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The industry of hairdresser art is actively developing every year and there are plenty of salons that focus on the beauty needs of women, but what about men? It is for them that the barbershop is built. The barber industry has seen many ups and downs, to say the least. It almost went extinct in the late 90s and early 2000s, but it certainly made a comeback over the next few years.

There is no denying that, nowadays, the popularity of barbershops has skyrocketed in the last few years. Alternatively, nowadays people are growing beards which require more maintenance. So, in response to that growing trend, airbrushing is becoming a popular method for maintaining well-maintained facial hair.

Barbershops And Male Grooming Trends Nowadays

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What Is The Difference Between A Barbershop And A Regular Hair Dresser?

Almost all the space in standard beauty salons is reserved for the women’s lounge. Men have to settle for small halls or chairs somewhere in the most secluded corners of the institution and standard hairstyles. Who would have thought that it is for men that will create separate barbershops – barbershops. Many people will find it outrageous, but the main feature of barbershops – the entrance is open only for the stronger sex, women are not allowed in them. It is in such salons that men can not only get the full range of necessary services but also relax in a purely male company. Barbershop’s hall consists of many details that can be considered the whole day, and the design gives preference to the finishing of wood. In the salon, every man will be offered tea or other drink, including whiskey. The waiting time of the master can be passed not for reading fashion magazines, but for playing a game of games, billiards, or just a conversation with other men, during which you can not restrain your emotions.

Instead of universal barbershops, barbershops are equipped with barbershops – a specially trained master who has to follow all the trends in men’s fashion and be able to manage not only with hair but also with a beard. Such salons will help the stronger sex to get rid of excess facial hair with the help of wax or other cosmetic methods, to make a fashionable haircut or just shorten the length of the beard, to tidy up or make it a fashionable perm. Here every man will be able to cardinally change the color of his hair or disguise the appearance of gray hair, do a manicure, or just equalize whiskey. Barber will help you to choose the style that is most suitable for a certain man. A distinctive feature of the women’s salons is the reigning atmosphere of relaxation, reminiscent of the one that usually happens in old bars on the outskirts of cities.

A Little History

The first resemblances of salons for men appeared in ancient Greece. It was in them that men with self-respect went to get a haircut, cut their beards slightly, or twist them. Visiting the men’s salons was as mandatory a must as visiting the terms (public baths). It was in them that it was possible not only to have a good time but also to learn all the social news. Barbershops of that time were popular not only among the middle strata of the population but also among highly respected gentlemen. Who would have thought, but the ban on wearing beards in ancient Greece was introduced in the days of Alexander the Great. It is connected with the fact that during the battle enemy soldiers grabbed riders for beards and pulled them off horses and then killed them.

At a certain point in time, such salons were directly related to surgery. Bloodshed monks were forbidden by the barbers of the time to do so. Since then, it has been possible not only to trim the beard in the men’s salons but also to set an enema.

Over time, hairdressers were forbidden to engage in surgical activities. The only reminder of those times were the cylindrical columns painted in red and white stripes, which indicated that the salon provided shaving and surgical services.

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What Happened To Barbershops In Russia?

The role of men’s hairdressers in Russia was performed by barbers. They appeared in the XIX century. It was then that the trends of the West were actively adopted. In many ways, the services of the barber were similar to those of a barber. They were also engaged in haircuts, beards, perms, and styling. In addition, many barbers acted as bath attendants. A distinctive feature was that in the XIX century, the barber had to look for people with all their goodness right on the street and there to provide their services. Gradually, this industry developed, but because of the wars, it fell into disrepair.

Barbershops became active in Russia in the early 2000s. In 2014, there were only 4 such salons in Moscow. After a couple of years, their number increased dozens of times, and the range of services provided expanded. They became popular not only among young men but also among aged men who take care of themselves.

Future Of Barbershops

The beards have only recently become fashionable again in 2013. Men all over the world began to actively grow vegetation on the face, care for it, give it a fantastic shape, and paint it in different colors. Modern fashion is designed in such a way that the trends that have passed away in the summer are once again becoming popular, but with some improvements. The same applies to barbershops, which will be in great demand for at least another 10 years. Men’s barbershops, which are now located only in large cities, will gradually reach the outback, thanks to the great demand for their services and the desire of men to look brutal and well-groomed.

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