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Rihanna’s Hairstyles: Flaunt Your Hair In Queen’s Style

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Rihanna is as cool as she is. Not only is she a Grammy-winning artist, but she also boasts of a huge fashion and beauty empire. We can’t stop gushing over her gorgeous looks and elegant fashion sense. Rihanna’s hairstyles are a subject of separate material. The only thing that can compete with her in terms of speed of change is Madonna.
So if you’re looking for some hair inspo, who could be better than fashion diva Rihanna? We’ve sprinkled some of our favorite RiRi’s cool and trendy hairstyles ideas along with some pro styling tips.

Rihanna’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

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She is a singer who became popular in her early youth and never ceases to amaze us with an unexpected change in her image. The hair of this bright beautiful girl always caused a lot of interpretations. Her experiments with color, hair length, and styling have always been actively discussed in the media and never went unnoticed.

Rihanna’s Hairstyles At The Beginning Of Her Career: Long Hair

Artistic career and fame came to the young performer in 2005. The girl first appeared on stage with long brown hair, styled in large curls.

Trying to find her own style, Rihanna focused on a variety of styles, almost every day, appearing with a new hairstyle. The interest in the retro style of the 30s of the last century is embodied in the hair and curls.

The First Sharp Change Of Image

Rihanna always carefully selects outfits and pays attention to makeup. But Rihanna’s hairstyles are a separate theme. Portability and desire for self-expression have led her to start working with a famous hairdresser – Ursula Steven.

Two years after the beginning of his career, Rihanna for the first time in her life cardinally changes her image and her haircut. Not only did she dye her hair with a radical black hairbrush, but she also cut her beans with straight bangs. Such changes have made the singer’s admirers very happy – the combination of refinement and dynamism of the image went to her incredibly.

The singer also liked black hair the following year, 2008. A slight change in Rihanna’s hairstyle to a shorter length was complemented by torn oblique bangs, which emphasized the beautiful cut of the eyes and neat features of the girl’s face.

The image change was timed to coincide with the release of the next album. But Rihanna does not stop at half-measures and next year gives preference to shaved sides.

Blonde Or Red: Which Rihanna’s Hairstyles Are Best?

Staying in the same color and image for a few years has never tempted a talented performer. In the autumn of 2011, she could be seen even in the image of a platinum blonde. Rihanna was even a few months old and wheat-blonde. But the color she did not like and the next experiment was red, bright and extravagant.

Missing her long hair, she built up her hair to be below her shoulders. She didn’t want to wait for her own curls to grow. The shades of red became darker and the hair became longer. The repainting followed in chestnut color. The singer’s admirers wanted her to return to the image with long flowing hair, but it wasn’t there.

Her Worst And Best Hairstyle

2013 was marked not only by new hits but also by an unusual haircut: whisky shaved with long hair. This experiment left no one indifferent. One liked the disgusting look, while others thought Rihanna’s hair was the worst of all.

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In the same year, at the awarding of the Grammy Rihanna struck everyone with beautiful omber combined with bright makeup. This hairstyle is considered one of the best by critics and admirers.

How do you feel about artificial gray hair? But Rihanna even liked it. For a long time not staying in the same image, the singer returned to the dark color of her hair and stopped building up strands.

Repetition Of Successful Incarnations Of Rihanna

Rihanna’s few hairstyles weren’t just successful, they became hits. Lady Gaga is probably jealous.

Stylish Ombre

In order to do the same hairstyle with the omber that the girl had on Grammy, you need to pick up the dark brown shades. These are not only deep but also harmoniously matching tones. To make your hair look the same as the rest of the style, stock up on red bright lipstick and gray shades. Eyes must be highlighted.

Short Asymmetry

Black hair and a short, clear haircut are a good combination. The length on the temples and the occipital part is minimal, and the bangs are stylish, torn, and long. It is also important to emphasize the eyes here, giving them similarity to cats, tempting and sensual. Bright pink lipstick is added to the image.

There are artists who rarely change their appearance dramatically, preferring one image to one of their fans. Rihanna is clearly not one of them. Sometimes the change of style was an internal need, sometimes – dictated by the wishes of fashion houses with which the singer collaborated. Given the young singer’s youth, we can expect that in the future she will surprise us more than once.

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