How To Get Dimples With and Without Surgery

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Face is the very first body features anybody looks at, it has very own importance in everybody’s life. Face defines the individuality of every person; they can be differentiated on the different features everybody acquired. Different features that are present in the face are eyes that can be beautiful as almonds or small too, nose that is a very important differentiating features, then there is mouth that helps in speaking too and at the end cheeks.

Cheeks are the part of the face that are present on the either side of face below the eyes, surrounding nose. Cheeks acquire the largest area in the face. Few people have fluffy plump red cheeks, few people have thin cheeks. Even cheek bones help to define face type for people.

When we talk about cheeks there comes a special feature in it that differentiates cheeks of people, that is Dimple. Dimples are small indentations on the different surface of face like cheeks and chins.  They can also be defined as a small dent, hollow surface, imperfection on the face.

Looks like a small cleft on either side or cheeks or one side only. Dimple can be noticed on the face of a person who has it while he or she smiles. Presence of dimple has been considered as a sign of being attractive. People having dimple are considered charming in their own way. Because of this thing going around the world people are now dying to have dimples on their face. So, here we will discuss different ways of getting dimple on face.

How Dimples form?

Before suggesting the way there is a thing to be told that these dimples are that kind of feature which is gifted to few people because of their parent’s genes. It is also a scientific fact that people who have dimples on their cheek has a muscle missing from their cheek that leads to them having a hollow area that is a dimple. It is found a major dominant trait when studied about it by people.

So, now let us discuss the other ways to get dimple to be on cheek and get another attribute of attractiveness.

Ways To Get Dimples

1. Surgery

Most expensive but a permanent solution one can get for dimples. If you want dimples that badly, there are surgeons who are paid to make these kinds of dimple by surgery for you. This might cost a few bucks so, before investing please take in care to think about having one properly. Minor mistakes might take place when it comes to surgery take in care that your face can be damaged too.

2. Piercing

This is one of the most painful but interesting way to get a permanent dimple. It will cost you less than what surgery would have costed. You can get your cheek side pierced. This will have few benefits like you will get a dimple first of all. Secondly you can accessorize your cheeks too. This is new but people wear metal ring on different beautiful parts of their bodies and cheeks piercing is also coming nowadays. Problem with it is that while piercing it can hurt nerve and muscle of face that can cause great problems.

3. Make up

Make up is the way to create illusion for oneself. It has been really useful when it comes to look attractive or create different new illusions on face. It has been a great way to get confidence back so, not a big problem. You can use dark color like black or browner color eyeshadow and pencil to mark the area. Make a mark where you want to get a dimple, when it is done take eyebrow pencil and draw crescent like a moon shape. Smudge it and use contour, play with your make accordingly use it to suit your skin tone perfectly.

4. Exercises

It is believed in today’s world that doing exercise can make you achieve every thing you want, you want to lose weight exercise, want to get over sadness, exercise.

Solution to every problem here is exercise. So, two exercises that will help you to get dimple are

Play with cheeks

  • You need to play with your cheeks for this. This way you can get dimples temporarily. Take a pen or pencil with nib that has been used and could not affect anybody any more.
  • Adjust the nib side on the area where you want a dimple. Poke it that means press it kindly and make circular movements with it.
  • This way was used by kids when they were small, just the difference is that they poke fingers for a long time.
  • You can try it with opposite side of the pen or pencil which is not sharp so, that it does not really affect the cheeks a person has,

Pout exercise

  • This is a way simple exercise than it was considered to be. It is found and known to be the easiest tip about getting a dimple made. Then no other kind of things will be needed.
  • What you need to do is suck in your cheeks, and then keep up to it for a bit of time. While doing it there is the occurrence of pout on one’s face that is why people regard it as a pout exercise. But while doing this exercise take in care that your lips are not parted and pout is made up perfectly.
  • That simply means that the people has pulled in the cheek tissue inside perfectly or not matters the most. Do it continuously for ten minutes, this exercise can be done in sets too. Like a set of three times a day this is the best.

5.  Smile

This is the cutest and should be tried method. Everybody recommends this method to people as it can get dimple very fast in a factor of minutes without doing hard work. What you need to do is just smile. A wide and big smile makes it look like a dimple present on the person’s face. But a problem with it is that the person can have wrinkle if he/she tries it more often.

Flaunt and love yourself, just the way you are!

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