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Let’s Know All About The Romantic Kibbe Body Type

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David Kibbe is a stylist from New York. In the 80s, he established the theory that a woman’s appearance is the ratio of yin to yang, a combination of female and male, soft and rough, short and heavy. Romantic is one of the original 13 kibbe body types, we would suggest you to take a kibbe test to find out your body type. A romantic body type tends to have extreme, soft yin body parts. Calculating these proportions, stylists identified 13 types of appearance, to each of which we will devote a separate article. but that’s not all. The purpose of this classification is to prove that beauty is multifaceted and each of us has a lot of raisins, which only one should be able to emphasize. You should not strive for an imaginary ideal; You are ideal.

We begin our column with the incredibly feminine type that has the maximum spread of the yin-romantic. Here’s how to wear a romantic body type.

Kibbe Romantic Body Type Clothing

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Characteristic Appearance

Height: up to 165 cm.

Face: rounded and full features, puffy lips and cheeks, large eyes. Facial bones are not expressed.

Hair: straight, thin, silky/hard curly, or wavy.

The figure: harmoniously wide, all lines of a figure smooth and soft, volume breast and hips, well-traced waist, magnificent hands, and legs.

Stars: Gina Lollobrigida, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Simmons, Kate Winslet, Drew Bermour, Elena Bonham Carter, Madonna, Adele, Christine Hendricks, Beyonce

General Style Recommendations

Your figure type is an hourglass. Therefore, your main task is to emphasize the natural beauty and obvious richness of the figure. Your main strategy is the image built on smooth lines.


  • Fitting models
  • Soft lines and rounded outlines
  • Draperies
  • Ruffles
  • Subtle shades
  • Flower prints are small and medium
  • Lace


  • Geometric ornaments
  • Corner cutting
  • Strict silhouettes
  • Militaristic style
  • Oversize style
  • Hippie elements
  • Punk and grunge
  • Pants, skirts, jeans

Pants, Skirts, And Jeans

When choosing the bottom, give preference to soft and flowing fabrics. The roundness of the lines and the smooth shape will create a drapery at the waist. That’s why pleated skirts, tulip skirts, galley trousers, and trousers are your ideal choice. Girls like romantic will be wearing classic fit jeans with an unobtrusive width of the trouser leg.

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Dresses, Blouses, And Jackets

Your main reference points when choosing a blouse or dress – are the lightness of textures, feminine cut, emphasis on the waist, drapery, air bows, lace, and another romantic decor. The principle of flowing fabrics is also applicable to jackets. Choosing models from dense materials, give preference to fitted jackets or with a basque. Pay special attention to the most delicate pastel shades and low-contrast print.

Shoes and Accessories

Your romantic nature is sure to be suitable for exquisite rounded decorations, without sharp corners, with all sorts of curls, lace, stones, cameo, and flowers. Watch out for slight color contrast in the decoration. Let the bags and shoes also obey the principles of the softness of lines – shoes with a round nose and without massive heels are preferable. Do not forget about silk scarves, because they are synonymous with lightness, airiness, and romance.

Hair and Makeup

Hair should be neat, but not too smooth and licked, to create a smooth and soft line on the head. Straight hair can be fixed in the tail, releasing a couple of strands of whiskey, and curly – to emphasize, using texture sprays. In make-up we avoid multi-layers and excesses, we apply cosmetics subtly and delicately. We use soft pink, peach, and other light pastel shades. We recommend using an unobtrusive portion of shimmering shadows for girls like “romantic” even during the daytime. Avoid clear and geometric arrows, sharp brow angles, and nude make-up.

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