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Natural Home Remedies For Frizzy Hair

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Having phenomenal hair texture is something nobody would deny to possess but not all of us are privileged with. Amid shiny and lustrous hair, frizziness serves to be the worst enemy. Multiple remedies, both natural and chemical involving, are available to get rid of frizziness yet not everyone finds them reliable and worth attempting. Many of us come up with unfavourable repercussions even after spending adequate time and money on our hair.

Amid such tentativeness, whether or not to spend our valuable resources on our hair, homemade natural remedies can serve to be a distinct possibility. The merits of homemade remedies have been acknowledged in all aspects. When it comes to skincare and haircare, home remedies have known to be possessing therapeutic properties as well.

What Is Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be characterized as individual hair strands which stick up in the form of short strands independently which is directed away towards the opposite direction. Frizz is more likely to be found in curly hair. The flaw is that it disrupts the natural texture of hair and brings a lot of irregularities. Such kind of hair falls under the category of damaged hair which requires adequate nourishment and care.

Causes Of Frizzy Hair

Multiple reasons contribute to these projecting unhealthy strands. In the present era, frizziness is no big deal considering the humid weather and polluted surroundings.

1. Dryness

One of the most common reasons includes dryness. Dry hair is a consequence of dysfunctional sebaceous glands. As the glands fail to produce the necessary amount of oil required by one’s hair, dryness is observed.

2. Hereditary

One of the underlying causes includes genetics. It is no wonder that frizz can be inherited too.

3. Damage

When hair undergoes damage, chipping up of the cuticle of the hair is observed. As a consequence of this, frizz is seen. This can be prevented with the help of hot oil treatments. If the roots are well-nourished with adequate quantity of warm oil, prospects of damage reduction to a great extent.

4. Moisture

Excessive moisture results in the penetration of the hair shaft. This has an adverse impact on the availability of protein in hair which swells up resulting in unnecessary twists of the strands.

Challenges With Frizzy Hair

Women possessing frizziness are accustomed to several atrocities throughout the day. More than required time to set them up, lots of investments through money and products and of course a lot of embarrassment due to the independently projected strands, are some of the challenges faced by frizz owners.
Some of the day to day problems experienced due to frizz are listed below:

1. Difficulty in styling up:

Managing frizz flawlessly is not everyone’s cup of tea. One of the most common hurdles caused by frizz is that it requires much time to manage them which may be quite difficult for people with a busy schedule.

2. Dependency on chemicals:

For proper alignment of hair, people may make use of hairsprays and serums, the aftermath of which may not be good enough.

3. Heating:

Heating is one of the simplest ways to get your entire hair the way you want to. But what about the state of hair post-heating? It is certainly not going to produce positive outcomes.

4. Conditioning and Glycerin:

Conditioning is considered as imparting nourishment into strands that might have lost it through shampoo rinse. Besides, glycerin is believed to function well to smoothen frizz and get rid of them.

Precautions To Control Frizzy Hair

Considering the introduction of innumerable hair treatment techniques, it may not be a big deal to cope up with frizz with a little investment yet one must try not to get them from the very beginning itself. It is rightly said that ‘prevention is better than cure’. So, let’s take a look at some prevention ideas to cease unnecessary damage from the initial point.

Expecting immediate elimination of frizz may certainly be moronic of oneself, yet consistent efforts towards the removal of them will certainly be worth it. The reduction must be expected initially which may be followed by absolute eradication of damaged strands. To experience optimistic ramifications, one is obliged to possess patience and stay stress-free to add up to the efforts.

1. Regular oil massage
Frizzy hair people are supposed to inculcate certain habits in their day to day lives. One of the most significant habits should include hot oil treatment. For this, one requires hot oil which can be coconut or olive oil. A deep massage into the roots and strands at least twice a week may help a lot.

2. A big denial to sulfate shampoos
The choice of shampoos has actually got a lot to do with the quality of hair. Mini research must be undertaken to get the right shampoo. Considering the hair texture, whether curly or straight, silky or rough, right shampoo must be chosen.

3. Usage of Microfiber towels
The fabric used for one’s hair is another vital thing to consider. A microfiber towel is one of the exceptional discoveries in this regard. The use of harsh fabric on hair can contribute to more frizz and microfiber fabric possesses the ability to sustain hair quality without imposing any sort of damage to the strands. So the choice of fabric is important.

4. Heat protectant spray
For all those who are used to be in touch with hair straighteners and curlers, use of heat protectant spray before heating is advisable. Heating can damage the hair follicles which is why it’s a big decision to make.

5. Conditioning
Conditioning post shampoo is one of the most prominent tasks which is a must. It not only gives shine to our hair but also nourishes it from the roots. People with frizzy hair should not consider this as an option rather it is a requisite for them. After every wash conditioning should be given due significance. As we all know that frizzy hair is always dry in nature and shampoo rinse contributes to dryness. Conditioning helps in the restoration of natural oil and proteins which are lost post shampoo.

6. Pillowcase
Though it may sound meagre and insignificant but the pillow is an important factor to be considered. Pillowcases come in many variants but silk pillowcase is the most ideal one for such hair type. Silk maintains oil in the hair whereas other fabrics such as cotton lead to rough hair as well as tangles.

7. Hair Mask:
Hair mask helps in avoiding frizzy hair as the mask has qualities which condition the hair and keeps the hair moisturized. The hair mask is very important, especially in the winter season.

8. General precautions
General precautions include precautions to be taken while performing exercises or household chores. It’s obvious to sweat during these works which may not be healthy for our hair. So, to avoid the contact of hair with excessive sweat, one can opt for a ‘leave- in- conditioner’ before such works.

Natural Home Remedies For Frizzy Hair

Taming frizzy hair can indeed be a hard nut to crack but with a lot of patience and efforts, it can go all smooth. Here are some natural home remedies that will barely disappoint one to get over frizziness.

Home remedies are undoubtedly the best remedies. Not only because of the comfort but also because these kitchen things hardly possess any side effects. There are excellent homemade remedies for avoiding frizz within just a little investment. Some of these remedies are as follows:

1. Avocado and yoghurt

Avocado is yet another miracle to human skin and hair. Be it through direct consumption or application in the form of masks and pastes, it never ceases to provide innumerable benefits. It’s a rich source of amino acids and proteins that serve to be friends to one’s hair promoting healthy hair growth and strengthing the strands.

Things Required
An avocado.
Yoghurt (As per hair length).

The process to be followed
To make use of avocado on hair, it is supposed to be mashed and mixed along with yoghurt. A smooth paste will be obtained which is then to be applied evenly all over the hair. Around 40 minutes halt followed by a shampoo wash will help rejuvenate the scalp providing necessary moisture to it.

2. Milk

Protein is all our strands crave for. Milk, being rich in protein does miracle to human hair and skin. Besides the general milk consumed daily, coconut milk is the one preferred for the preparation of multiple hair masks and products. It is because of its richness in protein that will nourish the scalp strengthing the hair and restoring the natural shine and healthy texture.

Things Required
One third cup of milk is required for an average hair length.
Along with milk, strawberries can be added to attain more beneficial outcomes.
A bottle to store the mixture (preferably used in the form of a spray).

The process to be followed
Gentle application of the spray or mixture into the roots shall be done. Allowing the spray to sit for around twenty-five to thirty minutes, shampoo wash must be taken along with conditioning. One can take the help of a wide-toothed comb to evenly spread the spray all over the strands and deep into the scalp.

3. Egg and Almond Oil

Almond oil serves to be a natural emollient to human hair. This property of it contributes to essential conditioning of the strands and conditioning is extremely beneficial for frizzy hair.

Things Required
One-fourth cup of Almond Oil.
One egg.

The process to be followed
The quantity of almond oil taken must be combined with an egg. The application, after letting it rest for around forty minutes, is required to be rinsed off with a mild shampoo. For efficient outcomes, one must make attempts to repeat the process once or twice a week.

4. Coconut oil and vitamin E

Coconut oil has always been an enemy to frizz. A combination of coconut oil and vitamin E can serve to be a great remedy. Being rich in antioxidants, vitamin E will help strands gain strength and avoid hair fall issues.

Things Required:
A teaspoon full of organic coconut oil.
Vitamin E oil.

The process to be followed
A part of vitamin E oil is required to be combined with a teaspoon full of organic coconut oil. As per the length of the hair, the quantity of both must be considered. Even the application of the mixture must be undertaken all over the strands. Once or twice a week is enough for observing the desired results.

5. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a well-preferred topping for millions but not all of us are aware of it’s contribution to hair. So, here is a worthy news for Mayo lovers that a little shortage over the bread can be an excellent remedy to tame frizz. Possessing features similar to its silky texture, the strands are definitely going to be a little smoother than before.

Things Required:
One fourth cup of mayonnaise.
An egg.
A cup of virgin almond oil.

Process to be followed
With around one fourth cup of mayonnaise and an egg, make a mixture of them with a cup of virgin almond oil. Even application on the hair has to be left for around twenty minutes and followed with a shampoo and conditioner wash. The consequences of the remdy might not be witnessed in a few attempts but the simple procedure and a little investment can be even worth one’s patience and multiple attempts.

 6. Banana

Bananas have never ceased to amaze people with their beneficial properties. Be it about one’s skin or hair care, bananas have always proved themselves to be one of the best. So, instead of opting for sulphate and chemical based hair expensive hair masks, one must optimise their kitchen essentials.

Things Required
A banana.
A teaspoon full of honey.
A teaspoon full of coconut oil.

Process to be followed
Banana hair masks are believed to be one of the best masks to get rid of frizz and gain smooth and healthy hair. A paste of banana must be made along with honey and coconut oil. The mixture must be applied on the hair. After resting for 25-30 minutes, hair must be rinsed with shampoo and conditioner.

7. Honey and lemon

Honey and lemon can serve to be a phenomenal remedy for frizzy hair. While honey contributes to smoothness and shine, lemon results in exfoliation of dandruff thus reducing frizz.

Things Required
A spoon full of lemon juice.
A spoon full of honey.

Process to be followed:
A mixture of a spoon full of lemon juice with the same quantity of honey must be applied on the hair. Allowing it to stay for a minimum of fifteen minutes, it must be washed thoroughly with shampoo followed by conditioner.

8. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been a boon in the field of skin and hair care. The acetic acid in this vinegar helps attain a pH similar to that of our hair. Ideal acidity is what is integral for every hair. With it’s uncountable favourable properties of nourishment and enrichment, it has become a pertinent source of multiple shampoos and oils too.

Things Required
Apple Cider Vinegar.
Similar quantity of water( Considering the hair length).

Proess to be followed

Apple cider vinegar can be made use of with several things. It has truly been found effective in the management of frizzy hair. To use apple cider vinegar with water, similar quantities of both vinegar and water are required. It depends upon the length of the hair as to what quantity of both has to be considered. The combination is supposed to be evenly applied all over the hair after a shampoo rinse. Possessing some patience, let the mixture stay for around three to five minutes which has to be followed by a water rinse. The same process can be repeated using an egg. When used with egg, the mixture of apple cider vinegar and an egg white is required to be applied on hair and must be allowed to stay for around forty to forty five minutes. This is to be followed by a shampoo rinse.

9. Carbonated Water

One of the simplest methods of getting rid of frizzy hair is washing it with carbonated water. Like apple cider vinegar, carbonated water also bring back the lost nourishment by keeping the hair under ideal pH essential for defrizzing.

Things Required
Carbonated water as per hair length post rinse with mild shampoo and conditioner.

Process to be followed
Post shampoo and conditioner rinse, washing hair with carbonated water is all one is supposed to do to attain manageable hair. With such minimal efforts, the most swamped of us will also barely deny this method.

1o. Coconut oil Treatment

One of the most hydrating oil, coconut oil is the one which is easily available too. A simple coconut oil massage deep into the roots and on the tips can serve to be tremendously beneficial as coconut is believed to possess moisturising properties. This is why it is preferred as a moisturiser by many of us too.

Things Required
Half cup of coconut oil.
Olive oil(As a substitute to coconut oil).

Process to be followed
A little coconut oil massage into the scalp and tips is all one needs to do. As a consequence of this, moisture will be locked in the strands and frizziness can be got rid of with just a few deep massages. Similar treatment can be done with the help of olive oil too. Olive oil is believed to possess nourishing and moisturising properties as well. A few drops of olive oil post damping may help experience frizz free hair within a couple of months.

11. Tea

Tea leaves function as an excellent remedy for damaged and frizzy hair. Besides elimination of frizz, they contribute to our hair by strengthing the hair thereby reducing hairfall to considerable extent, helps attain desirable volume and phenomenal gloss. So, undoubtedly, this remedy is worth incorporating in one’s routine.

Things Required
A tablespoon of fresh tea leaves
Lemon juice

Process to be followed
With the process similar to the preparation of our daily tea, a cup of water is required to be boiled. Adding a tablespoon of tea leaves, when the color commences to appear brown, a few drops of lemon juice must be added. Allow the mixture to cool down and apply all over your hair . Leaving for about a minute, it must be washed off with lukewarm water.

12. Beer

Cheers to beer lovers! Besides consumption, it’s time to derive it’s additional benefits through application. If we talk about the merits of beer, it’s going to be quite long. Minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, nutrients and vitamins are some of the instances of it’s properties.

Things Required
A can of beer.
Usual shampoo and conditioner.

Process to be followed
Post washing the hair with shampoo, a can of beer is to be used to massage gently all over the scalp from top to bottom. Let it rest for a couple of minutes after which it must be washed off with cold water. Condition it to provide necessary moisture. Repeat the process once or twice a week.

Requisites To Be Considered To Deal With Frizz

Frizzy hair is more likely to split and damage. Some of the tips to be followed by frizz owners can help them to a great extent.

Haircut has been an indispensable part of hair care routine since a long time. Even a single trimming helps get rid of split ends and damages. This is why haircut on a regular basis is prominent. Some of the tips to be followed by frizz owners can help them to a great extent.

Say ‘No’ to terry cloth towels
Terry cloth towels tend to be quite harsh on frizzy hair so usage of such fabric on hair must be ignored to a great extent. As a consequence of using the fabric, damages are observed and hair tends to become even fragile.

Use Pomades
Pomades are meant to repel frizz. Implementing the use of pomades in one’s day to day life can be a worthy idea.

Anti Humectant Sprays
One of the most common causes of frizz is excessive humidity but even this problem has also been responded with the introduction of anti humectants. Through their ability to keep a control on humidity in hair, they can be a trustworthy companion to one.

Wide Toothed Comb Only
Brushing hair can be a blunder committed by frizzy hair people. Combing hair with the help of wide toothed comb can barely cause any issue. So, one habit of wide toothed comb in our lives can serve to be immensely helpful.

Frizzy hair people are specifically advised to pay undivided attention to the choice of hair products. Since shampoo and oil is a regular hair product, wise discretion will lead to prevention of damage. Sulphate free shampoos must be opted for such hair type.

Avoid Frequent Touching
Constant poking of the strands may result in making them upset. So, most of the time, one must try to avoid touching the hair. While some of us are used to keep de tangling our strands through fingers, we never know what dirt are we imparting to those strands. So, it’s wise to leave them free for a major period.

Heating is one of the simplest ways to attain the type of hair we want. This is one of the reasons why we find it quite difficult to stay away from using hair straighteners and curlers. However, the fact is that heating can play a major role in damaging the hair follicles thus resulting in burned and frizzy hair.

Use of right pillowcase
Using satin pillowcase can be a tremendous favor with regard to elimination of frizz.

Considering the introduction of innumerable chemical techniques and hair treatment solutions, one may not find taming unmanageable hair too difficult but the consequences of these chemical treatments can be worth disappointing after a period of time. Besides, the natural gloss tends to disappear and reinstating of hair into the initial texture doesn’t take considerable time. So, to sum up, the selfless attitude of home remedies will definitely be taken into consideration by most of us. Not much money but effort is all it takes to make an attempt into natural processes and witness healthy and optimistic outcomes.

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(Reviewed by Dr. Samiksha Rane)

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