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Studying men’s wardrobe, there are not many things that make a man attractive and elegant. One of these wardrobe items can be called a sports jacket. It is worth wearing it on a classic or casual shirt and people around you will immediately note your excellent style and image.

A sports jacket or casual jacket, as it were, balances between a strict business dress code and business casual style, remaining “its” in both cases. Of course, this is very convenient, especially if you like comfort, and the rules of the company or society require compliance with the dress code.

Style Your Sports Jacket With Any Outfit With Ease

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Why Sports Jacket?

A well-selected size and, most importantly, correctly sewn jacket, according to the man’s torso, can make a little fat man slim, and too thin – larger. This is especially noticeable if you pay attention to the width of the shoulders and back of the sports jacket, which clearly stand out the masculine features.

The jacket is very comfortable and functional. As a rule, a sports jacket is made of warm materials, so it will warm you up in cold winters. In addition, the jacket has a lot of pockets for storing small things, phones, purses, and so on. It’s great, because it’s very uncomfortable to wear things in narrow trousers, and sometimes you want to leave your briefcase at home.

A casual jacket makes you stand out from the crowd. As a rule, all fabrics have an interesting/unusual color and pattern. You will have new opportunities to diversify your image with colored accessories that match the shade of your sports jacket. For example, choose a colorful handkerchief or knitted tie.

Casual jacket

What Makes A Jacket Sporty?

Initially, the jacket was worn as normal everyday clothes without trousers for hunting or sporting events. Hence the name “sports jacket”. Later, some changes in English traditions, and the jacket became acceptable in more official events. In some schools, for example, a sports jacket is part of the uniform for boys.

How Should A Sports Jacket Fit

A sports jacket is a more casual version of a suit jacket or even a blazer. There is an opinion that a casual jacket should sit more loosely than a classic jacket, but not everyone supports this statement.

However, a casual jacket allows you to move your arms and torso with more comfort, and you feel less restricted in everything. However, the size, nevertheless, it is necessary to pick up the size in the own constitution. A jacket that is too hanging is not suitable.

Sports jacket

Men's sports jacket with plain and striped t-shirt along with black and blue jeans for winter season

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Sports Jacket Fabrics

The sports jacket can be made of wool, cotton, and a mixture of these two natural materials. In addition, there is a large variety of thread thicknesses that are used to make the fabric, as well as the textile’s pattern.

The Casual Cotton jacket is perfect for summer use; the woolen jacket is more suitable for winter.

The most common types of thread weaves are tweed, flannel, corduroy, and suede. In addition, there are a great number of patterns and prints of fabrics: caged, striped, “bird’s eye”, herringbone, and so on.

The blazer guide

The blazer guide , sports jacket fabrics like tweet, flannel, velvet, suede

Sports Jacket Styles

The sports jacket is characterized by a huge variety of styles that have evolved over the past 100 years. Focused on the sporting purpose, the casual jacket has been designed with comfortable pockets, and leather patches on the elbows and shoulders to prevent stretching and wear and tear. In addition, there are models with theater ticket pockets, leather buttons, and even long models in the form of sports coats with folds on the back for convenience and flexibility during movement.

Men’s sports jacket

Men's full sleeve casual striped and plain jacket with blue and black jeans for winter season

What To Wear A Sports Jacket With

Since the sports jacket is casual wear, the rest of the items should be from the same category. However, there are things that fit best with a casual jacket, so let’s disassemble them separately.

Sports jacket and shirt

These two things fit together perfectly and complement each other. When trying on a sports jacket shirt, the same rules apply as when using a suit; the cuffs of the shirt should look out from under the sleeves of the jacket at 1-1.5 cm.

Casual shirts with button collars are the preferred option for a sports jacket, especially if you play with a combination of colors and patterns from both wardrobe items.

Some men wear polo shirts or regular T-shirts under their jackets. You should feel the style and make sure you don’t make a mistake, otherwise, you risk looking ridiculous. Recently, it has been fashionable to wear a casual jacket with a turtleneck, jeans, and classic shoes. Looks pretty good.

Men’s formal & sports jacket

Men's cotton and tweed sports jacket with blue, plaid, pink shirt for casual look

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Sports Jacket And Trousers

When selecting trousers for sports jackets, it is important to choose a different pattern from the jacket. In fact, one of the main ideas of a sports jacket is its difference from the strict canons of the business dress code. Therefore, putting on the same design and color jacket and trousers, you put on a strict suit.

As an option, buy monochrome flannel or cotton trousers brown or khaki, you can choose the color of the picture or print the fabric of a sports jacket. This way you will not disturb the harmony and will achieve the set goal of creating the right style.

Besides, it becomes more and more fashionable to wear a sports jacket with dark blue jeans, we will talk about it in the next article.

Sports Jacket And Shoes

The type of shoes you choose will be an indirect indication of the style you choose. Let me explain: sports sneakers will say that you have chosen a more casual, everyday style; leather Oxfords or Loafers will say that you have chosen a business casual style.

Men’s sports sneakers

Men's sports jacket and jeans with brown brogues, rubber boots and beige shoes for casual winter season

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