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Summer Men’s Clothing: What To Wear In Hot Weather

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Summer continues, and every day the thermometer rises higher and higher. Someone went to the country house, and someone on the sea to sunbathe. And those who stayed in the city are satisfied with walks in parks and alleys. The choice of summer clothes in our wardrobe is still relevant.

How should a modern young man dress in hot summer weather, while remaining in a presentable form? We answer the question in today’s article.

Characteristics Of Summer Men’s Clothing

Wear light clothes in summer. Choose fabrics made of breathable natural material such as cotton, linen or wool (ideal for official summer events). If you are in the open sun, try to cover your arms and legs with clothing to avoid overheating and burning.

Breathable fabric + natural material + light tones + free cut = COMFORT HOT SUMMER

Allow yourself a free cut of clothes. These clothes allow air to flow under them. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear a size or two larger than you need. Remember that dark colors do not reflect light, but absorb it, so they are hotter. On a sunny day, a white cotton shirt with long-sleeved buttons will be much cooler than a black polyester shirt.

Taking Care Of Yourself In Hot Weather

A man should be clean before he dresses in summer clothes. The smell of sweat should not be a prior, If you need to shower twice a day, do so. Use deodorant, shampoo and soap with a pleasant smell. Choose a men’s perfume, which is especially important to use in hot weather.

Clothes should be clean and free of sweat stains. Tastefully dressed people will never wear stained clothes, even if they firmly believe that people will not notice. You respect yourself, don’t you?

Men’s Summer t-Shirt

In the summer, most men prefer to wear T-shirts. They belong to everyday casual clothes, so it is not possible to go to a serious event in them. There are T-shirts with long and short sleeves, the latter are considered summer t-shirts.

Typical places to wear summer t-shirts:

  • Park
  • Beach
  • Cafe
  • Bar
  • Country house
  • Store.

Buying a summer men’s T-shirt make sure it is made of 100% cotton. It should not be translucent enough to show the shape of the body. Pay attention to the correct shape in the torso area: too loose will make you smaller than you are, while too tight will make you a stretched sausage.

Men’s summer T-shirt

Men's light blue round neck t-shirt with burgundy trousers for casual look

Think twice before wearing a T-shirt if you can wear a short or long sleeve polo. Yes, everyone wears T-shirts, but in most situations a short-sleeved shirt with a collar is the best choice because of its versatility. Even a designer’s T-shirt for 5000 rubles is better than a polo for 1500 rubles, because the latter has a collar – a hint of a formal dress code.

Navy blue round neck t-shirt

Men's navy blue round neck t-shirt with denim jeans for casual look

Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt

As the name suggests, the polo shirt first appeared on the playgrounds. As a rule, polo is made of 100% cotton, which absorbs moisture perfectly. This is very important when doing sports.

Typical places where it is appropriate to wear polo:

  • Work
  • Picnic
  • Cafe or Summer restaurant
  • A date
  • Business trips.

Today, polo increasingly appears in men’s wardrobe in the summer season. All colors and prints are acceptable when it comes to everyday wear. If you decide to match the smart casual or business casual dress code, you should follow the classic monotonous variants: dark blue, green, gray, beige, white.

Fancy polo neck T shirt

Men blue fancy polo neck T shirt with trousers for casual or daily look

Types of fabrics can be different: both smooth and textured. In addition to cotton, fabrics can add synthetics to improve appearance, shape and quality.

Men's blue and white polo neck t-shirt with jeans for summer casual look

Short-Sleeved Shirt With Buttons

Classic short-sleeve shirt – a compromise between everyday wear and business dress code. On the one hand, the short-sleeve shirt resembles a polo shirt. On the other hand, the shirt is made of dense cotton fabric similar to that used for classic shirts.

The only difficulty is choosing the length of the short sleeve. The shorter the sleeve, the more everyday the shirt is considered to be. The best choice is a short sleeve shirt that covers the biceps by 60-70%. Pay special attention to the width of the sleeve opening. If your hands are thin, do not buy a shirt with wide sleeves. Otherwise, you will look stupid.

Short-sleeved printed white shirt

Men's short-sleeved printed white shirt with beige trousers for casual look

Typical places to wear a short-sleeved shirt with buttons:

  • Work
  • Not a very formal business meeting
  •  Summer restaurant or cafe.

There are varieties of short-sleeved shirts with a casual style bias. Additionally, breast pockets, sleeves or shoulder patches (epaulets) and other decorative elements are sewn on. In addition, the shirts are sewn from different fabrics, different from the classic, using different colors and prints.

Men’s polka dots navy and light blue shirt

Men's polka dots navy and light blue shirt with white and black trousers for casual and office look

Long-Sleeved Shirt Under The Suit

Long-sleeved shirt is not the best choice in 30-degree heat, but it corresponds to a strict business dress code. The main recommendation will concern the choice of light tones: light blue shirt, light purple shirt, white shirt, etc. You can diversify your wardrobe and buy a shirt made of textured fabric, for example, from the fabric “in the Christmas tree” (Herringbone) or jacquard fabric (Dobby).

Typical places to wear a long-sleeved shirt:

  • Work
  • Formal business meeting
  • Summer restaurant or cafe
  • Date.

By the way, if you feel hot in your shirt, you can roll up your sleeves in different ways.

Khaki pant and blue shirt

Men's khaki pants and blue shirt with striped tie for office look

A Body Shirt – Protection Or An Extra Element?

You can wear a body shirt under a short or long sleeve shirt. It is made of 100% cotton and allows you to slightly protect the shirt from moisture (sweat). It’s best to give preference to a V-neck shirt. In this case, you can unbutton the top button of the shirt and the shirt will not be visible.

On the other hand, putting on another layer of clothing in the heat may seem illogical. Therefore, you will have to choose what is more important: protection from sweat or more coolness. For example, for a wedding, if it takes place in the summer, I would advise you to wear a T-shirt. If you are sweating a lot, take an extra replacement T-shirt with you.

Summer Jacket Or Suit

There are celebrations in the summer that need to look good. Weddings, parties, graduations, birthdays, etc, are called for an official dress code. In such cases, a summer jacket or suit should be worn.

Summer Classic Wool Suit

The suit or jacket can be made of wool, cotton, linen and various combinations of these materials. Woolen summer suits should be sewn from very thin wool, with Super 130’S – 150’S characteristics. The durability of this suit is not the best, but it is very comfortable to walk in hot weather. There are also suits with “Cool Wool” label on sale. This fabric is made of merino wool, which copes with the heat perfectly.

Noah Huntley blue suit set

Noah Huntley blue suit set with white shirt and blue tie for office look

Summer Classic Cotton Suit

Cotton summer suits or jackets are the most everyday option. The natural properties of cotton – to absorb moisture along with its strength and endurance, make it the choice for those who want to be stylish. However, because of the tendency to crumple jackets, which require frequent attention, they are considered everyday.

Men's blue suit with white shirt and blue tie for business look

Summer Classic Suit Made Of Sirsaker fabric

Summer classic suits made of seersucker fabric are a great option for hot summers. The origin of this fabric is Indian, but now it is actively used in Europe and on the American continents. Usually, it is made of cotton with a striped pattern (blue, brown, gray, though there are other colors).

The peculiarity of the sirsaker fabric is the low tension of the thread, where the two are intertwined into one. The result is an incredible breathable fabric that allows air to easily penetrate through it. It should be noted that suits made of such fabric are a casual variant and it is not worth going to a formal business meeting in it.

Men’s striped light blue suit formal business meeting

Men's striped light blue suit set with blue tie and white shirt for formal business meeting

Summer Classic Flax Suit

Len, like cotton, is of vegetable origin. It has the peculiarity of absorbing moisture and dissipating it; it is resistant to high temperatures. However, linen fabrics are often coarse (read: the structure of the fabric can be hard and fluffy, not smooth as woolen fabric) and easily crease, making them not very popular. Hence the high cost, as few factories sew such suits + low demand compared to cotton or wool.

White linen suit

white men's linen suit lightweight classic trousers combined with a summer shirt will replace business suits

However, despite the cost, a good linen suit or jacket is a great (perhaps the best) escape from overheating in hot weather.

Do You Need A Summer Jacket Lining?

The presence or absence of a lining is another method of increasing the breathability of a suit or jacket. Jackets without lining are ideal for warm weather, as they do without extra layers of fabric. However, in this way they are less formal and more suitable for casual items of clothing.

Unlined jacket

Men grey underlined jacket for winter season

There are also shortened jackets to provide sufficient ventilation, but they are not perfect. These jackets are quite suitable for a business suit, the only thing you should pay attention to is the lining material. It should be highly hygroscopic, i.e. it should not allow sweat and moisture to pass through.

Choosing summer men’s clothing, we have to find a compromise between comfort and dress code. Before you buy, you need to clearly understand for what purpose you buy a T-shirt, shirt or suit. Is it possible to experiment with different properties and types of fabric? Answering simple questions, buy the most appropriate clothes.

Summer Clothing (Stylish and Protective) To Make Summer More Enjoyable

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