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The times are tough as we all are facing a Global Pandemic. The whole country is witnessing a lockdown affecting every industry. Amongst such industries is the Entertainment Industry of our country that is facing a huge loss. Movie theatres have been closed. Shoots have been called off. No movies are being released and the movies that got released in March saw a huge loss at Box office.

Just like everyone else, the actors are also quarantined at their homes. As well all know, our favourite Bollywood Celebrities rarely get a chance to sit at their homes. Now that they have that time, they are trying their best to make the best of the time spent at home. Some are posting their home workout videos to stay fit in quarantine while some are tapping into their inner chef.

Intrigued to know how your favourite celebs are spending their quarantine? Check this out!

 How celebrities are spending time indoors?

1. Katrina Kaif teaching people how to wash utensils without wasting water

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Not just the Bollywood stars but their house help as well are in quarantine due to which they are compelled to do their chores on their own. Here we can see Katrina Kaif washing utensils in her house. In this video, she is also teaching people how to wash utensils without wasting water. She asked them to fill the sink with water and put all the dishes in it. Then clean them first by keeping the tap off and later rinse them all together. Deepika Padukone also reposted Katrina’s video implying that she wanted to convey the same message in her next post.

2. Deepika Padukone posting her ways of being productive in quarantine




Deepika Padukone has taken a pledge to be productive in this lockdown. The actress is entertaining her followers by posting pictures with the hashtag “Productivity in the time of COVID-19”. Till now she has posted pictures of her post-workout, cooking, labelling stuff along with her husband Ranveer and much more. Check out these posts to get a glimpse of it.

3. Alia Bhatt trying her hand at baking with her sister Shaheen

Alia Bhatt is spending her quarantine time with her sister Shaheen Bhatt who is also an author. She has been posting pictures of her pet dogs and cats while checking her photography skills. She also recently posted a picture of a grain-free paleo banana bread baked by her and a chocolate cake baked by Shaheen. Both the things looked delicious and we are sure you too would like to try it out!

4. Kartik Aryan baking a cake for his sister’s birthday

Kartik Aryan is best known for his monologue in the movie Pyar Ka Punchnama. Just recently another video of him ranting on people disobeying Social Distancing with #CoronaStopKaroNa went viral all over the social media. It was reposted by numerous people including PM Narendra Modi. The actor also recently posted a picture of a cake baked by him on his sister’s birthday. He also mentioned that he got to be with her sister on her birthday after 7 years. Seems like quarantine is giving celebs the family time they always wanted.

5. Anushka Sharma giving a haircut to her husband Virat Kohli

Anushka Sharma got to showcase her hairstyling skills as the parlours witness a lockdown amid Corona Virus pandemic. She recently posted a video on her Instagram in which she was seen cutting her husband Virat Kohli’s hair. Both Anushka and Virat travel a lot for their work. They are enjoying this quarantine as it is giving them enough time together.¬† Even Anushka and Virat are doing their daily chores themselves due to the lack of house help.

6. Karan Johar spending quality time with his kids

We all know Karan Johar as a man of multiple talents. He is a director, producer, host and whatnot. It hasn’t been a long time since he had his babies Yash and Roohi through Surrogacy. He has been busy all the while but now it seems the lockdown has given him that quality time with his children. He has been posting multiple videos on his Instagram showcasing the fun time he is having with his kids. His posts his Toodles Series with the hashtag #lockdownwiththejohars. In this candid video, you can see his kids disapproving his fashion choices.

7. Janhvi Kapoor tapping into the artist in her

This lockdown has provided everyone with an ample amount of time to get close to their hobbies and hidden talents. Janhvi Kapoor in her latest Instagram post was seen making colourful posters. Art forms are therapeutic. They relieve stress and help in overcoming anxiety. If you are fond of art and craft, you should surely make use of this quarantine in doing what you love just like Janhvi Kapoor.

8. Ayushmann Khurrana visiting back the writer in him

Ayushmann Khurrana has always been a jack of all trades. Be it a job of an RJ, VJ, Host, Actor, Singer, Writer, Musicians or whatsoever, he has done it all! Though he called for a voluntary break from films to be with his family in January this year, he would have never thought his holidays would be spent in a lockdown. However, he is making good use of his writing skills in this free time and every once in awhile posts it on his Instagram. Here is something he has to say about Books aka Kitaabein.

So, these were some latest updates about how your favourite Bollywood Celebs are spending their quarantine. You can also take inspiration from them and try some of these out. After all, being at home isn’t that bad if you utilize your time efficiently.

Healthy Habits to Stay Fit in Quarantine

Healthy Habits to Stay Fit in Quarantine

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