashion, Trendy

Black Top Wearing women with cute Bubble ponytail hairstyle

Super cute Bubble ponytail summer hairstyle For long hair

Fashion Dyed Simple Bubble ponytail hairstyle For summer season

Russian professional tennis player maria sharapova very simple Bubble braid ponytail Hairstyle

Sweat-Proof Workout Bubble ponytail hairstyle for long hair

Very cute Bubble braid ponytail Hairstyle For office or daily routine

Bubble braid ponytail Hairstyle

Daily Bubble braid segmented ponytail Hairstyle

High Bubble braid ponytail Hairstyle for Long & Medium Length Hair

Easy halloween hair ideas Bubble braid ponytail Hairstyle for kids

We hope you liked this beautiful collection of segmented ponytail hairstyles.  Do share your feedback with us in the comments section below. Check out other related articles on K4 Fashion. We will soon come up with more such articles. We would love to hear about your experience.

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