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All About Comfortable And Fashionable Men’s Sports Shoes  

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Sports shoes, undoubtedly, lead the list of popular trends that have firmly entered modern fashion over the past decade. We all know that running with the right pair of shoes can feel like flying. Spot shoes provide protection, support, shock absorption, and bounce, as comfort comes first. It seems that until recently, sneakers were worn exclusively for sports and nature walks – today we see them everywhere, on city streets, in restaurants and clubs, and sometimes even at the office and at functions. With the right pair of sports shoes, everyone becomes more stylish if they know how to coordinate with clothing.

Want to learn more about how to choose and combine sports shoes? Today we will scroll into more detail about men’s sports shoes. Express yourself confidently with these stylish shoes

How To Choose And Mix Men’s Sports Shoes?

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Men’s Sports Shoes And Their Varieties

Men’s sports shoes are very popular these days, but in order to choose the right pair, it is necessary to understand their varieties.


Sneakers – the most popular model of men’s sports shoes.

Sneakers – Comfortable shoes with an ergonomic rubber sole and a fairly massive, often perforated, top made of textiles or leather. The first models of such a plan appeared at the beginning of the XX century, and in the middle of the 1920s, they were launched into mass production by the German company Adidas, which is still one of the world leaders in the production of sports shoes.

For several decades, sneakers were used exclusively for sports, and gradually the models were divided into areas by sport: in separate categories were shoes designed for running, football, basketball, tennis, etc. Since the late 1970s, sneakers have been gradually becoming a part of everyday fashion, and recently they have been firmly established as a full-fledged element of casual style.


Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star – the most popular sneakers in the world.

Sneakers are a type of sports shoe on a flat rubber sole and a smooth cloth top, less often leather. The height of the classic sneakers is higher than the ankle, but gradually gained popularity and low models.

If the history of sneakers is inextricably linked with such companies as Adidas and Nike, the classic sneakers are recognized as the model of Chuck Taylor All-Star by the American brand Converse, which was released in the 1920s and is still popular in a slightly modern form.

Initially, sneakers were also used mainly for sports, and due to the lightness and low price, this model of shoes quickly spread throughout the world, including the USSR, where the sailing shoes were standardized in GOST. Towards the end of the 20th century, this shoe model became associated with various subcultures, such as skaters.

Today we will dwell on this in more detail.


Sneakers are an essential element of modern street style.

Sneakers are the newest subspecies of sports shoes, located between sneakers and sneakers. More massive than sneakers, however, they cannot be classified as sneakers, as they were originally designed not as sports shoes, but as an element of street style. Sneakers are often particularly brightly designed and often produced by brands that have not previously worked with sports shoes.


Boots are the only type of men’s sports shoes that are really used only for sports.

Boots are nowadays known as sports shoes to separate them from sneakers, sneakers, and sneakers for everyday wear. These models are characterized by the use of the most modern technological elements (special insoles and the shape of the soles, spikes, and breathable fabrics), as well as often there are bright acid colors and visible logos of sports brands.

This type of footwear is not designed to be combined with everyday clothing.

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How To Choose Sports Shoes

First of all, you need to decide where exactly you plan to wear the new pair of shoes. For sports or fitness, you need sneakers designed for physical activity. These models are best chosen in specialized sports shops (for example, from such brands as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, etc.) and pay attention to the device of the sole and used materials: sneakers should breathe, soften the load on the foot, reduce the impact while running.

Sneakers for sports and outdoor activities should have not only a spectacular design but also technological elements.

Sneakers for outdoor activities, such as long walks in nature, are subject to less stringent requirements, but they also prefer breathable materials such as perforated fabrics for the summer or, in the case of less favorable climatic conditions, waterproof materials such as Gore-Tex. It is also better to choose such shoes in sports shops, but it is worth paying attention not to the sections for running and sports, but to the sections for active rest or everyday wear.

Sneakers for everyday wear can be found in the shops of your favorite brand of clothing.

If you need a new pair of stylish sneakers or a sneaker for every day, the choice is greatly expanded: in addition to directly sports brands, these models now produce virtually all brands of shoes. Among the sneaker manufacturers, New Balance is a great success, but the sneaker fans prefer Converse and Vans. Often interesting models can be found in clothing stores: many manufacturers of jeans, outerwear, or collections of casual and urban styles produce sneakers to offer the buyer a complete image.

How To Combine Sports Shoes With Casual Style

In order to harmoniously blend sports shoes into the everyday image, it is necessary to remember that such models, unlike some more classic ones, are selected not according to the color of trousers, but according to the colors and style of all clothes.

Bright sneakers can be an excellent accent in a neutral image, composed, for example, of sports trousers and T-shirts or jeans and sweatshirts.

Sneakers can be combined with a checkered shirt and skinny pants, jeans with a leather jacket, shorts with a bright T-shirt, etc.

Beige sneakers perfectly complement the everyday look of jeans, shirts, and jackets.

The most versatile type of sports shoes is black or white sneakers, which fit absolutely everything from trench coats to trench coats and tweed jackets.

It is also important to remember that straight jeans or classic-length trousers are best combined with sneakers or flat-soled sneakers. Bright, massive sneakers with an ergonomic sole and such clothes will look too massive, they are better suited to the everyday style, along with skinny and shortened jeans or sportswear.

How To Combine Sports Shoes With Business Clothes

For a stylish and bold look, you can combine sports shoes with a business suit. This technique has long been tried out by stars appearing in such sets at all events, up to the red carpet at the Oscar.

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Singer Nick Jonas wears his favorite sneakers even at official events.

The combination of a strict costume with a sports shoe gives the image a highlight, but in order not to cross the line of tastelessness, it is necessary to follow certain rules. Firstly, the model and color of the shoes should be neutral, the ideal option would be white shoes. Secondly, it is better to choose narrow enough trousers, you can also tilt your pants. Don’t forget to use special short socks for sports shoes in this case! Another win-win option to combine with sneakers will be a set of classic jackets and a white shirts with smooth blue jeans.

A suit with white sneakers is a great choice for summer.

If you’ve worn sports shoes exclusively for jogging in the morning before, you might want to reconsider this rule. Sneakers, sneakers, or sneakers can help you create stylish, yet very comfortable images for every day.

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