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Fashion and clothing go hand in hand. It is enriching antagonistic to look best at the workplace, event, and gatherings. People get regarded by their appearances and the fashion they display. In India, women have consciously developed their assortment of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Nowadays, clothing websites, magazines provide a lot of room with styles and trends which they can copy in their everyday lives. It has matured more accessible for women to stylize their wardrobes with the best brands and designs. Indian wear, especially designer saris and Kurtis, has become extremely convenient amongst women. The Kurtis, lehengas, and saris have become a must in the wedding and festive seasons. The Kurtis and saris are being embellished with fabric paint and thread work. The Indian wear is becoming popularized even amongst foreigners who are finding it ample and stylish. The floral, abstract patterns on the designer Kurtis and saris are extraordinary in demand.

1. Abstract Orange And White Kurti

Trendy designer kurti style | New pattern kurtis

The beautiful designer Kurti comes in a color combination of white and orange. It’s comfortable to wear it in a climate where it is warm and sunny. The Kurti has beautiful design at the back with buttons. It offers a lot of comfort and ease, along with the orange and black patterns that give a chic look. The cherry on the cake is the sleeveless hands that make them look classy. It extraordinarily can be paired with a good set of boots. One can wear matching earrings and bracelet to make the Kurti look sophisticated. Stating that it can be worn on occasions like farewell and bachelorette parties is justified.

2. Flowy- Bluey Kurti

Trendy designer kurti style | New pattern kurtis

This artist black Kurti is a fusion of both class and fashion. The orange patterns at the bottom of the Kurti are incredibly eye-catching it apparently will look good for occasions like parties and weddings. Women who love accessories can wear Kurti with beautiful bracelets and long earrings. The long open sleeves look very stylish. The design at the back of the Kurti brings a lot of flairs. The length of the Kurti strikes the right balance between comfort and elegance. There is no room for doubt to say that it is apt for women who are wishing to experiment with their looks.

3. Modern Spaghetti Blue-Red Kurti

Trendy designer kurti style | New pattern kurtis


The red and blue designer Kurti is a must for the wardrobe if one is looking out for bright colors, especially in summers along with the white and blue patterns. The Kurti is flowy with spaghetti straps and a defining blue pattern at the front. So if you like the comfort of a sleeveless Kurti, this is the design to go for spontaneously. The designer Kurti can be paired up with wooden bangles and matching earrings. Wearing this, you are bound to get noticed at parties and events due to its patterns and style. It is suited with a good pair of sandals or high heels.

4. Cold Shoulder Blue-Silver Kurti

Trendy designer kurti style | New pattern kurtis

Then designer Kurti suits the occasion like weddings and parties. It’s a well-fitted Kurti with beautiful blue and silver patterns. The cold shoulder Kurti will suit any body type. One is bound to get complemented at parties due to its color combination and designs. The dress can be worn with a neckpiece, bracelets, and earrings. It is particularly long and manageable and boasts of low back design which will give a very sophisticated look when worn. The designer Kurti is exceptionally made for women who vouch for style and beauty. One can pair it up with a pair up with metallic sandals.

5. V-Neck Patterned Kurti

Trendy designer kurti style | New pattern kurtis


The white and black Kurti is a must for the festive season and parties. The floral patterns on the Kurti give an exquisite look. The Kurti is flowy and adds volume, which offers a refined look. It has ¾ sleeves with a white border. In front, it has a closed neck with a deep V neck at the back. The Kurti can be paired with a pair of chic flats or heels. The material is quite durable. The Kurti can be worn along with matching earrings, and a simple bracelet. The floral patterns enhance the overall beauty of the Kurti.

6. 3 Piece Blue-White Kurti

Trendy designer kurti style | New pattern kurtis

The dazzling long white skirt with a sleeveless blue top is a perfect dress for parties and
weddings. It is well paired with a beautiful overcoat that complements the look. The printed
jacket has floral blue patterns and gives a very classy look. The stunning color combination is
unique and bound to set the mood when it’s worn. It will look pretty when it is worn with blue
bangles, and matching earrings. The dress upholds the elegance and style due to its balanced mix
of colors. The texture of the dress is soft and light. It pairs well with a decent set of metallic
white heels.

7. Elegant Ethnic Blue-Red Kurti

Trendy designer kurti style | New pattern kurtis

The blue and red Kurti is a dream attire for all the beautiful ladies. It’s well designed with half-
open sleeves which give a very sophisticated look. The beautiful design in the front looks pretty
and enhances the overall appearance of the dress. Blue is a color which suits occasions like
wedding, parties, and festive seasons. The Kurti is teamed well with contrasting red pants with
golden prints. The elegance of the Kurti can be enhanced with a pair of golden earrings and a
beautiful bracelet. Its fabric is smooth and shiny which enriches the look. The Kurti can be
matched with a pair of jutis or sandals to match the beauty of the dress.

8. Interplay Gray With Yellow Stylish Kurti

Trendy designer kurti style | New pattern kurtis

The bright yellow long skirt is well-matched with a gray designer Kurti. The interplay of colors
makes it very appealing to the eyes. Its long sleeves offer a refined appearance. The patterns are
well balanced and give out a refreshing impression. The dress is suitable for weddings, parties
and festive seasons. The attire can be worn with the utmost ease and simplicity. To get a more
stylish appearance, matching earrings and neckpiece is a bonus. The apparel oozes panache and
flair. The apparel is made to stand out and define fashion. It pairs well with high heels.

   9. Thread Work Elegant Green Kurti

Trendy designer kurti style | New pattern kurtis

The green long Kurti is a well-tailored dress with beautiful long sleeves. This look offers a
perfect structure to the when it’s worn. It’s well layered with golden and green floral patterns
which provide the dress lots of volumes. The metallic gold birds and the cage in the front offer a
very earthly look. The back design with golden patterns completes the overall look. It can be
paired with beautifully ornamented jhumkas. The dress is suitable for weddings, parties and festive
seasons. It can be paired with a good set of golden jhutis, or heels which will polish the look.

 10. Trendy Designer Pattern Kurti

Trendy designer kurti style | New pattern kurtis


The long white Kurti is an exclusive piece as it is modern as well as simple. The blue and white
colors are well arranged to give a classic outlook. The orange patterns across the lower portion
are extremely chic. The color and patterns balance each other and offer a refined look. The
design at the back is trendy. The hands are sleeveless which makes it extremely comfortable to
wear it during summers or while traveling. The dress is very easy to carry as its material is soft
and light. It can be paired up with matching earrings, a hat, and a bracelet. The Kurti can be worn
along with a pair of sandals or juttis.

     11. Full-Sleeves Purple Designer Kurti

Trendy designer kurti style | New pattern kurtis

It’s a purple long ankle-length Kurti. It has got long sleeves. The colour of the Kurti is impeccably vibrant. It has a small self-pattern in the front, and at the back, it has white florals. The Kurti has a closed neck with a design at the end. The designer Kurti will look good at parties and weddings wherein women can stylize the Kurti with white metal neckpiece and earrings. The appealing look can be completed by wearing a fresh pair of sandals or heels. The Kurti is exceptionally comfortable to wear in any climate. The Kurti gives overall a stylish and clean look.

   12. Ruffled- Knots Blue Designer Kurti

Trendy designer kurti style | New pattern kurtis

This is a blue and white patterned designer kurti which is a sleeveless one with a boat neck. It can surely be worn at weddings and parties. Its main USP is ruffled like patterns in the front. The Kurti can be teamed up with a fancy scarf also not to forget that it is flowy and looks throbbing and stylish. The Kurti can be worn with a pair of matching earrings and a chain, and it is bound to get noticed by friends. The modeller Kurti is long and is layered with blue cloth underneath which can be easily managed and gives a very sophisticated look.

The designer Kurtis have become extremely common among college-going and working women. Markets are flooded with different patterns and colors ranging from low price to high. The Kurtis have become staple wear throughout all seasons and occasions. They are easy to wear and manage. The fashion industry is received a significant push from the Bollywood who is often seen in luxury designed Kurtis and saris and lehengas. Women can mix and match the tops and Kurtis according to their needs. Fashion is about making a statement. The last two decades have seen a significant change in the clothing style of women. The changing working habits, climate, travel are affecting the way the women dress. The designer Kurtis and patterns are preferred. The markets small and big are catching with the changing trends. Unique shopping places like T Nagar (Chennai), Chandni Chowk (Delhi), are becoming the shopping preferences among young and middle-aged women.

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