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Pre-Wedding Video Ideas to narrate your wedding story. Watch these super interesting pre-wedding videos and get something for your wedding.

What can be a great way to brisk and air your love story to all your friends, comrades and family? To tell them your story by simply narrating them can be a little ho-hum. They may not connect to your story that well. A more blue-sky way to tell your story to your closed ones can be rephotographing a video on it. The video can also be played on your wedding day, on slide projector.

We all want our weddings to be highly rococo and worth remembering our whole lives. This is a fantastic way to revere your wedding your whole lives. We nowadays also have pre-wedding photo shoots where couples capture beautiful shots with preposterous backgrounds and theatrical dress up. This whole concept of pre-wedding photo shoots can be improved by adopting this idea of pre-wedding video shoot. Both the concepts are unique and admirable but a video is in motion and hence have more emotion.

The video will contain the depiction of your love story on aesthetically pleasing locations and melodious music playing in the background. So, all of you who are excited about making their pre-wedding videos can inspire through the following pre-wedding video ideas.

Unique Pre-Wedding Videos

1. Rang Dey!

Above is an enchanting video from the very popular Yeh Hain Mohabbatein starring Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya’s wedding. The couple charmingly narrated their story, of how they met the first time and how things geared up in their relationship which led to this censorial wedding.  Divyanka says, “This guy made my black and white life, colorful.” Their video gave us thrills, agree? As if their souls are speaking about their unbreakable bonds.

2. Look at Yourself from My Eyes!

When you want them and love them for what they really are and when you accept them with all their flaws, insecurities and mistakes means that you are really in love! This bond is depicted by Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa in their pre-wedding video shoot. This video was a big hit on the internet when released.

3. Caught in Love!


This video is filled with so many emotions and feelings and can make anybody fall in love. Both of them has shot the moment when they used to flee on long rides. This video of them together is really overwhelming with beauteous fixes such as a resort, a beach, and an optimal dress and makeover. All of it looks so real, a person can fall deep into the video and will take time to come out. Alluring!

4. May This Beautiful Day Never Pass!

We have all heard about dream destination weddings. It’s a high pay-setting which may not be everybody’s choice. But anybody willing to do so can inspire through this archetypal destination pre-wedding shoot video in Rishikesh. The realistic tract of a bridge and the video story revolving all around it with the wisely chosen music is jolly Bollywood and mesmerizing.

5. Every Part of Me Loves Every Part of You!

An additional video shoot from the destination pre-wedding shoots is here. The video is premised in the pink city Jaipur where the air of love lets you a take-off! The couple shot many close moments which revive all those moments in their life when they have been together. The backdrop is slightly lavish and regal where they have both worn Rajasthani traditional. Their proposal clip is just so unputdownable and overwhelming around that cold setting.

6. Dwell in My Soul!

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, most of us who are highly affected with Bollywood do! But for those who do not, you should peruse at this pre-wedding shoot video. The story of Neha and Kapil will make you accept the concept of love at first sight. Holding hands, looking at each other’s eyes and a lifelong promise is a perfect cocktail of love everybody deserves to have. You both can pose, dance and foot it like Neha and Kapil to look like couple-goals to everybody out there.

7. I Cease to Survive Without You!

Friendship, honesty, trust, freedom and later comes love all of this is very important in a bond. Shikkhi and Emma dance to their tune of love together like kids. They are enjoying each other’s company and are deeply in love with each other in the reel. With stunning dress ups and fabulous backgrounds, they are depicting a highly magnetic love story.

8. Adorably Together!

Gaurav and Anjneet are so pretty-pretty together. The most eye-catching thing about their video is the real-life moment they have added to their video. We all have done pillow fights with our mates and ultimately it ended with someone getting hurt. This is so relatable! Adding such realistic moments to your video will make you both look darling! With perfect shots allied Gaurav and Anjneet rocked!

9. Madly in Love With You!

This prodigious video of Sagar and Rashi is shot in beautiful settings all from Leh. The ride on the bullet, the camping, and visiting the temples together is yet another goal for everybody. You can follow this amazing video around the sea and between the mountains and relive those days each time you look at these videos.

10. Let’s Fulfill Our True Love

Faisal and Zahra crafted their lovey-lovey moments together out of the country! How affectionate and memorable their trip would have been. And, though marriage is the celebration of your love but this is another way of celebrating your love. You knew right from the start that you have found the one, when you looked at him/her. Put your love on pedestal by getting a video done as blissful as this!

Are you having some second thoughts about getting your pre-wedding video shoot done? Then, my opinion about it will be to not have a second thought about it and tack a Lollapalooza trip with your mate. It will be a break from your hectic lives too and also, you’ll bring a bundle of memories to cherish lifelong.

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