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In shoe stores, I often observe a similar picture – a man spins brown shoes for a long time in his hands, looks at them, tries them on, approvingly nods his reflection in the mirror and buys a similar model, but in black.
What is the reason? It turns out that many people are sure that brown shoes and boots will not fit well with most things in a men’s wardrobe. Why take the risk when it is more profitable to buy a black pair in a classic style? There is some degree of rationality in such an argument, especially when you have a limited budget to buy clothes and shoes. Yes, we agree, black shoes have their place in the wardrobe. But I want to ask if brown shoes are better than black shoes?
Short answer: Yes.
Why? Because, brown is richer, more interesting, and more versatile. Brown dress shoes can be easily worn up and down. Brown shoes go with any suitable color you can wear.

If you’re no stranger to the adventurous look at life, the love of experimenting with your style and desiring to try new, fabulous or extraordinary solutions, then our article is just on the topic. Today we will consider the advantages of universal brown shoes, various variations of their combination with items in men’s wardrobe, as well as when, how, and where to wear such shoes.

Know About Different Types Of Brown Shoes And Boots

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Brown Shoes: A Brief History

At the dawn of the dress code formation, the leadership position in the ceremonial (formal) wardrobe was exclusively black. He was present everywhere – in the opera, office, at celebrations, private parties, weddings, funerals. The brown color had no place in the city, where the highest light of that time with all the scrupulousness watched over compliance with the rules of decency. Therefore, shoes of this color became an important attribute of informal events, as well as country trips to the bosom of nature (hunting, visits to the family estate in the village, travel). This has been the case for many centuries, but life is a changeable thing.

Softening of the “sentence” for brown shoes occurred only in the 30s of the XX century. The innovation belonged to the Prince of Wales, the future king of Great Britain Edward VIII. He was a fan of spectators’ shoes (the so-called Spectator Brogue), and brown shoes in general, and introduced some changes to the rules of wearing men’s clothing. This created a sensation!

Prince Edward VIII brown shoes

Prince Edward VIII double-breasted vests, slim-fitted trousers with brown shoes & cap
Prince Edward was a fan of brown shoes.

By 1950, brown shoes had already been talked about by all the most authoritative publications about fashion. A huge contribution to its popularization also made the informal of the time – beatniks, fashion. During this period it became obvious that the black color was shifted from its throne towards the evening official events, where the dress code required the presence of a classic suit and a strict white shirt with a tie. Later, interest in the brown coloring of men’s shoes and boots repeatedly arose again. The last time was in the 2000s, which we are witnessing directly.

Brown Shoes And Boots: Men’s Success Today

This color is still not an absolute leader, but it occupies a worthy place in the daily, informal wardrobe. In Europe, he is very popular, especially in the southern countries. A striking example can be Italy, where the favorite companion of brown shoes is traditionally a blue suit. But black shoes here are much less in demand and are found only at festive events. France is in second place for its benevolence to the soft brown color. Brown shoes and boots are worn with pleasure by students, and employees of various companies, in which the casual style is not something out of the ordinary. And in England, the advantage is still on the side of black, but the brown shade of shoes and shoes is also often found in the daytime on the streets, in cafes, outside the city.

A Navy suit is worn with a white shirt and brown shoes

Men's two button navy suit style worn with a white shirt and brown shoes
Brown shoes and a blue business suit. Italians are probably the most indifferent to this combination of people.

Let’s go further west, we’ll go to the U.S. What do I see? Here and today, the seriousness of the dress code remains almost unshakable. This is because many wealthy corporations, with their frenzied pace and uncompromising requirements, find employees in only one business suite to work. But even in America brown shoes and boots are relevant for those who do not rush to work during the day or can lead a fairly carefree life at night. Among them are world famous podium stars, cinematographers, pop stars, as well as ordinary citizens with different personal styles of clothing. In such shoes you can see them on walks, in shopping malls, cafes or night clubs.

How And With What To Wear Brown Shoes And Shoes?

Today, brown shoes are very popular all over the world and are increasingly found in our homeland. Be it a double suit or torn jeans, it goes well with both. The main thing is to understand where, when and with whom to wear it!

Formal cropped trousers with brown shoes

Men's formal cropped trousers paired with brown shoes for formal and office look
Menswear colors for brown shoes.

To begin with, let’s define the basis, that is, the color solution. It’s no secret that in the warm season, beige or medium-brown shoes should be chosen under clothes of light colors. But here blue color suits and other dark color suits are also going well with chocolate shade shoes. Although sometimes there are extremely spectacular variations, where this canon is only partially seen.But these are rather exceptions. Because in this case, a man is required to have a win-win sense of taste, a sense of harmony of different colors among themselves, the lion’s share of self-confidence.

Now let’s move on to the main thing – different combinations of clothes in onions, where brown shoes and boots make a great accent.

For Work

Strict business style – quite demanding to colors and combinations in clothing. The office does not tolerate a brutal look of boots on a tractor sole or sports models, and many companies require the mandatory presence of a black classic suit in a constant alliance with a white shirt and an exclusively black tie. It would seem that brown shoes are out of the question here.

But fortunately, recently more casual styles of clothing have become especially popular, and they are also relevant for work. These are business casual, casual and smart-casual trends. We have already told about them in detail in separate articles, so I just want to point out that in this case brown shoes in light (gray, sand, ivory), as well as in blue and black dress will fit. Let’s say a colored tie or vest (for example, red, green, dark blue). And remember that brown boots and boots are best suited for onions when they are paired with a belt of the same color.

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Workwear outfit ideas

Best men workwear outfit ideas, brown leather shoes with navy three piece suit and sweater.

Brown loafers, monks, oxfords, Chelsea, or classic style boots are an integral part of a stylish everyday image for work! In addition to a double or triple suit, they can be successfully combined with corduroy, denim, and cotton-cut trousers.

Winter outfits for men

Winter outfits for men, an oversized coat, puffer and brown jacket paired with brown shoes and jeans

The top of the set, where brown shoes and boots are a spectacular accent, is optimally composed of the following elements to choose from:

  • The shirts are available in different colors, mainly pastel shades. Small cage or striped shirts with a royal lily print are acceptable.
  • Tweed jacket in English style or corduroy model, as well as a discreet design of blazer without decoration.
  • Knitted cardigan.
  • One-tone vest.
  • Preppy pullover or plain sweater.
  • Quilted jacket.

For Relax

As for leisure kits with brown shoes, there is no limit to the imagination. Brown boots are relevant for autumn, spring, and winter bows. The most universal variant are Desert Boots. Let me tell you that desert boots come under the category of chukka boots. Therefore, all desert boots are chukkas but not all chukkas are desert boots. It fits under the clothes of any stylish accessory. This is a coolest style for confident men, which combined perfectly with jeans, skinny pants, and models in street . In addition, desert boots are great in a tweed ensemble with an English-style coat or leather jacket!

What are the brown shoes? Pleasant tidiness for the eye will be added to the image of Oxford, Chelsea will add a little originality, and Chukka boots will conquer those who like comfort and ease. Often on vacation men do not part with their favorite loafers. Well, this is a personal choice, and the practicality and comfort of these styles are obvious. All of the above styles of brown shoes and boots easily create a harmonious ensemble with classic straight-cut trousers made of denim, as well as sports pants.

Man’s fashion

Men's guide to perfect pant shirt, casual outfit combination with black and brown shoes for office or casual look

Warm seasons and brown shoes often go hand in hand. If you prefer discreet bows with classical dress styles or plan to attend an evening gala, then stop at the Oxfords, derbies. And the courageous note of the image will be strengthened by leather or suede brooches. Combine them with straight jeans, doodle trousers, or a classic suit with a different color from black.

Rich in detail, monks and loafers will tell you that you have an individual style that often includes spectacular accents (e.g., an original shoe buckle, extraordinary cuff links, a colorful necktie). Both models are actual with corduroy or tweed bottoms, summer models made of cotton and crepe, linen pants for the beach, torn jeans, classic style with arrows on pants.

But for recreation at the resort or yachting with friends, there is no better solution than comfortable, waterproof topsiders, they are also boat shoes. This style is appropriate in the sea, everyday, street, preppy-onions, without problems combined with wide white pants made of natural fabrics, Bermuda, and shorts of different lengths.

As for the top, which is appropriate for spring-summer leisure time, brown shoes and boots are kindly adjusted to different monochrome or multicolored variants:

  • T-shirts and T-shirts
  • Sleeved shirts (in addition to the usual “Swedes” it can be Hawaii, cotton, or linen frivolous models)
  • Polo
  • Longsleeves
  • Blazers made of natural fabrics
  • Thin cardigans
  • Lightweight jumpers
  • Pea jackets.

In this case, it is important to clearly understand the style in which you create the image, and combine harmonious things, and colors.

This color is not a substitute for the mandatory “white collar” shoes in black, but everyday images without it become boring and monotonous. Brown shoes and boots are perfectly combined with basic wardrobe items and clothes for rest. They allow you to make any man’s bow more original, alive. And this is a strong argument in favor of allocating a small amount of money to purchase shoes or shoes of one of the palettes of brown, quite universal shades. Just determine the most optimal for your variety of everyday styles in clothing and see how to play in the image of brown shoes, effectively distinguishing you from the gray crowd! Do you already have brown shoes? What is it like?

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