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Introducing David Kibbe’s smallest and most delicate type – gamine. If you have the Gamine Kibbe body type then you are an equal mix of opposite yin and yang. Speaking the language of the creator of the theory, the appearance of the fireplace is a similar combination of yin and yang, but these elements have found different ways to express themselves. Yin is in height and facial features, and Yang is in shape.

We suggest you get acquainted with girls like Gamine and learn about their style features. So ladies, if you think you’re a gamine, this article will help you to dress a Gamine Kibbe body type.

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Characteristic Appearance:

Height: up to 165 cm.

Face: narrow, elongated, angular. Well expressed and pointed facial bones (cheekbones, nose, chin) are characteristic. Eyes are expressively large, lips are thin/medium-sized.

Hair: soft, silky, thin.

Figures: Square, straight lines, and sharp angles, narrow shoulders, without pronounced roundness. According to this system, the chest, waist, and hips are approximately on the same line.

Stars: Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Toto, Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder, Reese Witherspoon, Vanessa Paradis, Rooney Mara, Emma Watson.

General Style Recommendations:

Full harmony of Yin and Yang should be reflected in your wardrobe. Clothes should be a compact and well-emphasized figure – the wishes of Yin. Yang’s rules require clear contours and lines.


  • Cut to size
  • Clear lines and silhouettes
  • Thin vertical and horizontal lines
  • A lot of small details in the image
  • Medium-density fabrics and lightweight materials
  • Small print


  • Blurred silhouette
  • Shapeless things and oversize models
  • Soft and smooth lines
  • Textured materials, shiny and transparent fabrics
  • Minimalist principles
  • Monochrome kits

Pants, Skirts, And Jeans

Skirts can be straight and with A-silhouette. The main thing is that the skirt should sit well at the waist and have a strictly defined length. If the model is straight, the maximum length is up to the knees. A-shaped, flowing, and pleated skirts can reach the middle of the caviar. We choose drapery and ruffle with clear lines. Ideal pants are those that fit perfectly on the figure and repeat its contours – skinny and straight models. Let the products contain a lot of small details – locks, wrinkles, belts, cuffs, applications, laces, etc. It is worth paying attention to the models of trousers 7/8, coquettishly open ankles. Wishes for jeans are the same – a good fit on the figure.

Dresses, Blouses, And Jackets

Blouses we choose fitted or straight cut, with many decorative elements. These can be contrasting collars and cuffs, ties, bows, and pockets. The dress as well should not be stingy on details. Looking for models that fit well on the figure and with sharp corners. Brilliant dresses with accents on the waist and products with a low waist. Pay attention to narrow shirt dresses, and cases with straight hems. Choosing a jacket, first of all, we pay attention to the length: short and short fitted models with sharp elements are preferable. The principle of “many details” is applicable to this wardrobe element as well – collars, double-breasted clasp, contrasting inserts, pockets, etc.

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Shoes and Accessories

Shoes can be angular or slightly rounded. Pay attention to the models with the decor. Ballet, loafers, loafers, loafers – a popular field of activity for design solutions. We choose products made of soft materials to look and feel. We give preference to handbags of small sizes with geometrical (even pointed) silhouettes. For the evening a brilliant clutch case is suitable. Little ladies – small jewelry. Let them be made of enamel, stones, and pearls. They can be laconic geometric things or the sweetest products with different subjects of flora or fauna.

Hair and Makeup

A short haircut will definitely suit you. There are plenty of interesting solutions here – asymmetrical hairstyles, long bangs, or individual strands. The stylist will find something special for you. Styling such hair, we keep the course on light shagging and negligence. This effect will help to achieve a gel or hair wax. When creating makeup, be sure to emphasize your large and expressive eyes with eyeliner, pencils, or shadows. Emphasis on the lips is acceptable, but with the color should be extremely careful not to pull attention out of the eyes. In the evening, a portion of shimmering on both eyes and lips is good.

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