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Beauty is in the eyes of beholder as we have heard of it, we have seen but some females are conscious about their weight issues and they try to hide themselves. So, there is a saying “carrying yourself with confidence is what matters the most”. For some people looking slimmer gives them confidence, satisfaction and happiness they want. So here we will discuss few ways by you can look skinnier in jeans.

Before discussing this let us get a fact straight that body shape is one of the features which every person gets by birth, it can be through their parents or either this could be because of an individual’s metabolism during her young days. One of the major reasons can be growth in body during adolescent year. Few girls become busty at that specific, some gain muscular and some get ideal shape. This some times leads to girls being too conscious about their body, which makes them upset and when it comes to a girl being upset every thing turns tipsy turvy when it comes to a girl’s mood getting spoiled.

This all complexion about the body comes in a girl’s mind when they go to dress themselves up. The dress can change every person’s mind. As we know we can not change a metabolism of a person. So, we can here suggest few ways through which few girls who lack confidence because of these complexions can show get their confidence back.

1. Choosing the jeans

There are different kind of jeans that highlights differently and make people look more presentable or skinnier let us discuss them

  • High rise Jeans: High rise jeans is also regarded as high waist jeans by few women, it is a designed garment that adjust on the high that means above the wearer’s hips. It is usually 6 cm nearly higher than the wearer’s navel too.
  • Flare Jeans: Very famous product from mid 90s. It is also regarded as bell bottom jeans, that is why it is called flare. It is a style where pants or jeans becomes wider from the knees downwards, forming bell like shape of the lower’s leg.
  • Straight leg Jeans: This kind of jeans as the name suggests are jeans with the dress or jeans (silhouette) coming right down, straight without no curves or skinny thing at all. These jeans are manufactured into a consistent width. It fits the body but does not stick to it.
  • Stretch denim Pants: As the name says these jeans are made of denims that are stretchable, so that it stretches and does not makes body look more weirder in a way. They are really form fitting when compared, they are straight so it is a benefit.
  • Boyfriend jeans: This design as its name says is stolen from make’s garment it concentrates on the jeans that is loose. It was the name given as girls prefer wearing jeans from men’s wardrobe collection which was becoming the soul reason of the loss for the dress manufacturers.

As we have suggested the jeans, these jeans are made after keeping in mind to make wearer look slimmer and comfortable.

2. Body Type

Different kind of girls have different kind of body type as we mentioned earlier so there are few body types who needs to take care while they carry jeans. The body types like hourglass shape, pear shape and triangle shape should check out their ideal jeans type and wear it. This makes you look perfect.

3. Flaunt the body you have don’t hide it

  • Wear a Jeans with pocket in the back: jeans with a pocket in the back are really important deal as it will be the one which will either make you look thinny or curvy. So, wear a Jeans with no flap or less flap, ignore the jeans with buttons, design, studs, embroidery and cuts. Find a jean with big baggy pockets and take in care that don’t make your jeans look that baagy, just the pockets. This kind of thing will make the back portion look a bit small and will high lighten the curve too without making it look awkward.
  • Take care of your Jean’s inseam: First let us clear the meaning of inseam it means the length of jeans from end of leg to the crotch. Never buy jeans with long inseam, if you do that you won’t look long and slim in it. You’ll find yourself looking short even if you have a good height. But if your inseam is long and everything fits at right place, get the jeans tailored it actually need working.

4. Works on shirt or upper wear that’ll make you look slimmer in jeans

  • Prefer V neck: V neck line is the most preferable neck design shirt or upper wear a girl should try as it makes the person on other side look slim. How this works? It actually creates the coax of long height and makes you slim in a large frame. It also gives a illusion of having great neckline when the person has only double chins no long neck to flaunt about. Avoid wearing turtle neck or small neck or circular cut shirts it’ll make you look shorter and heavier bodied.
  • Shirt time: When you wear a shirt take in notice that you wear shirt with pointed collar as it helps in keeping up the confidence for the people looking at you. This creates an aura for people to look at your face more and not concentrate on the body.
  • No to same patterns: When we suggest this thing to you it means do not wear a shirt or t-shirt with a pattern that matches the pattern of your Jean’s. It makes the costume looks weird and makes people look at the jeans many times and noticing the body type of you/ person.
  • Pattern to prefer: If you are wearing a shirt or t-shirt with Jean make sure it compliments your Jean’s well and makes you look good and slim. Prefer the upper wear with vertical lines, it will not compliment the jeans but will make you look slim in it. Make sure that it is not monochromatic it will look weird on the person carrying it.
  • Take in care to wear same color of upper wear when you are wearing a jeans but prevent it when it comes to pattern, change the color.

5. Posture improves everything

Straight back: People tend to look slimmer, when they are straight and their back is not supported by anything. So, a piece of advice for the people who want to look slimmer please walk straight and sit straight so that you look taller and slimmer.

Heads held high: Walk of confidence is what you need, holding your head make you feel taller and that confidence makes people look your face.

6. Wear Shapewear

Few people lack out the confidence to carry themselves forward. So, to make them feel confident introduction of shapewear has been done so that few extra inches and bulges gets flatten and the features you have gets enhanced.

7. Carry heels

Try to wear heels, if you are not used to wearing heels try from wearing the short (wedges) type of heels. That way you won’t only look tall but you will look slim too.

8. Wear dark color

Wear dark color like black that enhances the physique. It is an extreme great quality of black that makes people look slim than any other color could have done.

At the end, only way to look slim and not create illusion is to workout, there are different workout routine and different snack set that can help you lose weight and look slim. Try working for 15-20 minutes a day. You will really see the effects. And I will also mention that please love the way you are as self love is the first kind of love you do.

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