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Have you ever wanted to be a redhead? It’s a rare wish, isn’t it? But there are some stars who make us gnash our teeth with envy, their hair color is so beautiful. Whether natural or by choice, red-haired women attract attention everywhere. And in Hollywood, that often means being on the big screen. This fiery shade is as attention-grabbing as it is attainable. And like any other family of hair dyes, there are many variations to suit your style.

Today, in this article let’s praise these lucky ladies who are lucky enough to be born with such beautiful hair or to find an amazing stylist.

Beautiful And Gorgeous Female Red-Headed Celebrities

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Emma Roberts

We adore this young actress not only for her talent but also for the fiery color of her hair that shades her white skin.

Amy Adams

This beautiful woman likes to amaze the audience with great styling. The only thing that remains unchanged is the red hair color contrasting with Amy’s blue eyes!

Sophie Turner

The star of the Game of Thrones boasts strikingly shiny red hair.

Chiara Ferragni

The popular blogger was originally a blonde, but after dyeing her hair in copper, she didn’t miss it!

Julianne Moore

Probably the most famous redheaded beauty of our time, distinguished by her amazing fidelity to her hair color.

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Jessica Chastain

The sensual and unique Jessica knows what suits her best!

Christina Hendricks

Bright and cheerful Christine shines even more visibly with this shade!

Sienna Miller

The style icon never does anything to ruin it. And a new shade of hair is no exception!

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Beautiful and exotic Rihanna loves experiments! She has surpassed herself with this hair color, especially decorating herself with bright accessories.

Rachel McAdams

A completely unexpected step on Rachel’s part, dressed in blond hair for a long time. This time the actress decided to make the world brighter, for which we are grateful.

Agnes Dane

The popular model and actress has grown her hair and changed its color, adding to the ranks of red hair beauties.

Felicia Day

The shredded bean combined with the hooligan hair color made Felicia a real mischievous woman!

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Jena Malone

The participant in the Hunger Games demonstrated that red color can add tenderness and romance, especially in combination with retro style.

Karen Elson

The supermodel is renowned for their red curls that wonderfully accentuate her blue eyes and English rose skin.

Emma Stone

The actress has tried all the available hair colors, but we love her most of all with red hair.

Rachelle Lefevre

An inspiring example of how a change in hair color can affect your overall image. Blonde Rachel is clearly losing to red Rachel.

Bella Thorne

Bella’s hair is so natural and beautiful!

Lindsay Lohan

The famous chameleon, Lindsay, being a natural redhead, has rarely pleased us recently with its natural shade of hair. But, at the premiere of her new film, she decided to surprise her fans again.

Katy Perry

Ex-Malvina finally decided to try the red hair! The light ginger shade made Katy more feminine, don’t you think?

Scarlett Johansson

A sexy actress used to have a lot of red hair. And we didn’t mind!

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Blake Lively

Blake’s hair is envious of both her fans and her girlfriends, but few have seen her with a ginger hue that suits her very well.

Drew Barrymore

She decided to stop being blonde and change her image dramatically, becoming much brighter with the new color!

Florence Welch

Have you ever seen the color of your hair more saturated?

Nicola Roberts

Taking the crown from Geri Halliwell as the most famous redheaded pop singer, Nicola experimented with hair color. But nothing dyes her more than this striking shade of red coral.

Isla Fisher

The owner of the thickest hair in Hollywood, Isla, also boasts a striking shade of chestnut.

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Ana Matronic

Rock singer from Scissor Sisters knows how to make hair color work for you!

Rose McGowan

Changing her natural hair color during the epic with Merlin Manson, Rose finally remembered how she looks like a redhead!

Debra Messing

A comedy actress never changes the color of her hair, knows how it wins her beauty! All her experiments and her thirst for new things end only with the fact that she acquires a new, lighter or darker shade of red.

Ashlee Simpson

There’s no doubt that Ashley looks a lot more spectacular with this hair color.

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