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Most of us are waiting for the summer to take a vacation and go where the sun leaves the bronze tan and the water gives new strength. Some are tempted by the ocean, others traditionally go to the sea, and others are quite pleased with the river beach. It’s a matter of taste! But in any case, beachwear for men becomes a must-have wardrobe feature during the holidays. A trip to the beach used to be a simple matter of chipping an old, sloppy stained tee with some loose baggy swim shorts and flipping your way onto that striped deckchair.

How to choose things to look spectacular and stylish even on vacation? According to us, getting ready for beach days doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.
Let’s reveal a few secrets that will help you get ready for vacation quickly and not let your face get muddy. Here are our top tips for looking your best while hitting the sand.

Men’s Fashion: The Ultimate Beach Collection

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Picking Up The Top For The Beach Image


This kind of top on the beach is the most common. Why? Firstly, the T-shirt is incredibly comfortable, and secondly, it is practical. In addition, as long as you are in it, there is no need to worry about rubbing your neck collar or uncomfortably torn off buttons. Today, you can pick up a T-shirt for any item in the wardrobe (shorts, sandals, caps). And the proposed variety of colors can satisfy the tastes of teenagers, young people 25-35 years old, or men over 50. You can walk around the resort town in a T-shirt, go on a trip to local attractions, and even take a yacht cruise. This is the option of “put on and wear”, which everyone dreams of!

Men’s regular fit trousers

Men's regular fit trousers with blue striped t-shirt for casual look

Which T-shirt to choose from? The neckline can be any (round, V-shaped), but it is better to choose the length with all seriousness. Remember that the ideal T-shirt is considered to be the one whose hem reaches the middle of the buttocks. This option does not look like a baby vest or a woman’s mini dress. T-shirts look spectacular with Bermuda, shorts, denim, sports trousers restrained cut, and everyday chinos. Here the choice will depend on the personal preferences of the man. But do not ignore the rules of color combinations in clothing, as it is one of the primary secrets of the style of any, including the beach image.


The main advantage of this wardrobe item is that it allows you to demonstrate the surrounding cast muscles of the hands, backs, and breasts. That’s when you enjoy the idea that it is not in vain that you worked on your body in the gym for months! In addition, a T-shirt is the best solution for a hot day or any kind of outdoor sport (beach volleyball, surfing, etc.). It does not stiffen movements, dries quickly, and allows the wind to cool the body better than a T-shirt or shirt with sleeves.

Men’s beach outfits

Men's black and orange sleeveless vest with shorts beach outfit ideas

The beach wardrobe is suitable for monochrome or printed classic T-shirts, wrestling, and sports models. They are perfectly combined with summer jeans, as well as shorts and trousers for sport-style.

Sleeved Shirt

This is the ideal option for those who even on vacation do not accept the sports style in clothing or decided to visit the evening local restaurant, gambling house, or formal event in which you can not take off your jacket. During the day, give preference to caged models, vertical stripes, with abstract and floral prints (e.g. Hawaiian style) made of breathable cotton or linen. They are suitable for the beach, cafes, and shops. For the evening promenade, you can save a more spectacular silk shirt. In this case, priority is given to the monochrome coloring, as well as the print in the form of royal lilies and thin stripes.

Shirts and trousers

Men's beach outfits ideas, white suit light blue, navy blue shirt for beach

In a vacation bow, the shirt is equally organic in an alliance with jeans, slightly narrowed down at the bottom, or straight pants from a clap and linen, Bermuda.


You could say it’s a transitional form between a T-shirt and a short-sleeve shirt. Therefore, the polo satellites should be sought among their partners. I recommend you tilt your choice in the direction of classic or laconic sports trousers models. Also in the favorite Bermuda, shorts made of denim and cotton length to the knee.

Summer beach style

Men's short-sleeve shirt with bermuda, shorts for beach or summer look

Picking Up The Bottom For The Beach Image

I’ve already mentioned above which bottom to match T-shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, and shirts. So I will just list the possible variations once again.

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They are the most popular among the men vacationers on the river, sea, and ocean shores. These can be short models in a sports style, shorts of medium length, as well as just above the knee or 5-10 centimeters below it (Bermuda). It is optimal to take with you the bottom of natural or synthetic fabrics, which are characterized by high air conductivity and dry quickly. The latter are found in models of such sports brands as Nike, Adidas, Umbro, and others.

Bermuda shorts

Men's white and light blue bermuda shorts with brown belt and shoes


Particular priority is given to linen and cotton models of light colors of straight or slightly narrowed cut. The choice of the bottom of the outfit depends on the individual taste of the man, as well as the place where you intend to put on pants. On beach models with straight trousers and in sport-style are actual, and here chinos will harmoniously be entered into the complete set of clothes for an excursion, walks across resort small town, visiting of the cafe, night club. Bring classic dark-colored trousers with you if you plan to visit an official event or any other formal party.

Men’s linen beach attire

Men's cream and off white linen pants beach attire

In summer, clothing made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, knitwear) continues to be a priority. It allows you to optimize the thermal balance of the body and not overheat under the scorching rays of the sun. However, the global chemical industry does not stand still, working for the benefit of consumers. Therefore, today, many sports shops offer beachwear for men, made of no less practical and functional, with a longer service life of textiles. Its basis is made of synthetic fibers that dry for the shortest period of time, are not afraid of aggressive natural environments, and even allow a body to breathe. All these little things only increase the pleasure of men from rest.

Beach Shoes

When choosing this component of the image, pay attention to its convenience, practicality, and ease. After all, the beach – it is a lot of loose, everywhere penetrating sand, as well as water, which can be too salty. Your shoes should be able to withstand the impact of an aggressive environment, as well as not rub your feet. Why darken your vacation with such trifles?

Outdoor shoe

Men's flip flops, sandals birkenstock, slippers outdoor shoe for any occasion

Among the beach leaders are:

  • Flip flops
  • Sandals
  • Birkenstock
  • Slippers
  • Special slippers for coral walking.

By the way, tags have also proved to be excellent for walking around the city, along with moccasins or topsiders. If you plan to visit the event on vacation in a formal setting, be sure to add to your luggage summer shoes of classic style.


No stylish image can be completed without the final details. And the beach ensemble is no exception. Traditional attributes of such bows are:

  • Swimmers
  • Headpiece Sunglasses
  • Bag.

Today, there are many styles of swimming trunks, from short to similar of shorts of medium length. It is possible to describe the advantages or disadvantages of each of them for a long time. But the choice is still any man makes his own. Why? The choice of swimming trunks depends on a number of factors, the first place among which is the individual structure of the male body. Therefore, before buying it, be sure to try it on. Approval is only worthy of those models in which you feel most comfortable. An important role here is also played by the presence of ties instead of clasps on buttons or zippers. It is also worth paying attention to the presence of a special net inside the melt, which will not allow you to stick wet tissue to the body when you come out of the water. And don’t forget about the spare pair of this priority attribute of the beach wardrobe. The ideal option here will be a duo of dark and light-colored swimsuits. The first of them is optimal at the beginning of the resort rest, while you have not yet had time to sunbathe, the second one will effectively emphasize the bronze color of the skin, acquired after a long stay in the sun.

Men’s beach bow

Men's beach bow, swimmers, headpiece, sunglasses, bag

Each man’s preference for a headdress is different. Someone like a straw hat or a textile Panama, others do not think about life without a hat. The only thing that matters is that they don’t squeeze your head and sit on it freely enough. The choice of colors is very wide: from a neutral palette of shades to bright and juicy colors. Printed hats are very effective, but they are more difficult to combine with clothes in onions. You can read a little more about hats in our article Men’s hats: 11 types of hats.

Sunglasses should be selected according to the shape of the man’s face (circle, oval, square, heart, diamond). On this topic, we have already written in detail in the article How to pick up glasses for men – infographics. But the color of lenses here plays a secondary role.

As for the bags, there is no better option for going to the beach than a laconic toth model. Usually, it is not very bulky, but it can accommodate all the necessary things for sunbathing and swimming. Including accessories such as wallets, smartphones, and room keys. Very popular with men and backpacks. It does not delay hands, it is very useful when on the way to the hotel you decide to make a couple of purchases in the local market or in the nearest shops. Those who prefer a sporty style of clothes will like a spacious training bag.

It is important to consider that the choice of the top, the bottom of a set of clothes, shoes directly depends on the place and event. Beachwear for men should also be in harmony with each other in color. Therefore, a bright, printed top is better to combine with a single bottom. We select swimming trunks according to their level of comfort and personal preferences. The same applies to other accessories for the beach image. There is nothing complicated! Thanks to these simple secrets, you will not only pick up a stylish wardrobe for the holidays in advance but also quickly pack up your suitcase by the appointed departure hour.

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