Latest Sleeve Designs for Tops for Adorable Look

Sleeves Design For Blouses And Tunic Tops
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When we talk about wearing comfortable clothes, tops comes in our minds. So to jazz up those tops and suits you can always play with the sleeves.

K4 Fashion has come up with this article to discuss the sleeve designs for tops that will make your tops look vibrant and beautiful. Sleeves are really vital and can make or break the entire look of the outfit. So we have shortlisted some sleeves pattern for you.

Look for yourself what works best for you, as there are multiple options available for sleeve designs for tops.

Latest Sleeve designs for Tops

Full sleeve with bow detailing

Full sleeve with bow detailing Latest Sleeve designs for Tops

This sleeve as you can see does great work for the tops, for Kurtis you can try this similar sleeve design and see how it looks. Try it for some printed Kurti only It might look good even on the blouse design for the sarees.

Cold shoulders

Cold shoulders Latest Sleeve designs for Tops

Cold shoulder sleeves mostly seen in western tops but recently it has been in trends for while making traditional gowns and also for the saree blouses. These sleeves are embellished with zardozi work on it and is used as a blouse. This Sleeve designs for Kurtis also can do a lot of wonders. For gowns also it is used, one sleeve has various purposes and can be used for so many different kinds of outfits.

The lace detailing!

The lace detailing Latest Sleeve designs for Tops

Look at the lace detailing done on the elbow section and also at the ends of the sleeves. That is the only part of the sleeves that is standing out. You can see these sleeves work for tops mostly. But you can try it out for your kurtas as well,  just make sure that your kurta is completely plain so that these sleeves can stand out.

Ruffled sleeves

Ruffled sleeves Latest Sleeve designs for Tops

Ruffled sleeves with a twist of shoulder cut is making this Kurti so modern and chic.  As it has done on Kurti sleeve, you can do it for your tops as well. These are so chic that it can work on almost any kind of top wear, it can be a blouse, Kurti, or even the tops.

You just need the right place to wear this and you will look so gorgeous and stunning.

Loose sleeves

Loose sleeves

These sleeves will look good only on traditional wear. These will look great on kurtas and also on the blouses. Look at the way this model is carrying, you can also get a short kurta stitched like this and with these sleeves, you can pair it up with denim and give it a cool modern look.

Shoulder cut out designed sleeves

Shoulder cut out designed sleeves

This design is not much in trend. But if you like to cut out details then this sleeve design is just for you. With a cut out pattern on the shoulder and a Dori style with three fourth sleeves you can wear it for your kurtas only. It is not going to look good on tops but for kurtas, you can give it a try.

Sleeves with the net finish

Sleeves with net finish

This three fourth sleeve with the net on it looks gorgeous. It will look so beautiful on the kurtas as well. You can try it out for yourself. This sleeve design is in trend and has been used by many designers as well. Just look at similar designer wear for yourself.

The v-shaped sleeves

The v shaped sleeves

Best suited for blouses and tops these sleeves have been in fashion for a very long time. They look gorgeous as it is and we will suggest you get it done as it is. With no more additions, you can go to your tailor and ask for these sleeves.

We at K4 Fashion are trying to come up with amazing Sleeve designs for Tops and trying to put the best foot forward for the same. We hope that you will not get confused with which one to choose as these all are amazing ideas.!

Latest stylish sleeves designs for Kurti / kurta

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