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Look Glamorous In These Trending Women Hairstyles

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It seemed like the brightest and most fashionable period of the past few years. You probably don’t remember many chips now, right? Come on, it’s hard to forget. Easy hairstyles are arguably the most underrated hairstyles ever. Most people compare easy hairstyles to plain and bland hairstyles when that is not always the case.
We all know that it’s a new season, a whole new world of trending hairstyle ideas. There are so many easy ways to reinvent yourself every new season, but nothing beats a new hairstyle if you’re in the mood for an instant change. Plus, most “hairstyling” trends took an easy step with us this year.

Let’s recall the brightest hairstyles of past years. Maybe all is not lost yet?

Top 11 Trending And Popular Women’s Hairstyles

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Short Hairstyles: Not Beans, But Just Bob

A lot of style icons managed to give up long curls last year. Without a shadow of regret, the fashionista cut off long strands, leaving a long carriage or a “torn” bean. Well, what’s convenient. Such hairstyle can be done in five minutes and does not require excessive care. The bean can be worn both with straight hair and soft textured curls. Quite gently and femininely.

Bold Shades

Neon inclusions, pink exchange, and rainbow plaits are not an option for any age and temperament. However, the most daring women of fashion did not neglect the colors last year. Plus (and minus) of such hairstyles in the fact that the bright colors are washed out quickly enough, not having time to eat the eye. Especially brave girls experimented with acid shades. Less daring was limited to tender purple gradients on ash curls.

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Blonde Hair Shades

Yes, yes, this is one of the trends of 2016, which is still relevant. The combination of a cold blonde shade with smoothly grown dark roots is no longer a sign of carelessness, but a must-have for blondes. Actually, such a hairstyle looks rather unnatural and not quite habitual. But it’s convenient!

Best Hairstyles 2016: Weaving

It was just braids, spikelets, and various flagella. Wreaths of braids all over the head or just weave elements. It looked very gentle and feminine then, a year ago. And now the elements of braids continue to hold in the top.

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Carelessly Collected Hairstyle

Careless bundles, roosters, and protruding hair remained in 2016. Nevertheless, such hairstyles looked very neat and cute. A slightly disheveled style was relevant even in wedding hairstyles – the “fluffy” bride looked very natural.

Best Hairstyles: Classic Ombre

Classic ombre doesn’t get into the top of the year. Nowadays such variants of overflows as an extractor hood, balajaz, or a connecting rod, i.e. the selective “burned out” strands, slightly careless drawing lead. The ombre itself assumes a horizontal gradient – from dark to light. However, in comparison with modern variants, the last year’s gradient is sharper and “not fashionable”.

Golden Blonde Hair

This version of blonde hair was still at the forefront last year. Nowadays, the warm shades have been replaced by platinum, graphite, in short, cold as the heart of your ex-boyfriend’s strands. The fashion for gold, alas, was left behind.

Direct Parting And Hair Pulled Behind Ears

Smooth, straight hair, combed in a straight line behind the ears, is still very elegant to this day. Fashion for them arose in the 90s, but last year it came back again. Such hairstyle looks laconic and does not require the addition of accessories. And this variant can be combined with a business suit as well as with an evening dress. The main thing is to set the accents correctly.

Best Hairstyles: Asymmetry

Heavy cuts and “rush” were worn a year ago, remember? They emphasized asymmetry with color accents and texture. It looked a little alien. Maybe it’s for the best that this hairstyle is a thing of the past?

Perfect Horse Tail

The tall tale is a classic. At different times, the way it was “tied” changed: added accessories, hair, and location on the head. However, the best and unchanged variant is a smooth horsetail without adding extra. The most advantageous variant of such a hairstyle, of course, with long straight hair. Topical to this day.

Clear Straight Bangs

Cut your bangs last year? Well, that’s right. If in 2016 there were fashionable bangs with a pronounced contour (especially with long hair), now it has been replaced by thick “torn” and long bangs. Such bangs can be arched, and slightly bifurcated – this is fashionable, but not practical. Alas, it will have to be trimmed often.

To be honest, many fashion trends don’t get outdated that quickly. Any hairstyle close to the classics will be fashionable outside of time. The main thing is to choose something that can emphasize your individuality and will be to your face.


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