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Glycerin for Face and Skin – Recipes to Apply

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Glycerin can be something very magical if you know how to use it. Most of us just run behind lotions, moisturizers even without knowing benefits of Glycerin. Glycerin is useful for both face and body. It is humectants, which is a type of moisturizing agent that pulls water into the outer layer of the skin from inner levels of it. There use to be many questions when we think to start something new. So having questions about glycerin is quite obvious too, but don’t worry we are here to solve your all queries. Read below top know more:-

1. What is Gylcerin?

Gylcerin is greasy colourless and odourless liquid which is extracted out of animal’s fat and vegetables oil. It helps to make your skin soft and also make it supper. According to some dermatologists, glycerine has potential to improve your overall internal health as well as they treat skin disorders, heal your skin.

2. Benefits of Glycerin for skin

  • Moisturizes skin

Gylcerin keep moisture lock in the skin for longer time than any normal moisturizer or lotion. It’s regular use improve the moisture level of skin. It attracts moisture from the environment and traps it in the skin to make it soft and smooth.

  • Helps to promote skin health

In our body, sebaceous gland secretes a substance called sebum which is a mixture of fatty substance, entire sebum producing cell, and epithellal cell debris. Oil is necessary for our skin to control its elasticity and shine. Somehow, our skin is losing its natural oil. So, it need something which not only fulfil its need of oil but also promote its health.

  • Anti- Aging properties

The moisturising property of glycerine helps to maintain smoothness and tightness in skin. The more the skin will be tight, the less aging effect it will show. So, this can slow down the aging process and keep your skin firm.

Glycerin is useful in soothing dry skin. Some Dermatologist says that those creams which contain glycerine can treat eczema and atopic dermatitis.

3. How to apply Gylcerin directly on your face?

Glycerin will give better results if you will use it with lemon. Gylecrin having lemon extracts is also available in the market, you can purchase it too. However, while using glycerine add few drops of rose water with it and then apply it over your face with smooth and gentle hands. Don’t forget to give light massage to your face and don’t apply too much glycerine because it will make you feel greasy and oily.

However, before using glycerine, go and take consult with dermatologist. Gylcerin can make your face oily and may attract dust and pollution from the environment. Some people don’t need to apply gylcerin too, so it would be best option for you to consult with dermatologist. Yes, you can use it without any consultation if you have dry skin because skin need oil to heal it from inside and glycerine is known for promoting skin health.

We have told you almost everything about Glycerin but still there is something left. Now, you already know, how to use or apply glycerine directly on your face. You can use glycerine in many other forms too like as a face wash, as a toner and as a cleanser as well.

  • Glycerin as a face wash

First of all, wash your face with normal water and then dry it with soft towel. Then, take a small cotton ball and have 3 drops of glycerine on it. Now, dab it on all over your face. But make sure, it would not be in contact with eyes and mouth because it may contain some chemicals which can harm your eyes and mouth as they are more sensitive. However, let your face as it is for some minutes which will let the glycerine be absorbed into the skin. Then, wash your face with water. You will notice, now your skin is softer and smooth then earlier. You can use glycerine as a face wash whenever you want to use it, we suggest you, if you dry skin then do it once a day daily.

  • Glycerin as a toner

Yes, you read right. You can use Glycerin as a toner too. But have question, how? It is equally easy to using it as face wash. Take a small ball of cotton pour it into rose water, then put 1 or 2 drops of glycerine on the ball. Now, dab the ball onto your face gently. Glycerin will help your skin to shine and making it smooth. Glycerin tightens your skin pores that’s why many dermatologist recommend it to use for tighten up the skin. Whereas, rose water will give your face pinkish glow (blush). Using it as a toner will definitely work wonder.

  • Glycerin as a cleanser

Limited use of glycerine can remove the dirt and pollution particles from the surface of the skin. You can also use it as make-up cleanser. You can use it too whenever you want. But don’t use it excessively because it may exceed the level of moisture in your skin.

Precautions for using glycerine on face

Now, you already know, how you have to use

glycerin for face. But as like others products, there are some precautions that you need to take while using glycerine on your face.

However, glycerine usually don’t cause any harmful effect but still there are points on which you need to have an eye.

  • Generally, glycerine is not harmful. Before applying to face apply it on your hands and notice the effect. If it does any kind of problem like blisters or swelling then don’t use it on your face and do visit to a doctor for a advice.
  • Don’t let glycerine to be on your face for longer period of time. Whenever use glycerine use it with rose water and don’t apply too much.
  • Glycerin may cause a little sun sensitivity so don’t forget to apply sunscreen after applying glycerine.

Glycerin can fulfil the need of oil in your skin and help to make your skin shinier and smoother as well. Hopefully, this knowledge regarding gylcerin would be useful to you.

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