Kurti Kameez Cutting Tutorial to Make Designer Suit at Home

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We are here with Kurti Kameez Cutting Tutorial to Make Designer Suit at Home in Easy Steps. Also, explore stylish Kurti Designs!

All Indian women wear Kurtis or salwar kameez in their regular life for daily purpose. Not only for day to day purposes but also for weddings, festivities as well women choose to wear salwar kameez, they will be embroidered or have hand work. There is a huge variety of designs available in the market for you. You can choose a full neck kurti, or a backless kurti, A-line kurti or V-Neck kurti.

The Kurti Kameez Cutting tutorial below will help you understand on how the cutting of the fabric is done. How different cuttings can completely change the over all outlook of the kameez. These designs are gorgeous and will also help you to get little fancy with your Kurti designs as well.

Kurti Kameez Cutting Tutorial to Make Designer Suit

This tutorial can help you understand on to get a designer suit by the way your tailor decides to cut the fabric. This tutorial give you an insight and the below mentioned styles can help you figure out what design you like the Mose. Understand the cutting, decide the style you want for yourself and then go to your tailor so that he /she can see the design for your Kurti you are looking for and cut the fabric in that manner only if it is possible for them.

Also, explore latest designs trending this year.

Stylish Kurti Designs Trending This Season

1. The boat neck design

boat neck design for kurti
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This Kurti has two very interesting designs. Look at the neck portion, it has been cut in a way to give it a boat neck style. The sleeves are the second most interesting thing, these are cut out sleeves which instantly makes this Kurti worth trying. This Kurti pattern or the Kurti cutting style is very famous and used for both daily purpose Kurtis and heavy traditional Indian wear Kurtis. You can pair these Kurtis with a leggings, or pants, even palazzos if you like. It is your choice in what makes you feel most comfortable.

2. The high neck Kurti

 high neck Kurti
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The high neck kurti design with A-Line cut is looking so regal. Usually women has to wear a dupatta with a Kurti, but in this case dupatta is not required. The high neck kurtas helps to cover our neck region and to show off this neck design women ditch dupattas with it. The A-Line cut makes it look good and the person who will wear it will surely look tall. These Kurtis are usually paired up with pants only, that ways all focus is on the kurti only.

3. Buttoned Shirt Kurti

Buttoned Shirt Kurti
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The kurti cutting was different than usual, I will tel you why. This kurti is given a pattern of the shirt. It has buttons in front which can opened as well. This kurti can be used as a long shirt or a shrug also. This design is so trendy and modern, all the girls are trying it out. You can pair it up with jeans to give it a modern look or you can pair it up with a normal pant as well. It can work both ways in your favour only.

4. The dori detailing Kurti

dori detailing Kurti
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This kurti is beautiful with he detailings of dori on the sleeves. The dori can be pulled down and give some wrinkled effect on the sleeve which can instantly catch your eyes. It also helps to keep the fitting from the shoulders apt and perfect. This kurti cutting was not a usual cutting, it looks different as well. This kurti design is usually used in casual Kurtis only, you can make them look fancy that ways, works best on cotton fabrics.

5. The round neck Jacket Kurti

 round neck Jacket Kurti
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This kurti has a small jacket stitched with it. The jacket looks like a shrug with prints on it. The round neck and top button gives it a traditional look. You can wear it for a casual gathering. This kurti design is used for preparing party traditional clothes as well. you will find many designers using this style to create a fusion style and a contemporary look. You can pair them up with the pallazo pants, it will look gorgeous with them.

These kurti designs will help you get an outlook on what kind of cutting you want your tailor to do. Some fabrics are plain so you can ask the tailor to cut it in a certain way so that you can get a design like this for yourself. While certain kurti kameez fabrics comes with work on the neck and sleeve area so you cannot do much of creativity with it since it has specific work done on the neck and sleeve region.

K4 Fashion always tries to bring the latest trends and fashion out in open for you, so that you get inspired by them and get a style like that for yourself.

Latest stylish sleeves designs for kurti / kurta

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