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It is believed that naths symbolize the dignity and honor of the great Hindu goddesses, Devi Parvati. She is also considered the Goddess of marriage in Hindu mythology. In Different locations across India, different naths are being worn traditionally. Naths are also known as nose studs or nose rings. Marathi naths are particularly different from the usual ones, they are also called Brahmi naths. They are more elongated than circular. They are mostly pearl-embellished as observed.

Naths though are small but they unknowingly add an extra charm to the bridal face. Nose pins and rings though being less sought after, noticed, or not even considered as an important entity by some people during weddings have a huge impact on the attire. A great fact is that nose piercings are known to strengthen the ovary. Ayurvedic medicine also believes that nose piercings can help to decrease period pains! nose rings in many parts of the world are considered a symbol of marriage. These nose piercings and nath jewelry hold an extra value for a bride and her beauty.

Here in this article, we have many Maharashtrian bridal Nath designs or Brahmi bridal nath designs for you. They surely prove to be the most beautiful nath designs for Marathi brides. You will find simple and elegant naths, small naths, the bigger naths, intricate and elegant naths in the below-listed ones. We have lightweight bridal naths and heavy bridal naths too. These bridal naths will surely uplift your outlook. You can try traditional mundavalya with these naths. Pick the one for you.

So, scroll down for some Marathi Nath designs that are a real show-stealer

Marathi Nath Designs For Brides

1. Pretty Green Three Step Nath:

Pretty Green Three Step Nath

Image Source: Gaurav Kumbhar Photography

Three-step nath! This is a medium-round nath with three floral whorls. These whorls have a round green embedded stone in the center with gold floral embellishments around them. This nath design looks traditionally aesthetic. You can wear a long mangal sutra to compliment this look and a thick gold neckpiece with matching earrings. If you are wearing a green bridal saree with a golden border, this can be a good choice. Golden green Indian weddings bangles set with a heavily designed golden ring will complete the look befittingly!

2. Big Pearl Embellished Gold Nath:

Pretty and classy! The upper part of this nath resembles the upper segment of temple earrings. This design has a green leafy center, gold layering, and pearl embellishments around the centerpiece and at the end. The pearl and gold pieces exceed forward to complete the whole look. Golden hangings from the nosepiece and half-moon-shaped green bindi are making the bride look effortlessly beautiful. Big green temple earrings and beautiful kajra will showcase an elegant look all throughout. Golden neckpiece and matching jewelry with a green, yellow/golden saree look winsome indeed.

3. Moon Arc Nath With Floral Pearls:

Moon Arc Nath With Floral Pearls

Image Source: Amruta Mahale

A floral moon arc! The shape of this nath is like a moon arc. It has a floral pearl pattern at the top with ruby at the center. The left region of the nath is decorated with a leaf-like pearl pattern and then a linear pearl series. There are red beads too with the whiter ones. This nath is very pretty. Multiple layers of gold jewelry will look great and go with the complete attire. You can even wear heavy jewelry and a golden-red saree to compliment this look pretty well.

4. Beautiful Floral Marathi Pearl Nath:

Beautiful Floral Marathi Pearl Nath

Image Source: Amruta Mahale

A nath to suit forehead mundavalya! This nath has an elliptical pearl pattern with an orangy-red center. The pattern continues with a leafy and simple pearl arrangement. This striking nath can be worn along a Marathi mundavalya. You can wear beautiful pearl necklaces in form of layers alongside them. Team up everything with an orange saree and decorate your hair with white-orange flowers. You are ready to conquer the wedding with your grace and charm.

5. A Crescent Moon Nath For Brides:

A Crescent Moon Nath For Brides

Image Source: Amruta Mahale

Stone and pearl embellished nath! This nath has a beautiful pearl moon crescent. Inside this crescent, there is a stone embellished leafy design. This nath looks beautiful. You can try this one for the Kundan necklace set. Plain Kundan earrings or crescent earrings go well with this. You can even go for a diamond look. The golden glassy jewelry looks classy. A gold saree with a red stone-colored border will make you trend in this simple look.

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6. A Classy Hoop Nath For Brides:

A Classy Hoop Nath For Brides

Image Source: Seven Mantra Films

A hoop nath! This nath has a combination of golden and pearl structures. The upper portion has a pearl set outlined with gold from outside at the base there is a golden flower semi outlined with pearls. A beautiful white kajra will definitely prove to be a great choice with this nath. A pearl and gold jewelry set would look elegant. A red yellow orange saree will go well with this jewelry and complete your rock chic looks.

7. Green And Red Bridal Nath With Pearls:

Green And Red Bridal Nath With Pearls

Image Source: Rohit Nagwekar

A fishy nath! The nath begins with a great fish head covered with pearls and pearl body. The structure ends with red, pearl, and green fins. This nath is a cute and fun bridal option. It is a good choice for jolly brides. You can wear layered gold beaded jewelry with this nath. Even the beaded earrings would look great. A red and green saree will turn this look into a bubbly and lively one.

8. Half Sun Nath With A Pointed Border:

Half Sun Nath With A Pointed Border

Image Source: Pradnya Sonar

A half sun look! There is a golden crescent. This crescent is outlined from outside by a pointed pearl border. These pointed borders give a perfect sun look. You can wear a golden embellished mundavalya. You can also wear a double crescent bindi along. This will highly complement the look. You can experiment with various designs and shades of eye shadows that match your saree!

9. Alluring Marathi Bridal Nath Design:

A simple and elegant one! This has a leafy layer embedded with glassy stones. This leafy look is outlined by a pearl layer. A pretty embellished red bindi will be stunning. You can wear a beautiful gold choker necklace and a longer one of gold. You can wear small gold temple earrings with this nath. A golden yellow or a red-green golden polished saree would compliment this indeed.

10. Medium-Sized Edgy Bridal Nath:

Medium-Sized Edgy Bridal Nath

Image Source: The Bride’s Diary

An edgy one! There is the leafy gem at the top surrounded by pearls. This bridal nath has a double layer of pearls forming edges. You can wear a layered pearl and glassy stone jewelry with this nath. That would look great. A double layer embellished mundavalya! You can also wear this one with any golden-bordered saree and jewelry suiting your bridal saree.

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11. Pretty Red And Green – Fish Nath:

A fish nath! This nath looks like a golden pearlfish with a red center head and a red and green caudal fin. This golden pearl-embellished jewel nath looks jolly. This has a dull and dark gold texture. The dark metallic gold jewelry in layers will look pretty. You can wear a chand bindi with a tiny golden detail at the base. This jewelry and nath set with a classy red saree will look great. This attire altogether would give a luxurious and royal vibe.

12. Intricate Marathi Bridal Nath Design:

Webbed moon! There is an intricate web moon design that is crescent in shape. This gold moon web is outlined from the outer side by a pointed pearl set. This bridal nath is pretty and a different choice. Lightweight layered jewelry will boost the look. You can wear hanging earrings along. A small maangtika and vibrant orange and pink saree would do wonders.

13. A Big Peacock Bridal Nath:

A Big Peacock Bridal Nath

Image Source: Shubham yelgund

A big peacock nath! Big and heavy. Additional note – go for this one only if you are sure, the heaviness won’t cause you pain and discomfort. There is a big golden peacock head-like structure that begins the nath. Proceeding there is a pearl embellished and outlined gold center – peacock body look. This ends with a gold and red design. A heavy gold necklace can be a good choice. You can wear this nath with a highly embroidered designer saree. A vibrant red or golden orange saree will be an eye-catching choice.

14. A Glorious Nath For Brides With Peacock Feathers:

A Glorious Nath For Brides With Peacock Feathers

Image Source: Clickography

Peacock feathers! This one has a small red drop. From the base of this drop arise the golden outline and pointed pearl peacock feather look. This nath gives the beautiful appearance of peacock feathers. You can wear this one with a heavy jewelry set. An embellished mundavalya and heavy bangle set make a sound choice. You can try a heavy designer artwork Marathi saree. A small chaand bindi will enhance the beauty of the bride.

15. An Elongated Marathi Bridal Nath:

An Elongated Marathi Bridal Nath

Image Source: P16 Studios

An elongated one! This one is a pearl nath. There are two discontinues designs. The top of the nath begins with red-centered pearl flowers. Then there is a short row of paired pearls and a small pearl design at the end. You can wear a beautiful mundavalya to compliment this beautiful nath. A set of layered jewelry, thick layered necklace, and temple earrings would look great. A golden yellow saree is an iconic choice. Confidently go for a red blouse along.

By now you might have got many ideas for your bridal nath. There are many designs to choose from. A bridal nath is jewelry that largely determines the outlook of the bride’s face at the wedding. Based on what kind of nath you are compatible and comfortable with, pick any. Also, pay attention to how the nath goes with your attire and outlook along with other jewelry.

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