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Velvet Corduroy: Try This Trendy Fabric In Fashion

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Velvet is back in fashion. This fall, it’s undeniably velvety, and we’re just as obsessed with it as the rest of the world. Already this season it is one of the main trends, and more and more clothes from this fabric appear on the hangers of stores.

Let’s know why this velvet is back in fashion?

Velvet provides texture—which, when you think about it, is really the best thing about cold-weather fashion. But if you don’t want to wear velvet all day, every day, there’s another fabric in the fashion crowd this season, and it’s just as casual and classic, but a lot cooler than velvet—corduroy!

Classic collegiate ’70s dresses can be easily dressed up with a fur jacket and metallic ankle boots or loafers and a graphic tee. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even pair corduroy with velvet.

Today we will tell you how to choose corduroy fabrics and what to mix them with. You don’t have to go far from your comfort zone to try any trend. So what’s the delay, let’s start.

Trendy Women Velvet Corduroy Collection

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Distinctive Features

Velvet is another echo of the fashion of the 70s, and this style is gaining popularity. This dense fabric has a very soft, velvety, and voluminous texture, in contrast to velvet, it is not made of silk, but of relatively fine cotton yarn.

Things made of velvet are suitable for any season, but for the autumn-winter months, they are especially relevant. At different angles, the fabric can change its shade, and if there is a handheld on it, the glossy shine will be replaced by a matte texture and vice versa. Velvet is rarely combined with light and flowing fabrics, but simple knitted tops, turtlenecks, jumpers, and cardigans will look great with it. When choosing shoes it is better to give preference to smooth textures, and textile options with prints and patterns should be avoided.

Velveteen Dress

A velveteen dress is a thing you can wear in summer and winter. In the cold season, it can be combined with a sweater or tight turtleneck, and in the warm season – with a short top. Now it is very fashionable to add buttons to the front of a skirt or dress, so sundresses with this detail will also look very stylish and relevant. Things with a bright pattern or print for this combination will not work, so it is better to choose more monotonous models.


A velvet skirt is another all-season thing. As a rule, these models assume landing on the waist and are often decorated with buttons at the front. The rules for selecting the top for the skirt are the same as for a sundress – give preference to simple monotonous things. For the summer season, you can choose a skirt in light shades – beige, pink, mustard, or bright red. But for winter, deeper and more saturated shades – wine, burgundy, dark blue, brown, emerald, or black – will be perfect.


Not a single wardrobe will be needed without corduroy trousers. The image with them is cozy, elegant, and stylish at the same time. The trouser shapes can be chosen differently depending on your shape, but I would like to pay attention to the models of claws and bootcut – they are especially relevant in this season. Simple sweaters and cardigans are ideal for these trousers. It is very easy to assemble an easy and relaxed image for every day.

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The combination is a fashionable style that has already taken its place in the wardrobe of modern fashionistas. It can be an excellent alternative to a similar model of denim, as due to the complex texture it looks much more interesting. When choosing such a suit, please note that it will sit slightly loosely, not on the cover. It can be worn both with high heels and low heels. Again, such a thing does not require excessive decor, bright prints, and other details. It is good for everyday image – comfortable, warm, and stylish.


Velvet is perfect for a jacket or jacket. The dense fabric will keep warm and the velvety texture will add a highlight to the image. This jacket fits perfectly with almost any item, whether it is a dress or simple jeans. If you like 70’s style, feel free to choose such a thing for your wardrobe.

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