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Silver Plated Earrings!

We always want to look fabulous. And to look fabulous the whole ensemble must be put together carefully and meticulously. Every attire requires some kind of accessories. An important part of accessories is the earrings.

Earrings can add a ton of beauty to an ensemble making it a true winner in every sense. But a wrong choice with the earrings can straight take your attire to doomsday. You must be very careful while choosing the right earrings for your attire. As they can surely make or mar your ensemble. To be at choosing the right earrings you must keep some things in mind. You must keep in mind the color with which the earrings will go well, the embroidery type or print color on the attire you wish to wear it with. You always need to keep the occasion on which you are planning to wear them, in mind.

Thus, we can say that pretty much everything about the attire needs to be kept in mind while selecting the perfect earrings for your ensemble. Some of the best choices and the types of dresses are given here. We will always be there to help you out in such situations.

Beautiful and Trendy Silver Plated Earrings

Peacock pearls silver oxidised silver plated earrings

Silver Plated Earrings to Wear in Party & Functions

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Peacock designs never go out of fashion. This beautiful silver plated earrings are beautifully lined with peacock coloured beads. The earrings are made in two different tiers. The top circle is intricately designed with a central peacock beads design. The bottom portion is made in a circular manner. The base carries beautiful pearls in peacock shades. These beautiful earrings can be paired with an equally beautiful and attractive attire. This beautiful oxidised earrings pair is a sure choice for black attires.

Beautiful geometrical silver plated earrings

Geometrical figures are always a love with everyone. This is a beautifully designed silver plated earrings pair. The beauyiful pair of earrings is made entirely of plated silver. The top of the earrings start with a pear shaped design followed by a straight cylinder bar. The designer earrings are further adorned by a square piece lined with small intricate design and then with a polygon. The base of the earrings ends in beautiful small trinkets. This pair of silver plated earrings is a great go to for traditional wear.

Beautiful round silver plated earrings

These are the ultimate choice for a casual outing. These beautiful round earrings are a great take. The oxidised silver round earrings are beautifully lined with blue and white gems. The intricate work on the oxidised silver earrings makes it more attractive. These large round earrings can be beautifully paired with a traditional wear some light makeup and a sleek hairstyle.

Big jhumkas with trinkets silver plated earrings

These extra large silver oxidised jhumkas look really pretty. They are surely enchanting. The big round mast of the beautiful earrings are adorned with intricate handiwork. The round emblem is crowned with a beautiful design on the top. The base of the round shape has a complete fall of the beautiful oxidised trinkets. These beautiful trinkets fall downwards in a beautiful manner. These large earrings go very well with long kurtis and gowns. You can wear it with a light makeup look and lose curls.

Beautiful designer peacock silver plated earrings

These beautiful earrings are aptly sized and have the right amount of dash of color in them. The earrings are beautifully designed with a tear drop design on the top. The oxidised silver tear drop is beautifully ornated with a red gem in the centre. The second tier of the earrings is made in a circular design with two peacocks meeting at the top. The circular design has a red gem in the centre and has beautiful pearl endings at the base. The circular structure is ornately designed by handiwork in metal. These beautiful earrings will look great with some bright colorful dresses.

Beautiful lotan style designer silver plated Jhumka

These beautiful earrings are a true beauty. The hook style earrings have peacocks hanging from the bade of the hook of the earrings. The beautiful feathers of the peacocks end in lotan style base. The dome shaped oxidised silver design is adorned with colored gems. This beautifully ornated earrings look great. They will look great with embroidered suits and lehnga cholis. You can combine this with light makeup along with a bright lip color.

Long chandelier style colourful silver plated earrings

These large, beautifully tiered earrings look really beautiful. These beautiful oxidised silver earrings are combined with pink and peach gems. The top of the earrings is beautifully made in oxidised silver and boasts of a colored centre. The central shape has pink and peach beads inside the structure. The lower structure has an oxidised silver structure with three tiers of pink and peach pearls. The three tiers of the gems make it a large pair of earrings. You can beautifull pair these with colorful outfits. Apply light makeup with defined eye makeup. You can sweep your hair to one side, to let the earrings take the centre stage.

Round mirror adorned silver plated earrings

This is a very beautiful large round oxidised silver earrings. The beautiful earrings are adorned with a round central mirror. The central mirror has a very intricate design all around it. The hollow intricate design ends in a circular ring which is beautifully aforned with oxidised silver dots. These beautiful earrings are sleek and semi-formal. They can be work with a kurti or a power suit. If you want to go to a formal celebration, you can wear them with a sleek pony and a suit. Or you can combine it with a beautiful kurti and wear it to various other occasions.

Trendy silver plated  Jhumkas

Trendy silver plated  Jhumkas Bridal Floral Bun Hairstyles for Wedding Day

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This thin plate beautiful designer jhumkas are really fun. The central polygon has an intricate design on the surface. The three corners of the polygon carry three trinkets. All the three trinkets end in small oxidised silver dots. This pair of oxidised silver earrings surely covers a large area. It come with a hook design. It can be very well teemed up with beautiful, emborodered, colored kurtis. You can go with a light makeup look with a sleek bun at the nape.

Round base, trinketed silver plated earrings

These beautiful large oxidised silver earrings are a great addition to your wardrobe. The large circular design in the shape of a flat plate looks great. The flat plate is beautifully adorned with intricate patterns and designs. The large circular design is followed by a huge fall of oxidised silver trinkets. These trinkets fall in a graduated manner. The beautiful design makes for a great choice for attending wedding functions. It can be worn with traditional wear. Combine it with sleek hairstyle and a clean makeup look.

Colorful lotan style trinket silver plated earrings

These colorful lotan style earrings loom really adorable. They come in a needle and clasp mechanism. The beautiful earrings start in a beautiful gem flower folowed by an oxidised silver lotan which ends in a stream of colorful beads with silver trinkets. These colorful earrings can be paired up with various colorful attires. Pair these up with bright makeup and a sleek hairstyle.

Long chandelier style silver plated earrings

This is a very beautiful long earrings pair. This beautiful pair of earrings is made in ocidised silver and beautiful oxidised silver trinkets. The three tiers of the pair of earrings are beautifully ado4ned with small trinkets and triangular oxidised silver triangle design. The top of the earrings is beautifully designed with oxidised silver trinkets. The three tiers of the earrings design are joined with chain structures. The beautiful pair of earrings can be paired with an evening gown or a beautiful kurti. Combine it with light makeup and a formed hair style. You can combine it with a side swept hair style to keep the focus on the beautiful earrings.

Black centre beautiful silver plated earrings

These beautiful black centred pair of earrings are sleek and perfect for a night out. Thr beautiful pair of earrings boast of a jet black oval centre with oxidised silver lining all around the black centre. The sides in oxidised silver are beautifully adorned with intricate work and oxidosed silver dots. The earrings have a hook mechanism. These beauyiful earrings can be paired with black outfits. You can wear them to night outs, wedding functions, etc.

Traditional designer silver plated earrings

These traditional earrings have a great aesthetic value. The beautiful silver plated earrings start with a trishul design. The trishul design is followed by a damru. The earrings end in a beautiful inverted lotus design. The beautiful earrings are compketey made in oxidised silver which makes them even more attractive. These beautiful pair of earrings can be very well paired with different traditional and western outfits. They will surely ba an optimum choice for traditional functions.

Chandelier style silver plated earrings

These beautiful long chandelier style earrings come with a needle and clasp mechanism. The earrings design begins with a beautiful flower design. The flower is made with quilled wire of silver plated metal. Flower centre has a red gem which further beautifies the earrings. The flower is followed by three beautiful trinkets. These beautiful trinkets look very beautiful. You can wear these beautiful earrings with traditional wear or even jeans and top.

Big round engraved silver plated earrings

These are very beautiful flat circular designer silver plated earrings. The flat earrings are beautifully engraved with designs. The designs add more beauty to the large round earrings. These large round earrings look great with kurtis and evening gowns. You can pair them up with light makeup and sleek hairstyle. You can tie your hair in a neat hair bun at the nape. Also, you can add a choker to compliment this look.

We hope you liked all these beautiful silver plated earrings. We hope that you look the very best on the next occasion. Do share your experience with us in the comments section below. You can check out some other related articles on K4 Fashion. We will surely come up with more such articles to help you out.

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