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Hydrating your lips is equally important as taking care of your face but, do you really aware of advantages and disadvantages of using lip balm? Continuous use of good lip balm can give you soft and hydrating pink lips. But can’t we stay without using lip balms?

If it is the question then why don’t you leave your face as it is and why do you use different kinds of facial makeup?

We do a lot of stuff to make our face shine but when it’s come to lips, we don’t do much stuff and some people don’t even use lip balms which turned their lips chapped and dry. If we want soft and healed lips then we have to moisturize them because no one likes cracked lips. We have to take care of our lips too.

Self care is not the bad thing but the products you are using may be bad for your health. For having soft and pink lips, lip balm is the key but being addicted to anything is not good for your health. If you are also a kind of addict to lip balms then yes you are at right place.

Lip balms are necessary to be used for moisturising dry or cracked lips and even if you don’t have dry lips still you should use them. Besides being required treatment to lips, it may lead your health to bad stage.

No doubt lip balms are necessary for healing of our lips in this polluted and busy world. But as everything has its own positive and negative impacts, lip balm also have some of them. Different kinds of lip balm contain different-different chemicals like tea tree extracts, mint, fragrances, Sunscreen or other many kinds of chemicals.

Even some balms have more harmful chemicals like menthol, phenol, salicylic acid, these chemicals made your lips more drier. Let’s take a step ahead to get more knowledge about pros and cons of lip balm, so that you can make wise decisions related to it.

Pros of Lip Balm

There are limitless positive points of lip balm but we will discuss few of them. No matter which skin type do you have, it always occupies special place in our daily life. But still we would try to give you some more reasons to choose lip balms as your lip moisturizer.

No matter, which body part is it, each and every part needs equally attention and care.  Not taking care of lips can make your lips chapped, dry, cracked and even sometimes our lip starts getting rid of their natural colour. So, let’s see, what are those magical benefits from whom you are still not aware.

Making lips moisturized

It is the very first reason, why do we use lip balms? But do you really think, why do our lips become dry? Our lips don’t have oil glands like our skin so, it does not stay moisturized as our skin do. Even in some cases of skin, we use different kinds of lotions to get the moisture back.

That’s why to maintain moisture on lips, we need to do some extra efforts. Mostly all seasons made the situation hard for us to live with cracked lips. Dry winds and climates saps all the moisture of our lips. In these kinds of situation lip balm come up like an angel.

Provide protection from sun rays

It is quite familiar point to discuss. First of all, the question arises here is that, do we really need SPF for lips? If you also have some doubts like this, then let me explain you everything. You may have heard about how necessary is to use sunscreen while going out.

As sunscreen is required for your face or skin, it is equally required for lips too. Collagen is a protein present in our skin of lips but because of sun exposure it gets destroyed. So, in order to protect your lips from sun you should use lip balms containing SPF.

Have a look onto your lip balm before purchasing it. Some people think every lip balm can protect can protect their lips from sun rays but it is not truth. If any lip balms is glossy or make thick layer upon your lips then it does not mean that it will protect your lips. Not all lip balms contain SPF so don’t buy anyone without having information.

Cons of Lip Balm

So, we have discussed many pros, now it is turn of cons. Lip balms are very much important for moisturising our lips , therefore it does not have too many cons but still it have some cons which are necessary to be discussed.

Lip balm is the most convenient way to moist our lips even when we don’t have too much time to spend over it. But knowingly or unknowingly we used harmful things. So, let’s discuss how useful things turn themselves sometimes harmful for us.


Chemicals always put bad impact on our skin as well as on our health. The lip balms we use to heal our lips also contain harmful chemicals. Every cosmetic have chemicals nowadays but some are more detrimental for our skin. Most of us have a habit to lick our lips again and again because of which these chemicals go inside our stomach by licking them.

Yahh! You can’t do anything with this problem instead of quitting this bad habit. There is also a way, as I earlier mentioned avoid lip balms having chemicals like phenol, menthol and salicylic acid. These kinds of lip balms can turn your lips dry instead of healing them. Don’t change your lip balm so often. Go with any one brand.

May be allergic

It is your responsibility to take care of your lips and this will not gonna be happened by choosing any kind of lip balm. Be careful because some ingredients in the lip balm can cause allergy to your skin. So, if you have sensitive skin or even not have it still you have to be more careful and read their ingredients first before buying.

To prevent this problem, we would suggest you to know your lips better and then choose one trustworthy brand. Don’t try to be more experimental, it is ok to stick with one brand. Choose the lip balm which is long-lasting so it can help you to maintain the moisture for long time.

Overuse of lip balm

You may have been witness, when you depends upon any machines to get your work done you start becoming lazy. Here is the same case with your lips. Using lip balms so often can make your lips lazy and don’t let them produce natural moisture on themselves.

Lip balms are artificial ways to keep lips moisturized. Sometimes, it turns into a bad habit like biting nails, biting lips, playing with hairs or many others. It may become harmful for your health too.


If you have sensitive skin then you should be more conscious with using any cosmetic product even with lip balms too. SPF present in lip balms is protective but sometimes it can cause allergy or maybe you are allergic to any ingredient used in lip balms.

So, be choosy otherwise it can result into swelling on lips, chapped lips or can make your lips drier than earlier.

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