Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

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In this fast-paced world, everything is constantly changing. Women’s fashion has also changed a lot from what it used to be. But the one thing that has not changed is women’s love for sarees. Sarees are one such outfit which is a must-have in every woman’s closet and is also timeless. But what is a saree without a blouse? If you think who is going to take so much time and decode the layers then you are dead wrong. A blouse is an integral part of the saree and whatever it does not only beautifies the look even more. It can also act as an individual statement piece and transform your boring saree in something outstanding.

The blouse is a timeless garment piece which has found a special place on our closet and still continues to be an important part of our everyday looks. Even though it is a simple garment it is being experimented every now and then. Girls today are wearing blouses as crop good with lehenga skirts and also with sarees to make the look grand. Brides are also ditching the conventional blouses and opting for sexier and cut out blouses for a more fashionable look.

Even you find all the right element in your blouse there might be something missing which is the back of your blouse. Yes, your blouse back is what is visible to the audience. So in order to capture the attention of your audience and in order to fix all eyes on you we here have curated a list of some amazing blouse back designs. The internet is full of uncountable blouse designs from the very basic ones to the most elaborate and fancy ones. Therefore in order to narrow down the searches, we have this list which will make you go gaga over it. So, without much further ado, let’s begin.

Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

1. Back cutout blouse design:

Back cutout blouse design: Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

A well-fitted blouse plays a very important role in bringing your ethnic look together. A simple cutout at the back can really enhance the look of your very plain and boring saree. Blouses today have undergone massive revamp and there are millions of designs available for it. A back cut out blouse is one of them. And when it is paired with a cold shoulder then it completely steals the spotlight. This blouse is not only gorgeous to look at but it also gives immense pleasure to wear it. The rich blue colour perfectly compliments the white saree and create an overall appealing look.

2. Racerback blouse design:

Racerback blouse design: Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

Racerback is not only limited to a sports bra and tank tops. It is surprisingly in for blouses as well. If you are tired of wearing all those traditional and boring blouses then definitely give this blouse a try. Blouses of these types make your back look slim and it is good for women with a broad shoulder. The racerback effect makes your back look toned giving you a more sporty and athletic physique. The blouse shown here has an embroidered patchwork design with some mirror embellishments. A light, sheer saree would look great with this Indie-chic design.

3. Backless blouse design:

Backless blouse design: Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

Backless blouse designs are really hot and they can make a woman look more attractive and sensuous. Whoever has come up with the idea of a backless blouse must have the scorching summers in mind. These blouses are appropriate for weddings and special events. It is specifically made for slimmer women who are comfortable with showing their bareback. This blouse usually grabs a lot of attention and is intended to intrigue your audience. The blouse here is red hot in colour with some minor embellishments around the cutout. It is high neck and looks supremely gorgeous. So if you want to flaunt your perfect back then go for it.

4. Sheer back blouse design:

Sheer back blouse design: Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

The sheer back is another summer trend which you cannot miss out on. If you are not comfortable in showing your entire back but still want to look appealing and attractive, then this is your safest bet. Even sometimes traditional occasions demand a more traditional look which makes these blouse quite handy. It is exciting and classy and works well with both designer and traditional saree. It has a sheer fabric at the back which gives your back some cover instead of leaving it completely bare. The blouse shown here has some button work as well which only enhances the beauty of the blouse. Want to glam up your look without the explicit skin show, the grab it right now.

5. Leaf cutout blouse design:

Leaf cutout blouse design: Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

Leaf cutout back design brings with itself a very traditional and cultural look. It compliments all sarees with a touch glam. This kind of cut out is subtle and sober so it is ideal for women with heavy bust area. The blouse we have here has a high neck with golden embellishments around the corners. These type of blouses are perfect for embellished and embroidered sarees and will elevate the look of your designer sarees. You can either match the saree with the blouse or you can pair it in a contrasting manner as shown. Whichever way this blouse is amazing.

6. Square cut out blouse design:

Square cut out blouse design: Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

Square back neck cut out blouses are easy to carry off and have a very sophisticated appeal to them. You can vary the size of your square cut out depending on the type of saree you are looking to pair this blouse with. The blouse here has a square neck cutout with an embroidered top. This blouse is perfect for silk and banarasi sarees. Blouses of this type are perfect for any wedding or any festive occasion.

7. Pot neck blouse design:

 Pot neck blouse design: Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

Pot neck blouse designs are superbly versatile and range from being completely open back to a simple pot shaped like a cutout. Mostly tied with a string or a knot on the back of the neck, the pot neck pattern holds the blouse tight to the body. The blouse shown here also sports a similar pattern. It has elbow length sleeve and also some button detailing at the back. This simple yet dynamic pattern is definitely going to rule your wardrobe.

8. Back embroidered blouse design:

Back embroidered blouse design: Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

Embroidered blouse design is an absolute delight to wear. It not only serves as a visual treat but also provides immense comfort. They come in various styles and choosing the right one for your saree can be quite a task. The blouse shown here has some floral and circular embroidery with minor embellishments as well. It further has a diamond-shaped cutout to have some modernity going on. These blouses go well with cotton and chiffon sarees with either solid or printed patterns.

9. Embellished blouse design:

Embellished blouse design: Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

When looking for a designer blouse for a special occasion, nothing can beat an embellished blouse. It is soft and subtle with a dash of glam glitz. The blouse shown here has embellishments only in the top part leaving the rest solid and bare. It further has a cutout at the back and the front which adds to the glam of it. It is specifically designed for slim beauties and can really stream the show. Blouses of this kind can literally make any wedding fantasy come alive.

10. Back buttons blouse design:

 Back buttons blouse design: Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

This blouse has a touch of modernity with a look of femininity, vibrancy and style. White stands for luxury and this blouse looks ultra glam. It has a plain back with a triangle cutout and show buttons. The finely crafted blouse is an amazing fit for all kinds of sarees. From cotton to georgette to designer every state will do justice to this simple yet stunning blouse. This blouse provides a sober yet very trendy look.

11. Lace blouse design:

 Lace blouse design: Simple and Stylish Blouse Back Neck Designs

A mesmerising blouse design and andolutely wedding appropriate. Lace is a very delicate fabric which is known to provide grace and femininity to every women. The amalgamation of georgette and lace fabric is not to be seen everyday. The graceful harmony of the lace design with pearl embellishments is completely breathtaking. An elegant and chic blouse design which is perfect to flaunt your fashion senses on your big day. This blouse will not only make you fall in love with yourself but will also keep your fashion competitors guessing.

That was all for this article. Hope you enjoyed this lavish couture tour. For more updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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