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How to Select Tie To Match Tweed Jacket

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Everyone should have a tweed jacket! These are clothes that will never go out of fashion. It is a versatile and elegant jacket that is perfect for autumn and winter.

Although the tweed sports jacket was created centuries ago in Scotland, it still remains a stylish garment that blends in with the narrow casual style trousers. The stylish jacket needs to be matched with a nice tie, which will harmonize with both the shirt and the tweed jacket pattern. I suggest to disassemble 5 interesting ties that will fit under an elegant tweed jacket.

Although the tweed jacket is quite exquisite, you don’t have to be rich to afford such a classic piece of men’s wardrobe. On sales you can buy a tweed jacket for only 50-100 dollars. Below I have chosen 5 styles of ties that fit into tweed jackets.

5 Styles of Tie To Match Tweed Jacket

Repeat Stripe Or Striped Tie

Looking for a classic and truly British gentlemanly style? There’s no better choice than to combine a tweed jacket with a classic striped tie.

Choose a classic tie, but one that can add contrast.

The ideal colors are cherry red, burgundy, dark green, and dark blue.

Repp stripe & regimental ties

Repp Stripe & Regimental Ties for any occasion

Paisley’s Pattern

Paisley’s pattern, which is also called a noble ornament, cucumber or “Allah’s tears”, is an ideal example for a tweed jacket.

Although Paisley was created in India in the 16th century, he still manages to add a special elegance to things.

Tip: Choose Paisley’s tie in bold classic colors such as red, yellow, rich green and blue.

Bold paisleys

Bold Paisleys tie for any occasion

Knitted Narrow Ties

Tweed jacket, similar in style to classic clothes, it is very good for a variety of wardrobe of modern men.

It all depends on what accessories you add to this piece, and a knitted narrow tie will fit perfectly.

Complete this combination with a blue shirt, narrow jeans and old-fashioned leather boots.

Knitted skinny ties

Knitted skinny burgundy tie for any occasion How to Select Tie To Match Tweed Jacket

Striped Wool Ties

Another great addition that adds a more modern style to your tweed jacket is a narrow tie made of wool. Rough tie wool is not only the ideal insulation for cold winters, but it also adds an interesting pattern.

The narrow tie (ideally 2.5″ – 2.75″) adds a young and stylish look to your tie.

Wool striped tie

Wool striped ties for any occasion How to Select Tie To Match Tweed Jacket

Bold Striped Ties

If all the dim autumn colors are too common for you, add more life to your tweed jacket with a two-color tie with one bright color and another more classic and restrained.

The tie in bright gold and blue, which is shown below, fits perfectly: it adds bright colors to the classic look.

Bright gold and blue striped ties

Bold striped tie for any occasion How to Select Tie To Match Tweed Jacket

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