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Look Posh & Elegant In These Leopard Prints

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Animal prints are never out of fashion. Every season and every year people are talking about it, be it on Instagram or runway models, “animal prints are the trend”. But it’s the same print. If something is new, it is purely a matter of interpretation, even then people are crazy about it.

Dresses with leopard stuffing are for bright and beautiful ladies. Not many people can wear it with a sense of purpose. The question is not “should you” or “shouldn’t you” own an animal print. Every fashionista should own at least one piece of this print, be it a dress, top, a pair of shoes, a scarf, or a bag. So the question is – how do you do it right?

In the article, we will tell you some important rules that will help you look great in leopard print clothes.

Personal Guide On How To Wear A Leopard Print?

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Rule Number 1- Color

In order to make your outfit look noble, it is important that in addition to leopard print clothes, black and beige colors are used, which echo the leopard pattern itself. If you are collecting a bow in a casual style with a leopard pattern, then in this case it is permissible to use a dark brown color other than black and beige and also wear dark blue jeans.

If you choose a leopard print in grey, the additional colors of the image are gray and black, respectively.

Rule Number 2- Texture

The Animal print in itself is a bright accent, so all the other things in the suit should be calm and concise. Preferably matte. The use of sequins and rhinestones in clothing is not acceptable.

Rule Number 3- Accessories

Accessories are just concise. Choose gold from metals. Again, we use the rule – less is better.

Rule Number 3- Combinations With Other Prints

A leopard suit should only be wearing monochrome clothing, and no other prints should be included in such an outfit. Pea, cage, and other patterns will only reduce the price of your image and break the harmony.

Usually, it is quite enough to have one object with animal print, but it is possible to use two things with leopard padding, and they should be combined with each other in the shade of beige in the print and the picture itself.

Leopard Dress

In a leopard dress, you’ll definitely draw your eyes. But do not forget that the dress itself is the dominant one, and the rest of the wardrobe details should be neutral – a black leather jacket or jacket, shoes on a heel, a laconic bag.

Leopard Coat

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Leopard Jacket

Leopard jacket – for bright and stylish women of fashion. We combine it with a black chiffon blouse, tightening turtleneck, beige long sleeves Bottom – a black leather skirt or jeans. Shoes – black or brown pair on a heel.

Leopard Clutch

A Leopard clutch is a universal thing that can complement the image and give a special gloss and chic look and enhance your personality. The main thing is to follow the rules on the combination of texture and color. Do not combine a clutch with a sweater with large knitted, bright clothes and too massive accessories.


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