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Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Suit (Men)

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There are many factors to be in the eye when going to wear a suit. No doubt men look awesome in suits but some flaws have the capacity to ruin your whole look. In respect to look more attracting and charming, you should keep some points in your mind. There are different kinds of men suits to wear on different occasion.

A great suit is a necessity of a wardrobe. The clothes you wear to speak before you do, they bring confidence to you. So, make sure you dressed up well before you go anywhere. We are going to discuss some points based on Dos and Don’ts of wearing a suit, hopefully, they will help you to bring out the brightest side of yours.

Do’s of wearing a suit

The Fitting of your suit

The very first step you should keep into your mind is the fitting of the suit must be perfect. For making it best fitting dress, you will need a good tailor. However, it is rare to find a perfectly fit suit.

Many designs of men suits are available in the market and for the best fit as well as for best design your tailor must know what you really want. We suggest you to approach a good tailor because an average tailor might not be able to stitch the suit as you want.

Jacket length

Your jacket length will vary according to your height. If you have height approx 5’9 or you are taller than it then your jacket should end just under the hip bones.

Leave one or two bottom buttons open

When you go to wear a suit jacket, always keep one or two bottom buttons open. You can apply the same rule with the jacket. It can make you look cool and dashing at the same time. However, the look will be perfect but if you want them to close all, you can go with it too. If you are going for any profession meeting then choose to close all buttons because it will give you a professional and sincere look. Whereas, leaving one or two buttons open will give you a cool and classy look.

When you try to bend down or sit, leave all buttons open otherwise those close buttons will make you uncomfortable and no doubt you will look out of shape. So, leave all buttons open when sit.

Your footwear

Will you agree, if we say your footwear is equally necessary as your suit. Your shoes must resonate to your suit colour. You can go for black because it is the only colour which can be matched on most of the suits. The best thing will be pairing, if you can pair your suits with shoes then it would be better.

Don’t wear too many accessories

Too many accessories will not let you look good, so we suggest you for that to minimize their use with suit. A watch and more or more two rings will be enough, more than this can ruin your look. If you use to wear something like chains, lockets etc then hide them behind your shirt. Don’t show off your jewellery. Use broaches, they are trendy and will surely give you a classy look. But all you have to do is taking the decision of which broach you are going to wear on which occasion.

Say yes to hangers to hang your suits

Suits are not something which can be placed in the almira by folding them. Use hangers because it will leave your suit to be ironed as earlier and will be safe from wrinkles. Avoid using regular skinny hangers it could ruin the shape of the jacket.

Don’ts of wearing a suit

Don’t wear non-Ironed

Say yes to ironed clothes. Don’t give an attempt to wear a dirty or wrinkled suit, so never wear non-ironed clothe. Because a cloth with wrinkles does not leaves a good impression of a person on others. Whereas, well-ironed cloth makes you look sincere and profession.

Don’t forget to wear suitable socks

Totally different socks can make you a topic to gossip. Don’t use to wear any coloured socks instead of them use to wear socks matching to your suit. Avoid wearing printing socks when you go for any professional work. Use to wear plain socks and black colour will be best to wear with any coloured suit.

Choose Fabric wisely

The fabric is the most important thing which can make your suit even more attractive and make you feel comfortable. If any fabric suits others then it does not mean that it will look as it is on you too. It is your responsibility to find which fabric is best for you. Then it comes to print or design on the fabric, every fabric have its own design or it will be plain, again we will say that before going for any design put the fabric on your shoulder and judge will it complement you. If it makes you more dashing than your expectation then it is the right one.

Don’t Dry clean your suit too much

For cleaning suit you can normally wash it as you wash other clothes. Dry clean is the best option to clean any cloth but if you dry clean your suit too many times then it will be too hard on the fabric. Maybe because of it your suit will lose its colour, shine and design as well. It can make a new suit to look dull. So, go for dry clean but do not dry clean the suit many times. For cleaning the suit, make suit brush as an option to clean off dirt and dust.

Main do’s and don’ts are clear, now. Still, there is something left, some tips on “how to style your suit or quick tips to wear a suit”.

  • When you wear a vest keep its bottom button open as well
  • Always keep the last button of your jacket open
  • Open all the buttons when you sit
  • Keep the top button on your shirt fastened
  • Your shoes complement your suit colour
  • Say no to more accessories
  • Your tie bar should not be wider than the tie itself.
  • Always wear ironed suit
  • Don’t wear sports watch with a suit

Hopefully, these points will help you to dress yourself well in suit.

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