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Can retro be modern? Can we learn anything from the fashions for our grandmothers’ stacks? Hairstyles of 50 years of the last century went down in the history of singing the beauty of women and the sophistication of real women. The grandeur of the image was characteristic of Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and many other contemporaries of the middle of the last century. 50’s hairstyles never go out of style. They are classic, beautiful, and inspired by some of the most iconic women in the world. Short hair is very “high fashion” in 1953, and it certainly looks great on some girls. Others prefer to wear long hair, or admire the shortcut but wisely apply a principle all girls should stick to.
Fashion and beauty trends are a reflection of the culture in a piece of time. They have the power to show everything from norms of behavior to economic stability.

Take a look at these amazing 50 hairstyles for all hair lengths.

Easy 50’s Hairstyles For Every Hair Length

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Features Of The 50s Styling

Starting with the fashionable collection of Dior presented in the late 40s, world fashion began to focus on the refined and very feminine image of the contemporary, emphasized by outfits, makeup, and hairstyles.

There are several milestones in the fashionable hairstyles of the time:

  • A hairstyle.
  • A wrapped bangs.
  • Large curls.
  • Complex styling.
  • Decor with veil, ribbons.
  • High stacks.
  • Clear bangs.

50s Hairstyles For Long Hair

The style of the middle of the last century was favorable to long hair, which allowed to perform volumetric styling and combing. Equally relevant was the horse’s tail. The hairstyles were decorated with flowers and ribbons tied around the head or intercepting the tail.

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Hairstyles 50 years For Medium Length

It’s also a good place to wear your hair, and Marilyn Monroe’s most famous hairstyle is considered to be. Images created with the help of the average length of hair, allowed you to open the neck and give fragility to the girls. Disobedient curls were fixed not only with varnish but also with studs.

For Short Hair

In those ancient times, short haircut haircuts, like a boy, made it possible to highlight the features of the face. Most of the time, such hairstyles do not require a thorough and complex styling, and hair ornaments for hair of the 50 years are possible in a minimum amount.

Be Like Marilyn Monroe

What’s not the dream of many girls for generations? What does it take? The basis of styling is a haircut to the shoulders and a light shade of hair to match the look.


1. Wash your hair.

2. Wet strands are also covered with styling mousse.

3. Separate the strands and twist them on the rollers (It is advisable to choose a sufficiently large size).

4. Dry the hair.

5. We disassemble by hand on separate strands without using a comb and beat them up a little by hand.

Hairstyle In The Rhythm Of Rock And Roll

Music lovers and simply admirers of the given direction, it will be necessary to taste a hairstyle which at once will allocate its owner among the crowd.


1. Wash your hair.

2. Dry the hair and apply mousse.

3. The strand is stacked, forming a horseshoe on the top.

4. The rest of the hair is combed, opening whiskey and ears.

5. Dissolve the fixed hair and divide it into 3 parts.

6. Dry in such a way that the roots have a volume.

7. Side strands are fixed in the tail.

8. long strands in the front of the head are placed with a visor and sprayed with varnish.

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Pixie Forever

Pixie hair hasn’t been out of fashion for over half a century. What explains this success? It’s a short haircut that can be applied to straight or slightly curly strands. Stellar examples of those times are Gina Lollobrigida.

50’s hairstyles: Horse’s Tail

The hairstyles of the 50s are not only meticulous styling but also as simple as a horse’s tail. The tails of the 50s made the hair quite tall and very often twisted, creating the effect of elegant curls in the tail.

If the thickness of their own hair was not enough, the girls used hairpieces. The tail could be decorated with ribbons or flowers.

High Bun With Side Bangs

In the 50s, hair became a massive hobby among not only young girls but also respectable ladies. In most cases, fashionistas trusted the creation of such masterpieces to hairdressers in beauty salons.

With large hairstyles, additional fixation with hairpins and lacquer was required. What did they do if their hair volume was catastrophically lacking? Ladies passionate about fashion were not only wearing hairpieces on their heads but also attached additional designs to add volume. You’d be surprised, but even stockings were used.

Hive hairstyles were covered with a lot of varnishes but still tried to wear them very carefully. Without disassembling the structure, they even went to bed. And the construction could last a whole week!

Babette Hairstyle

This styling is done on the basis of a comb on the top of the head. There are several hairstyles – with the hair collected at the top or with curls.


1. the entire mass of hair is combed.

2. comb the strand on the top and front.

3. the front part of the hair is combed back smoothly, but without removing the volume.

4. collect the hair and give it a neat look.

5. tuck the hair under the fleece.

6. fixing with studs.

7. for full compliance with the style of the 50’s you can tie the tape.


It is a hairstyling that can be applied to both long and short hair. Application of the hairbrush and hairstyling ribbon ornament in tone to help to make the image organic.

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