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Eyes are that one feature of human beings that attracts the highest amount of attention from other people. Beautiful eyes never go unnoticed and neither does a beautiful eye makeup. A proper eye makeup takes away more than half of the hassle of the overall makeup. Picking the right eye makeup is the most significant part of makeup. There are different types of eye makeups for different occassions starting from the day look to the bridal makeup. You can always pick what suits you.

Normally, we stay too busy to spend time on learning the art of makeup but now that we’re facing a lockdown, we can spend this quarantine by learning various types of eye makeups that we can later use on different occassions. If you’re fond of trying different types of eye makeups but were always too busy to learn them, now is the time for you. Here are different kinds of eye makeup ideas that you can watch and practice sitting at home during quarantine to spend this time efficiently.

Eye Makeup Ideas to Practice During Quarantine

1. Simple Eye makeup

Simple Eye makeup
Image Source: Fruzans Beauty

This eye makeup marks simplicity and can be worn on any simple occassion. It goes perfectly with any day look. If you love to wear makeup everyday, you can wear this as it doesn’t make you look OTT at all.  It consists of a perfect blend of nude, soft peach and golden eye shadow with a dash of brown.

2. Ravishing Rose gold eye makeup

Ravishing Rose gold eye makeup
Image Source: Max Beauty

Rose gold eye makeup is one of those trending eye makeups that every girl loves. This rose gold eye makeup involves a blend of nude, rose gold, soft peach and blush pink eye shadows. Some glitter has been used to give it a more attractive look. Broad stroke of eye liner is making the look bold.

3. Majestic Mint eye makeup

Majestic Mint eye makeup
Image Source: Laura Leth

This mint eye makeup is a recent trend that came with the pastel eye palette by Huda Beauty. This awe striking  eye makeup includes a blend of mint matte eye shadow and a Mint and Dinero metal melted shadow with a simple stroke of an eye liner. The eye makeup looks  majestic in all forms and is surely made to make heads turn.

4. Pastel colors for spring eye makeup

Pastel colors for spring eye makeup
Image Source: Lexy Bach

This eye makeup is as soothing to the eyes as the color it has used. The artist has used pastel colors for the spring eye makeup look. The pastel pink eye shadow on the top and blue on the bottom are complimenting each other. The makeup artist hasn’t kept the lashes too dense to make it look simple and sweet.

5. Bewitching Brown eye makeup

Bewitching Brown eye makeup
Image Source: Caterina_triant

Achieving this brown eye makeup is much easier than it looks. As shown in the images, you just need a nude eye shadow with a black and different shades of brown eye shadow starting from dark brown at the bottom to the lightest brown on top. A pinch of glitter just below the eye brow is adding to the magnificence of the eye makeup.  It isn’t too heavy and can be worn through the day.

6. Shimmery eyes

Shimmery eyes
Image Source: Glamorous Reflections

This shimmery eye makeup can be used to wear in any party or wedding and it would surely enhance your look. The eye shadows used in the makeup is clearly shown in the image. The glitter on top is giving it that alluring look you aimed for. The arabian eye liner style is also adding to the charm of the eye makeup.

7. Forever stunning smokey eyes

Forever stunning smokey eyes
Image Source: Vera Change
Image Source: Bat Girl Ekta

Smokey eyes are one of the most loved eye makeups. They give a bold and sensuous look and are a major party rage. Moreover, it isn’t too hard to get. The above smokey eye makeup tutorial shows how you can achieve a perfect smokey without too much hassle. Learn, try and achieve perfect smokey eye in no time!

8. The captivating Cat eyes

The captivating Cat eyes
Image Source: Mimi

Look drop dead gorgeous in this cat eye makeup without much hassle. This eye makeup involves nude eye shadow for base and pink gel eye shadow with a pinch of black to blend with the eyeliner. The cat eyeliner stroke completes the makeup and makes it look perfect to slay the party you were preparing for.

9. Plum smokey eye makeup

Plum smokey eye makeup
Image Source: Eire Beauty

Plum smokey eyes are a recent trend and is being followed in all over the world.  This eye makeup involves a nude, plum, dark brown, light brown and golden eye shadow. A very thin stroke of eyeliner has been used towards the ending corners of the eyes. Blending well is the most crucial part of this eye makeup.

10. Cut-crease eye makeup

Cut-crease eye makeup
Image Source: Miedzy Cieniami

Cut crease eye makeup is the most unique eye makeup that uses the beautiful shape of your eyes to the best of it’s abilities. It generally uses vibrant colors. It is known to provide a certain depth to the eyes by defining the line that separates the crease between the eyelid skin and the area below the eyebrow. The line is defined by using the darkest shade of the color you have chosen for the eye shadow, which is purple in this image. The eye shadow shades used in this eye makeup are nude, blush pink, hot pink, purple, golden and rose gold.

11. Bridal eye makeup

Bridal eye makeup
Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

The best trick to get a perfect bridal eye makeup is simple. Just choose the color of the eye shadow that matches the bridal outfit. Add some gold and glitter to it and complete it with an Arabian eyeliner stroke. This amazing bridal eye makeup idea works well on all brides and makes them look flawless on their special day.

12. Mermaid eye makeup

Mermaid eye makeup
Image Source: Recycled Stardust

Mermaid eye makeup is a trend that uses Blue, Green and Purple colors for the eye makeup. The mermaid eye makeup in this image is quite subtle. You can also make it dark according to your choice. The mermaid eyes in this image involve nude, white, blue and mint eye shadows. It also comprises of golden glitter and a thick flick eyeliner stroke that completes the enticing look.

So, here were 12 amazing Eye Makeup Ideas to practice during the quarantine so that you never need a parlour or a makeup proficient friend to achieve perfect eyes. Use this time to the best of your capabilities in learning the art of makeup and look immaculate on all occasions.

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